Senator Mitch McConnell dropped his demand that the Democrats promise to preserve the procedural weapon that can stall the Senate, but with President Biden’s agenda on balance, the battle is not over

WASHINGTON – Senator Mitch McConnell on Monday dropped his demand that the new Democratic Senate majority pledge to receive the filibuster – which Republicans could use to stifle President Biden’s agenda – ending an impasse that the Had prevented Democrats from taking full power even after their election Wins

In his negotiations with Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the new majority leader, Mr. McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, had refused to agree to a plan to organize the chamber without a commitment from the Democrats to protect the filibuster, a condition that Mr. Schumer had refused

But late on Monday, when the stalemate persisted, Mr. McConnell found a way out by pointing to statements made by two centrist Democrats, Senators Joe Manchin III of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who opposed getting rid of the procedural tool – a position they had held for months – Guarantee, without a formal promise from Mr Schumer

“With these assurances, I look forward to advancing a power-sharing arrangement along these lines,” said Mr. McConnell said in a statement

Democrats had expected a surrender from Mr McConnell, saying they believed he had achieved too much in the negotiations

“We’re glad Senator McConnell threw in the towel and abandoned his ridiculous request,” said Justin Goodman, a spokesman for Mr. Schumer “We look forward to organizing the Senate under democratic control and doing great, courageous things for the American people”

But as in previous battles for the filibuster, the outcome is likely only a temporary fix While they are on Mr. Biden’s Agenda: Democrats are increasingly being pressured by activists to overturn the rule that effectively requires 60 votes to drive action if Republicans regularly use it to halt or halt government priorities

Even some lawmakers who backed the filibuster insisted that they could change their minds if Republicans were continually hampered

“I feel darn strong, but I’ll also tell you this, I’m here to get things done,” said Jon Tester, Democrat of Montana. “If all that happens is filibuster after filibuster, roadblock after roadblock , then my mind may change ”

Mr The tester is one of the keys to the rapidly developing showdown on the fate of the filibuster This is the hallmark of the Senate – a once infrequently used weapon now routinely used to halt action in the stalled institution – that has dire ramifications for Mr. Biden’s presidency

Mr McConnell’s request for a preventative surrender to the filibuster had enraged the Democrats, who viewed this as evidence that the Republican leader intended to kill Mr. Biden’s suggestions on pandemic aid, immigration, climate change, health care and more

“Mitch McConnell is not going to tell the Senate what to do or what to do,” said Mr. Schumer said Sunday “McConnell is no longer the majority leader”

The stalemate created a bizarre situation in which most of the Senate committees under Republican control were frozen and new Senators were unable to sit on the boards, even though the Democrats now command the Senate majority

Aside from the immediate logistical implications, the feud reflected a challenging 50:50 Senate dynamic for Mr Biden by opposing Democrats willing to take command, McConnell was leverage but also suspected anticipated a possible clash in the Chamber that otherwise would have taken months to figure out how aggressive Democrats should be to defeat Mr. Biden’s top priorities

Democrats say they must at least keep the threat that they might one day quit the filibuster, arguing that they are facing Mr. Bowing McConnell’s demand would only have encouraged Republicans to use it continuously without fear of retaliation

“Well, that’s a non-runner because if we gave that to him, the filibuster would be on everything every day,” Senator Richard J said Durbin of Illinois, the No. 2 Senate Democrat, said “Meet the Press” on NBC Sunday

It’s about a rule that is at the heart of the consensus-driven Senate, which effectively dictates that all laws get 60 votes to move forward.But like everything else in the chamber, the rule can change itself if the senators agree as a majority party Democrats could try to eradicate the filibuster and, by changing the rules, force a simple majority vote – a move known as the detonation of the “nuclear option” – if all 50 of its members stick together and Vice President Kamala Harris give the key Vote

As the chances of Democrats gaining control of the White House and Congress increased last year, there was speculation as to whether they would take such action if Republicans turned against Mr. Biden But nobody suspected that Mr. McConnell would boil the fight from the start by entangling the filibuster in the basic work of establishing the Senate for the next two years through what is known as an organizational resolution that requires Senate approval

When calling for Democratic engagement, Mr McConnell said noting that the Democrats themselves had relied on the filibuster when Donald J. Trump was president and Republicans held the Senate

“Democrats used it all the time as they had every right to,” he said on the floor last week. “They were happy to be on a 60-threshold for virtually every measure or bill I tackled to insist ”

Mr Schumer said little about his strategy of rejecting Mr. McConnell, other than calling his demand unacceptable, the new majority leader appeared to be Democrats and Mr. Biden, a former senior senator who was reluctant to overthrow the filibuster, seethes at the Republican tactics

Yes, Mr. Tester made it clear that Mr. McConnell’s tactics could quickly change his view of the problem

“But if Mitch does actually put up roadblocks and falsifies the organizational resolution, then I think Schumer has to get them to speak,” said Mr. Said Tester

Mr Manchin had not changed his position, although Mr. McConnell’s request prevented Mr. Some people do not take the helm of their own committees. In a 50:50 Senate, just defection would prevent the rule from being repealed

“I’m in the minority of the caucus, I’m sure of that,” said Mr. Manchin told reporters last week, “I think Chuck basically has the right to do what he does. He has the right to use that leverage on anything he wants to do. I’m not at all worried about that. You will do it, I have myself.” just didn’t change where I am ”

Still, Mr. McConnell appeared to have the support of other Republicans, including the moderates, who are bolstered by the 60-vote demand They said they too wanted an assurance that the Democrats would not turn the filibuster upside down

“It’s important to include some kind of relaxation in the filibuster,” said Senator Lisa Murkowski, Republican of Alaska, who said this was not a problem in 2001 because at that point no one thought of getting rid of it. “It was not even a subject that was even thought about, and so it’s a different environment ”

What Mr Biden, the White House, says his stance in support of the filibuster has not changed, despite giving some mixed signals during the campaign Mr It is very unlikely that Schumer and the Senate Democrats would end the practice without Mr Dr Biden, mostly because they would need Mrs. Harris’ vote for it

Mr Tester said the filibuster had a role to play because it could lead to laws that “stand the test of time” instead of locking Congress on a cycle in which one party is always trying to enforce the partisan laws passed by the other to undo But his patience is not infinite

“I didn’t come here to sit at my desk and wait for no votes to be cast,” he said


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