TWISTED PRIORITIES It seems okay to hug pot and alcohol but not a higher being Another brutal lockdown is upon us but unfortunately we have our marijuana and alcohol businesses to make us all better off A visit to church, synagogue, or mosque, but Heaven forbids it. Especially in these terribly difficult times, it is far better to be drunk or stoned than to pray to a higher being. Our priorities have been seriously shifted FLANAGAN (I’m pretty sure it’s about preventing the spread, not preventing the prayer)

VARIANT SPREAD There is only one person responsible for spreading this variant in Canada That is (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau He refused to stop flights from his China and brought COVID-19 here He refused flights from Europe to stop and let the variant arrive. So how is it that the media and the opposition are not in the arms about it? Has he bought all the opposition parties like the media? I hope people will soon see through his stupidity and bring him and his communist-loving regime out of powerR. HALLADAY (media bought? You need to spend more time reading the sun)

WHAT’S THE WORRY Many people, including politicians, columnists, and letter writers, say we should all get vaccinated because vaccines work and those of us who choose not to get the shot would endanger those who do this, wait a minute – that is not logical! When the vaccine works, what do you worry about? It shouldn’t affect you in any way what others do. And what happened to “my body, my choice”? A new disease, a new vaccine (a whole new type of vaccine in fact) developed at “warp speed” What could go wrong? LON PALMER (If you don’t get the vaccine, you put those who can’t) at risk

ONLY MAKE WORSE Mental health (because of COVID-19 I’ll call it loneliness, helplessness) is the most prevalent disease in Canada, but politicians, via medics, are anxious to make it worse with the recent lockdownsDON DAY ( A terrible side effect to protect us)

GO FLAMES! While businesses, schools, and places of worship will have to close during the second wave of the pandemic, the NHL will get the go-ahead for another season, it looks like Gary Bettman got his way on this one, can’t wait to make sure I do refill my heart medication before the umpires drop the puck on Jan 13, 2021! DONALD K MUNROE (It will bring some joy to people)

LEADERS CHOICE Jonah Goldberg says: “While China really appealed to some intellectuals in the 1990s that is pretty much over “(” The Cold War Approach Won’t Work With China, Dec. 19) That China’s “considerable attraction” is far from exhausted, shows Prime Minister (Justin) Trudeau’s admission that he is “to some extent of admiration Goldberg would be well advised to take off his rose-colored glasses and face an ideology that continues to distort the judgment of our leaders CAROL-FAYE PETRICKO (Trudeau is an amateur and has proven this again and again)

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