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Updated on: 7 January 2021 / 2:49 pm

Washington – Top Democratic lawmakers and at least one Republican official called for President Trump to be removed from office for instigating and responding to the attack on the Capitol on Wednesday

Senator Chuck Schumer, the soon to be majority leader once the Democrats control the Senate, advocated the use of the 25th Amendment or impeachment to oust Mr. Trump, 13 days before the end of his term

“What happened at the U? S The Capitol yesterday was an uprising against the United States instigated by the president. This president shouldn’t stay in office one day, “he said in a statement.” The quickest and most effective way – this can be done today – to get this president out to remove from office is for the Vice-President to resign immediately on the 25th Amendment invokes “

If Vice President Mike Pence and a majority in the cabinet refuse to remove the president, Schumer urged Congress to indict and convict him in order to remove him from office

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi endorsed the move, the 25th Change to resume soon after, and threatened impeachment proceedings if Pence and the Cabinet fail to act

“In calling for this seditious act, the President has committed an indescribable attack on our nation and our people,” Pelosi said at a press conference at the Capitol on Thursday. “I join the Senate Democratic leader and appeal to the Vice-President to remove this President by immediately calling on 25th Amendment Appointments If the Vice President and Cabinet fail to act, Congress may stand ready to push for impeachment “

Some cabinet officials have discussed the possibility of referring to the 25th Post-Crisis Change to Appoint in the Capitol, CBS News reported, but those discussions had not resulted in a formal presentation to the Vice President by Wednesday night

Republican representative Adam Kinzinger was the first GOP lawmaker to support this move. “All indications indicate that the president has not moored not only because of his duty or his oath, but also because of reality itself”, he said in a two-minute video posted on Twitter, “This is why I urge the Vice-President and Cabinet members to ensure that the next few weeks are safe for the American people and that we have a sensible captain of the ship”

Pence announced shortly after 3:40 a.m. President-elect Joe Biden won the presidency after Congress completed the electoral college vote Thursday, confirmation came hours after an attack by rioters who stormed the U.S Capitol to stop the process

Chaos erupted at the Capitol when an angry crowd of rioters – many waving Trump flags or Trump gear – broke through the building.Four people died in the attack, according to authorities, one woman was shot dead by police and three people died medical emergencies

The violence caused members of Congress to flee the ground, and Congress held back for nearly six hours before returning to complete the census

Republican Senator Mike Lee has privately called key White House officials asking them to wait until Jan. Staying at work January, confirmed a spokesman

Utah’s Lee and three other Senators have privately called White House National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and White House attorney Pat Cipollone to speak to until April 20 According to an official familiar with the efforts

Lee and the Senators believe there must be “strong leadership” in the White House in the final days of Mr. Trump’s presidency, regardless of his conduct on Wednesday, the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said to one sensitive topic to discuss

Your efforts come from the fact that some White House officials and even Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao have resigned in the face of the unrest in the Capitol.

At her press conference, Pelosi said she was calling for the U chief to step downS. The Capitol Police announced after the attack that the sergeant of the house had resigned

“There was a mistake in leadership at the top of the Capitol police force, and I think Mr. Sund, he hasn’t called us since, “she said, referring to Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.” So I was made aware that I was going to say we wanted his resignation “

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged Vice President Mike Pence to appoint the President according to the 25th Remove amendment, saying Congress could bring charges against Mr Trump if Pence and the Cabinet fail to act

“In calling for this seditious act, the President has committed an indescribable attack on our nation and our people,” Pelosi said at a press conference at the Capitol on Thursday. “I join the Senate Democratic leader and appeal to the Vice-President to remove this President by immediately calling on 25th Amendment Appointments If the Vice President and Cabinet fail to act, Congress may stand ready to push for impeachment “

“This is, by the way, the overwhelming feeling of the American people. Justice will be done for those who committed these acts, who were riot and cowards,” she added

Mr Trump has already been charged once by the House of Representatives, even though the Senate did not convict him

President-elect Joe Biden said the events at the Capitol on Wednesday were “one of the darkest days in our nation’s history,” blaming Mr for the Trump attack, calling the rioters “domestic terrorists”

“What we saw yesterday was no dissent, no mess, no protest – it was chaos,” said Mr Biden said at an event in Delaware to introduce his Justice Department candidates “They weren’t protesters Don’t you dare call them protesters You were a riotous mob Insurgent Domestic Terrorists It’s that simple It’s that simple”

