Monday, Jan 18, 2021, is the observance of the national holiday honoring the life and legacy of the murdered civil rights leader, preacher, and advocate of nonviolent social change Martin Luther King Jr

The holiday falls on the third Monday in January near King’s Jan 15th birthday He was born in 1929 This month is 92nd Anniversary of his birth

Soon after he was assassinated in 1968, there was talk of setting aside his birthday as a public holiday in honor of the struggle for civil rights. President Ronald Reagan signed the 1983 holiday

PVTA: The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority buses in Springfield and surrounding towns operate routes in and around Northampton, Amherst and the University of Massachusetts on Sundays and offer either Sunday service, full service or no service depending on the route due to the winter break Olver Transit Pavilion in Westfield will be closed For details, see pvtacom

MBTA: Subways, buses and The Ride in the greater Boston area run on Saturdays The MBTA local transport and ferry service runs regularly on weekdays. Details can be found at mbtacom / events

Worcester’s WRTA: Fixed route bus and paratransit services operate on Saturdays, with the exception of routes 29, 33, and 42 and the community shuttles, which operate on a regular weekday. More information here

Hartford Line CTrail and Amtrak: All CTrail trains on the Hartford Line operate according to a special timetable. Timetables can be found here

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Martin Luther King Day

World News – CA – Martin Luther King Jr Day 2021: what is open and what is closed?