British Columbia’s health authorities provided updated COVID-19 model data on Thursday, the one year anniversary since the pandemic began

In a live press conference by Dr Bonnie Henry and Health Secretary Adrian Dix showed hospital stays and deaths were declining recently across the province

After peaking in average daily case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths in December 2020, British Columbia has seen a sustained decline that coincides with the onset of B.C.Vaccinations

“When we look at the statistics, we see that our hospital stays have flattened and declined, and what really matters is that the number of people dying from COVID-19 has dropped dramatically,” said Dr Henry on Thursday

While deaths and hospitalizations improved, the seven-day moving average of cases across the province rose again towards the end of February

“What we are seeing is that the transmission of the virus is mainly controlled by two age groups, namely young people between 19 and 39 years of age and also by age groups between 40 and 59 years of age,” said Dr Henry

The data has shown health officials that people who meet for small gatherings continue to be the greatest source of transmission, while jobs are also challenges

“At many of these workplaces, people cannot effectively separate and the risk is higher,” says Dr Henry, suggesting transmission was higher in key businesses like grocery stores

As for the death toll, Dr Henry stated that a number of people have died of COVID-19 in their thirties in the province in the past few months
Looking back on last year’s statistics, health officials point out that COVID-19 was the eighth killer in British Columbia over the year

The average age of those who died from the virus was 86 years old, with three more deaths announced on Thursday from the virus, the death toll in the province has 1397 reached

The other crisis British Columbians face – the opioid crisis – was the fifth leading cause of death in the past year. The median age of deaths from overdose was 43 years

After submitting the latest modeling data, Dr Henry announced the provincial health code for outdoor gatherings had been changed

“We know we need that social connection, and now we can safely go outside for some of those connections,” said the provincial health officer,

“This means your kids can have a game with their friends during the March break, but with the same group of friends,” said Dr Henry sketched

However, she noted that children at school should stay with the same group of friends they are in a cohort with

“You can hang out with friends and have coffee, chat, connect, picnic with your grandparents in the park,” the provincial health officer continued. “When you want to meet up with family and friends , remember that these safeguards must continue and be paramount ”

No changes are being made to the indoor collection restrictions at this time as Dr Henry says these are the limitations that we “need to pay the most attention to”

This means that the current restrictions in households, bars, pubs, restaurants, retail stores and open businesses will continue to apply

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