President-elect Joe Biden says Pres Trump “instigated a mob to attack the Capitol and threaten elected officials, and even the Vice President, to prevent Congress from ratifying the will of the American people” picTwittercom / Ll63lwrKdO

Mr Biden said the rioters had “committed an attack on the most sacred American enterprise – ratified the will of the American people”

The President-elect accused Mr. Trump of “inciting a mob to attack the Capitol, threatening elected officials and even the Vice President to prevent Congress from ratifying the will of the American people”

“I wish we could say we hadn’t seen it coming. That’s not true. We could see it coming,” he said. “He launched a sweeping attack on our democracy from the start. Yesterday was the culmination of this relentless attack “

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, said he believed Mr. Trump shouldn’t end his term as president after the Capitol mayhem

“There is no question that America would be better off if the President resigned or stepped down and if Mike Pence, the Vice President of the United States, made a peaceful transfer of power in the next 13 days until President Biden is sworn in “Hogan said during a press conference

Hogan said he wasn’t sure how this process should go, but praised Pence for rejecting Mr. Trump’s call to him to decertify the electoral votes for Mr Biden

“We need guidance now, and we have to stop all this madness,” he said

Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation, announced she is stepping down after the attack on the Capitol Chao, who is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is the first cabinet secretary to step down after the attack

“Yesterday our country had a traumatic and totally avoidable event when supporters of the President stormed the Capitol after a rally he spoke to,” wrote Chao in an email to colleagues. “As I am sure I am with many of you , it worried me deeply that I just can’t put it aside “

It has been the honor of your life to serve the US Ministry of Transport BildTwittercom / rFxPsBoh6t

Chao said she was “extremely proud of the many successes we have achieved together for our country,” and promised to help Pete Buttigieg, candidate for President-elect Joe Biden, prepare to take over the transportation division

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, ready to become majority leader once the Democrats take control of the Senate, vows to fire the Senate sergeant at guns if he does not resign at the time of Schumer takeover is

“If Senate Sergeant Arms Stenger has not vacated the position by then, I will fire him as soon as the Democrats have a majority in the Senate,” said Schumer in a statement from his office. NCOs are appointed by Senate resolutions

Michael Stenger is currently serving as Sergeant in Arms, the Senate’s chief law enforcement officer responsible for Senate security and protecting Senators during Wednesday’s Capitol Breach, the rioters managed to gain access to the Senate

Robert Contee, chief of the metropolitan police department, said at a press conference Thursday that he had “no information to suggest that there was a breach of the U.””S. Capitol “before the attack on Wednesday

“The intelligence that led to this – we are not going to specifically talk about the intelligence we had, but we certainly expected that more people would come to our town compared to the two previous demonstrations, we knew for sure “said Contee

He noted that the secret service had the MPD activate the National Guard “We not only activated the National Guard, but also initiated mutual assistance with several regional law enforcement agencies before yesterday”

Even so, hundreds of protesters entered the convention halls, forcing lawmakers to seek protection before escaping for security reasons

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, who also attended the press conference, said officials, in their “wildest imagination,” did not expect that “the kinds of groups that were there” would breach the Capitol

“It was ‘going into position’ that it was the 14th November 12th December would be something like that, “McCarthy said, referring to previous rallies in support of Mr. Trump, “where the types of groups that were there but had no wildest notion that they might end up breaking through the Capitol grounds”

FBI Director Christopher Wray said the attack on the Capitol showed “an obvious and appalling disregard for our government institutions and the orderly management of the democratic process,” and vowed to identify those who stormed the halls of Congress

“As we have consistently said, we do not tolerate violent agitators and extremists who cause violence and wreak havoc under the guise of First Amendment protected activities. Such behavior betrays the values ​​of our democracy,” Wray said. “Make no mistake : With our partners we will hold those who took part in yesterday’s siege of the Capitol to justice “

Wray said the office “used all of our investigative resources” to support the effort, and urged the public to provide tips and videos to federal investigators

“Our agents and analysts have worked hard all night gathering evidence, sharing information, and working with federal prosecutors to bring charges,” he said. “We are determined to find those responsible and ensure justice guaranteed is “

A 7 foot “non-scalable fence” will be erected around the U. Capitol complex for at least 30 days, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said at a news conference with Washington, DC., Mayor Muriel Bowser on Thursday

McCarthy said the Department of Defense had discussed security plans “with the Capitol Police and others” ahead of Wednesday’s demonstrations, but had “received no requests from the DC. National Guard were made “

