While Barack Obama and Joe Biden spent eight years together in the White House, daughter Sasha Obama and granddaughter Maisy Biden formed an equally lasting bond. By the end of their second term, #jobama memes may have been on trend, but Sasha and Maisy were closer than ever and threw a party together when they both graduated from the same school.As Biden enters the presidency, his children Ashley and Hunter Biden and grandchildren Maisy, Naomi, Finnegan and Natalie Biden also step into the limelight (Grandson Robert Biden, 14, did not take part in family interviews) As we learn more about his granddaughters’ relationship with the Obamas over the years, and especially how inspired they feel by Sasha and Malia Obama’s public presence, we get a picture of the new tone that is being set by the family Biden

Joe Biden has a total of seven grandchildren, although only Jaeger’s daughters Maisy (20), Finnegan (22), Naomi (27) and the daughter Natalie (16) of late son Beau spoke publicly about their grandfather in a Today interview with former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager, Maisy and Finnegan have set the example of Sasha and Malia’s inconspicuous and down-to-earth character over the years

“Maisy and I and Natalie and Naomi had the privilege of seeing two of our friends navigate the really difficult for eight years, and they did it so beautifully,” said Finnegan. “And they came out so grounded and humble, and they are so smart and motivated I think we can only get advice from them””

Sasha was only 7 years old when she first came to the White House Malia was 10 years old, and although the nation watched her every move for nearly a decade, they kept their social media private, quietly enrolled in college (Sasha at the University of Michigan, Malia at Harvard), and seemingly carried on their lives untouched of their newfound fame beyond the practical measures they had taken to avoid paparazzi

Michelle Obama made a conscious parenting choice to keep their children down from a young age and immediately worried about the implications of being so young in the White House. She commented on this on the Michelle Obama Podcast saying, “We have made them accountable and so we had to put in place things like rules that the housekeepers couldn’t clean the girls’ rooms and that they had to make their own beds and do a series of chores ”

Finnegan notes that they are still in touch with Malia and Sasha, the latter of whom recently had some experience with the power of their first daughter status in the form of two TikToks in which she appears to go viral as neither of them Daughters has public social media, the world is desperate for a look at the girls we see as adults – and it doesn’t hurt that they are both so damn mind-blowing

“You were so nice to give us advice and support,” says Finnegan Sister Maisy adds, “You can only hope you are doing as well as they are because you did it so well””

In other words, you can expect the Biden women to continue doing what they do. As daughter Ashley Biden Hager said the day before, Joe Biden to be president does not mean his family expects in any way To be a position of power But as long as the world looks their way, they hope they can use their platforms forever

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