Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly will make their debut at the awards ceremony on Sunday (22 )1120)

The 34-year-old actress and 30-year-old rapper, who started dating earlier this year, will both appear at the American Music Awards

Megan – who has Noah (eight), Bodhi (six) and Journey (four) with Brian Austin Green – will be a host at the annual Bash, according to People

Kelly, who released his final album “Tickets to My Downfall” in September, will make his American Music Awards debut and perform during the ceremony

The upcoming show will be the celebrity duo’s first major appearance together since they started dating this summer

The two of them have raved about each other in interviews for the past few months, with Megan saying they had a connection of “mythical proportions”

She shared, “The intensity of merging with him is simply overwhelming, and the threat it poses is so powerful but so beautiful that you have no choice but to surrender with awe and gratitude”

She said, “I looked him in the eye and felt the most flawless, gentlest, purest spirit. My heart split instantly and I just knew I was damned”

He previously stated, “Everything is now isolation, dehumanization, separation. And damn it, dude, you have in mind that you are this rock star, with multiple women and all that

“So find someone who can get you off the fast lane and make sure you are safe because you could fall at any moment – I love that something can come of this”

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Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox

World News – CA – Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly “make debut at awards ceremony”