Ken Cuccinelli, the No. 2 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officer, said on Twitter that his department is helping to build the fence at the request of the U. Capitol Police

Bowser said “clearly there was a security flaw” that allowed hundreds of protesters to freely enter the convention halls. She said “a stronger law enforcement presence” would have prevented people from entering the Capitol and urged an investigation of the security measures taken by the federal government

“We are obviously concerned about the 20th”said Bowser, speaking about the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. The mayor added that the violence on Wednesday” may not take place on Aug. ends “and should cause people to” reset “their perception of America

Jeffrey Rosen, the acting attorney general, says federal agencies investigating the Capitol attack are preparing to bring charges against suspects as early as Thursday

“Some participants in yesterday’s violence are charged today and we will continue to methodically evaluate evidence, indict crimes and make arrests in the coming days and weeks to ensure those responsible are held accountable under the law,” said Rosen in a statement from the Justice Department

Rosen said the nation “watched in disbelief as a mob broke through the Capitol Building and called on federal and local law enforcement to help restore order”” He added that the Justice Department “is committed to ensuring that those responsible for this attack on our government and the rule of law take the full consequences of their lawful conduct”

Rosen said federal prosecutors are working with law enforcement partners “to gather evidence, identify perpetrators, and prosecute federal crimes where warranted””

An official from the Commerce Department has joined a growing list of Trump administration officials who resigned after mob violence at the US Capitol

John Costello, the deputy assistant secretary of commerce for intelligence and security, said in a statement Thursday that he had “no choice” but to resign after “an unprecedented attack on the core of our democracy – encouraged by a seated president”

“The president disregarded and diminished the rule of law and the constitution for a long time,” he said. “Yesterday this culminated in a violent uprising against the U.S. Congress for the purpose of repealing a legally recognized and valid election “

Senate minority chairman Chuck Schumer has urged the vice president to move quickly to Jan. Amendment to appoint and Mr. Trump out of office today

“What happened at the U? S The Capitol yesterday was an uprising against the United States instigated by the president. This president shouldn’t stay in office one day, “he said in a statement.” The quickest and most effective way – this can be done today – to get this president out to remove from office is for the Vice-President to resign immediately on the 25th Amendment invokes “

If Pence and a majority in the cabinet refuse to remove the president, he will urge Congress to convene, indict and convict him

Schumer is the most senior democrat who demands that the president be stripped of his office

The White House announced that it has withdrawn the appointment of incumbent Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf as formal department head less than an hour after Wolf issued a statement calling on the president to denounce the rioters who were making their way into the Capitol had penetrated

Wolf has been running the agency on an acting basis since 2019, setting Mr Trump’s tough immigration agenda The President first submitted Wolf’s nomination for Minister of Homeland Security to the Senate last summer and resubmitted it after the new Congress was sworn in on Sunday

Former Attorney General William Barr hailed Mr. Trump for his response to the violent crowd of his supporters who stormed the U.S Capitol, property destruction and clash with police in a failed attempt to block the constitutionally required vote count by Congress

“Orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable. The president’s conduct yesterday was a betrayal of his office and his supporters,” Barr said in a statement

Barr resigned from his post as Justice Department head last month, and his last day was April 23 December While Mr. Trump repeatedly made false claims that the election was “stolen” from him and that millions of illegal ballots were cast Barr said the Justice Department found no fraud on a scale that could have changed the election result

In his first remarks since the deadly and destructive protests at the US. Capitol, US. Capitol police chief Steven Sund said the crowd of pro-Trump protesters who stormed the Capitol were implicated in “violent riots.” The agency is conducting an incident review, security planning and procedures, said the agency he

“The USCP had a solid plan in place to address anticipated First Amendment activity, but make no mistake – this mass riot was not First Amendment activity; it was criminal riot,” Sund said in a statement

Sund said Capitol police officers and agency law enforcement partners reacted “bravely” to the thousands of protesters involved, with the pro-Trump mob attacking officers with metal pipes, using chemical irritants and other weapons in their attack on the Capitol inserted

Sund confirmed that a “sworn USCP agent” fired his service weapon and fatally struck an adult woman identified as Ashli ​​Babbitt. The employee was taken on administrative leave
Officials also responded to reports of two pipe bombs and a suspicious vehicle near the Capitol with the devices classified as dangerous and disabled, Sund said

Thirteen people and the owner of the suspected vehicle were arrested for illegally entering the Capitol

Illinois GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger urged the Vice President and Cabinet to sit down on Jan. Amendment to appoint and remove Mr Trump from office, citing the President’s inadequate response to the attack on the U.S. Kinzinger is the first Republican to push for the impeachment of the president.

