Mayor Bonnie Crombie, who was “extremely optimistic” about the downward trend in COVID-19 case numbers in Mississauga, said her optimism had changed slightly after reviewing some data from Peel Public Health earlier this week

Based on the data, she said she understood why the Peel region in the gray exclusion zone under the province’s COVID-19 framework is opening instead of the red zone she campaigned for

Data from Peel Public Health shows that Peel has seen an increase in variant cases and an increased infection rate, with every person who tests positive for the virus reportedly infecting at least one other person

“In the Gray Lockdown Zone we can see how our COVID-19 case numbers are developing This allows us to balance the need to protect the community while also giving many of our small businesses the opportunity to reopen and recover, ”Crombie said,

However, since not all businesses are able to reopen, Crombie said she was using Peel’s top physician, Dr Lawrence Loh will be reviewing the region’s numbers every week in hopes of getting into the red zone sooner rather than later

“I firmly believe that the current trend in the wrong direction is temporary and will reverse in the coming days and weeks,” said the mayor

In the gray / lockdown category, non-essential and small retailers are allowed to reopen with a capacity of 25 percent.Residents are not allowed to congregate in the house with people they don’t live with (although people who live alone and single families have a other household), and outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people are not permitted

Restaurants may still only be used for take-away and delivery Gyms, cinemas, and other indoor businesses that are not classified as essential (other than retail stores) are prohibited from opening

“Our small business community had to pay an incredible price during this pandemic and is facing an unfair and unjust situation where neighboring regions – literally across from Mississauga – have been allowed to open more fully in the Red Zone while we are not ”

Crombie said she has also urged the province to prioritize hot zones (including Peel and Toronto) for her vaccine allocation and was pleased to hear the prime minister announced that direction on Friday

Gray Area

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