On Sunday evening, during the Super Bowl, the league ran an ad advocating social justice and an end to systemic racism

Shortly after the commercial aired on TV, Carey took to Twitter and apparently shadowed the National Football League:

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since the 2016 season when he kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality towards people of color

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Others followed Carey’s lead and responded to the NFL’s anti-racism campaign by referring to the League’s treatment of Kaepernick

The NFL is creating a commercial where players kneel and bet “Breonna Taylor” on the back of their helmets and ends with the league providing $ 250 million to end systemic racism @ Kaepernick7 must have felt somehow

In that Inspire Change commercial, the NFL forgot to show the part where they blackened Colin Kaepernick, only have three black NFL head coaches, and have no majority in black ownership

I just saw a commercial where the NFL is allocating $ 250 million to end systemic racism, but they can’t even allocate a few million dollars to Colin Kaepernick signing a team #SuperBowl

I’m sorry, but the NFL can miss me with all of the equality commercials Where has that energy been for the past few years and when Colin Kaepernick was living this !! @NFL # BlackHistoryMonth # BlackLivesMatter We don’t just live for trends or to avoid lawsuits! BYE

Colin Kaepernick

World News – CA – Mariah Carey marks the Super Bowl by celebrating “Colin Kaepernick Appreciation Day”

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