“All the indications are that the president has broken down not only because of his duty or oath, but also because of reality itself,” he said in a two-minute video posted on Twitter, “Because of this I urge the Vice President and Cabinet members to ensure that the next few weeks are safe for the American people and that we have a sensible captain of the ship “

With a heavy heart, in the interests of our democracy, I call for the 25th Amendment to take advantage of My statement: BildTwittercom / yVyQrYcjuD

A number of Democrats have already urged the Vice President and Cabinet to get Mr Trump out of office after Wednesday’s shocking events, while others suggest that the House should re-indict him to encourage his followers to descend on the Capitol , and initially to refuse to ask them to withdraw

Kinzinger said the violence from the pro-Trump mob was a “wake up call for many” as well as a “call to accountability for others” “

“Yesterday it became clear that the president had not only given up his duty to protect the American people and the people’s house, but also aroused and inflamed passions that only fueled the insurrection we have seen here,” he said / p>

The Illinois congressman said when Mr. Trump has been asked to denounce the violence committed by his supporters “He hardly did it, while of course making himself a victim and seemed to give a wink and a nod to those who did it”

“Here is the truth,” said Kinzinger. “The president caused this. The president is not fit and the president is unwell and the president must now voluntarily or involuntarily relinquish control of the executive”

Facebook has banned the president from posting on his platform indefinitely and at least until he is powerless, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday.The ban also applies to Mr Trump’s Instagram account

Zuckerberg said the “shocking events of the past 24 hours” indicated that the president “intends to use his remaining term in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transfer of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden”

“We believe that the risk that the President can continue to use our service during this time is just too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks, until the peaceful transfer of power is complete, “Zuckerberg said in a statement

Major tech outlets cracked down on the president’s social media accounts on Wednesday as the Capitol crisis unfolded. Twitter and Facebook both removed a video of the president calling the rioters “very special” while they were asked to go home

Facebook and Twitter both temporarily banned Trump’s reports Wednesday night, Twitter said the ban would last at least 12 hours and would not be lifted until the president deleted three tweets. Facebook extended its ban with Zuckerberg’s statement on Thursday

“His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters in the Capitol has rightly troubled people in the US and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect – and probably their intent – is to provoke further violence, “explained Zuckerberg

Washington, DC.Mayor Muriel Bowser holds a press conference Thursday morning following the violent protests at the Capitol The press conference begins at 11 a.m. ET

A total of 6200 National Guard members from six states in the northeast have been activated by the Department of Defense until after inauguration to assist law enforcement in Washington, D.C.said a defense officer

Guard units from the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia will remain until the day of inauguration on Aug. January activated

Approximately 150 guards are helping to maintain a perimeter around the Capitol and allowing law enforcement to help elsewhere, according to the official. A total of 300 guards are inside the Capitol

Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, condemned the violence in the Capitol and said Mr. Trump should denounce those responsible for the attack

“What happened yesterday was tragic and disgusting. While I have consistently condemned political violence on both sides of the aisle, especially violence against law enforcement, we now see some supporters of the President using violence as a means of achieving political ends. That is unacceptable, “said Wolf in a statement

“These violent actions are incomprehensible and I implore the President and all elected officials to strongly condemn the violence that took place yesterday,” he added

Wolf, who took control of the Department of Homeland Security in November 2019, said he would “remain in my position until the end of the administration to ensure the department continues to focus on the serious threats facing us Land is suspended and on an orderly transition to The DHS team of President-Elect Biden “

GOP Senator Marco Rubio took to Twitter for barely disguised criticism of his fellow Republican senatorial colleagues and Mr. Trump for calling for efforts to void votes for Mr Biden would succeed and Pence could decertify the election result despite a lack of authority

“Some Mislead You That the Vice President Might Reject Ballot These objections could pass or be used as a lever to force an audit They knew the truth but thought it was a great way to get & noticed to make to raise money, “tweeted Rubio

They knew the truth but thought it was a great way to get attention & collects money

Hawley and Cruz, both of whom are considered potential presidential candidates in 2024, have objected to the Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania votes, respectively Arizona raised up, forcing the House and Senate to separate sessions to discuss their challenges, but the objections failed and an overwhelming majority of Senators declined to stand
Prior to Wednesday’s joint session, Cruz led a coalition of eleven Republican Senators urging an emergency review of election results, but many of the GOP senators who joined his coalition resigned after the violent attack on the US Capitol from a pro-Trump mob

