With the first day of spring on the horizon, many in the community are already looking forward to meeting the links on the golf course in the coming months

While the provincial government is still waiting for the news of when they can open for the season, the golf courses in the area are also starting to open for the region last year after a large involvement in golf

North Battleford Golf & Country Club’s golf director, Dana Johnson, is normally open in mid-April and hopes to do it again this year as long as they are blessed by the government and weather allowed

“Mother Nature can sometimes be less kind to us when we open, and temperatures can change sometimes, but this year we hope that as soon as we hear from the Saskatchewan Health Authority when we can reopen, We’re ready for the season, ”he said

Johnson added that in her sophomore year with the COVID restrictions, things should only be made easier after experiencing what was uncharted territory last year

“I think it’s easier for everyone now that we know what we weren’t expecting last year in terms of people count and regulations, and everyone did an amazing job,” said Johnson

“From all the guests who came out and played golf, to our members and staff, we were great. Everyone followed the rules If any rules change during the season this year, we’ll be happy to adjust ”

The owner / operator of the Rustic Nine Golf Course, Elaine Liebaert, said they too are much more aware of what to expect for the coming season after experiencing last year

“We expect this year to be very similar to last year, with safety precautions and anything really very similar,” she said

“I think we are used to the way things are now, especially after a full season through the pandemic. Last year there was a bit of a learning curve for both customers and us, but everything went very well”

Liebaert said that she usually started on Jan. May open and hope to be able to do so again this year Preparatory work for the course is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks, once the snow has completely melted and the course is dry

She said they look forward to the coming season and to reconnecting with the community

“We just hope everyone comes out and relaxes playing golf, enjoying the outdoors and enjoying each other’s company,” said Liebaert. “We look forward to another good season and to welcoming people to Rustic Nine”

Jackfish Lodge is also aiming for an opening date for their courses on Jan. May to Kyle Kellgren, General Manager and Director of Golf, said if last year is any sign of it, they look forward to another great turnout this season

“Twenty twenty was a strange year with COVID, but it was way better than expected and a lot of people were playing golf,” he said Busy almost every day from May to the end of September So we are very grateful that it worked out as well as it was””

Kellgren said they are hopeful that things can open up a little more as the season progresses to allow for more group-based events and tournament play, if not, he said they will be happy just to keep working, like they did it last year

“Hopefully by the end of summer, once people are vaccinated, we can get back to normal with shotguns [starts] and some tournaments,” he said. “But honestly I would take over last year right away, too. We hope that a few things will change, but if they don’t we are more than happy to continue being who we are ”

“I know everyone itches to get out in the sun and get out of the house and do something they’re allowed to like golf,” continued Kellgren. “We’re happy to have a place available for them ask where you can do this ”

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Spring Season

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