Hawley and Cruz also sent fundraising messages sent during the attack. In their appeals for money, Republican senators asked supporters for a donation to aid their efforts to challenge the election results

Mr Trump also continued his conviction that Congress and Pence would turn election results upside down. In a statement Tuesday, the president falsely claimed that the vice president had “multiple options” under the Constitution to decertify the results. Pence had no such options / p>

There are tough questions for law enforcement to ask about their willingness and response to pro-Trump violence at the Capitol When rioters stormed the building on Wednesday, they broke doors and windows and forced officers to put a barricade in the chamber of the house The mob eventually broke through both the Chambers of the House and the Senate

The march and the organizers’ goals were talked about for days, if not weeks, according to law enforcement agencies, reports from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security did not warn of violence

“It seemed to me that the reaction outside was slow,” said Terry Gainer, former head of the Capitol Police

He estimates that half to three quarters of around 2300 Capitol officers were prepared and that the armed forces may have underestimated the potential of the protest

After the violation 1100 DC. National Guard troops were deployed and hundreds of federal law enforcement officers were deployed in support Compare that to June, when around Jan.000 guardsmen and 1600 active troops were brought to the D. Area before protests following the death of George Floyd

“If this were a group of young people organized under the Black Lives Matter banner, we would have seen three times the number of law enforcement agencies,” said Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of NAACP

According to the police, 52 people have been arrested, 26 of them for Capitol reasons in the coming days there will be more arrests

The FBI is soliciting information from the public to help identify individuals who “actively engage in violence” in the country’s capital, the office said late Wednesday

“The FBI accepts tips and digital media depicting unrest and violence in the United States Capitol Building and vicinity in Washington, DC, on Jan. January 2021 “, it said

Members of the public have been encouraged to submit photos, videos, and other multimedia files related to possible violations of federal law, or to call the 1-800-CALL-FBI with tips

Contrary to reports on Wednesday that he would consider resigning, national security adviser Robert O’Brien plans to remain in his post until the start of the new Biden administration, according to an official

“Robert O’Brien intends to stay on until the end of the administration,” a senior administration official told CBS News, “There is still a strong national security team in the NSC, the state, the Department of Defense and the intelligence community”

O’Brien’s deputy Matt Pottinger resigned on Wednesday after violent protests at the Capitol. National security adviser praised Pence’s handling of the events, calling him “a really good and decent man” who “showed courage” “

Mick Mulvaney, the former acting White House chief of staff who was the special envoy for Northern Ireland, has resigned, he told CNBC, and joined a growing number of Trump administration officials following the attack on the U am Resigned Wednesday S. Capitol from a pro-Trump mob

“I called Mike Pompeo last night to let him know and tell him I was stepping back,” Mulvaney told CNBC, “I can’t do it, I can’t stay.”

Mulvaney, a former South Carolina congressman, said he expected more resignations in the next 24 to 48 hours

“Those who choose to stay, and I have spoken to some of them, choose to stay because they fear that the President may appoint someone to replace them, who could make things worse,” he said “So I’m not judging those who choose not to resign, I understand, but I can’t stay here Not after yesterday You can’t look at this yesterday and think I want to be a part of it in some way “

Mulvaney has held numerous roles in the Trump administration.He was Director of the Office of Administration and Budget and Acting Chief of Staff of the White House, a position he held for nearly 15 months Mr Trump elected Mulvaney as his special envoy to Mulvaney in March 2020 Northern Ireland

He is one of several members of the Trump administration to step down after Wednesday’s events. Those who step down include: Stephanie Grisham, Chief of Staff to First Lady Melania Trump, Matt Pottinger, Assistant National Security Advisor, and Sarah Matthews, Assistant Secretary of State of the White House

President Trump issued a statement early Thursday after Congress confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, announced by Vice-President Mike Pence, while Mr. Trump said he was “totally disagreed with the outcome of the election and the facts confirm me, but still on the 20th January will give an orderly transition “

The statement was tweeted by Dan Scanvino, the White House senior official, since Mr. Trump was restricted by Twitter after his supporters stormed the U. Capitol

At 3:33 a.m., Mr. Biden received 270 votes. At 3:39 the counting was over Klobuchar read the results – Mr. Biden’s victory – to standing ovations from both sides of the aisle

The final results for Biden are 306-232 Vice President Mike Pence has done his duty and Mr. Biden as the winner just after 3:40 am

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