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Kirk Cameron rang the doorbell for the New Year by continuing to oppose a stay at home order issued in Southern California

50-year-old alum “Growing Pains” has come under fire several times over the past month for reportedly holding gatherings in the state despite shutdowns. Two Christmas carols that Cameron helped organize last month featured dozens of collectors tight and stood without a mask

Cameron posted footage of a third event Thursday night reportedly dubbed the “Sunset Singing and Prayer Event” at Point Mugu State Park in Ventura County

Cameron shared a 4-minute prayer on his event social media pages with supporters joining him in a “for the nation” prayer


Kirk Cameron isn’t worried about COVID-19 even though Southern California home stay orders are being extended.The actor hosted a prayer event on New Years Eve where collectors were filmed again without a mask
(Paras Griffin / Getty Images for AFFIRM Films A Sony Company)

While Cameron reportedly said masks were “welcome” at the event, the footage did not show the actor or anyone around him wearing protective clothing

“Is that just beautiful? Could we ask for a nicer painting from God? And just think God paints with water and light to do that Isn’t that amazing? I’m so glad you all came here “says Cameron in the clip

Cameron hinted he was helping organize the event and told the crowd, “We were exploring places along the coast We weren’t sure where to go We landed on it, really only three or four hours ago This turned out to be just perfect “

On Tuesday, California’s Minister of Health announced that regional home-stay orders in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley will be extended as the state faces a sustained coronavirus outbreak

“I think he’s still in increasing pain,” wrote one commenter under his video on Instagram

Some Cameron supporters, however, thanked the actor for attending the prayer event. One person wrote on Instagram that it was “exactly what I needed to hear”

Growing Pains alum had already come under fire for hosting two Christmas carol events in California last month despite the stay-at-home orders in place
(David Livingston / Getty Image)

“Thank you for being a leader and coming forward I appreciate the kindness and wisdom of your approach,” wrote the person

Another Instagram user thanked Cameron for “bringing us hope and confidence and not scare us this year” “

“It was the best way to end our crazy year!” One person responded to the New Year’s Eve event, “It was such a great night!”

Last week, Cameron’s “Growing Pains” co-star Jeremy Miller criticized the maskless Christmas carols that took place in December

“While I will always love my brother Kirk, I couldn’t argue that he is holding these maskless events at a time when safety and concern for others are an extreme priority,” said Miller, who is Camerons’ brother Character in the beloved sitcom, said Page Six

“All I can tell you is that I look around my community and see the devastation and suffering of people whose businesses have gone bankrupt – people who have dealt with anxiety, depression and suicide, abused to be quarantined with their abusers, and I can’t just ignore that, “he said

He also came to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” last week “Everyone volunteered to see this Christmas carol They did a risk / reward analysis and said,” We’re coming to an event, we’re not afraid of a virus with a 999% Survival rate, “said the actor to the host

Cameron continued, “We didn’t just have 75 or 100 people, we had over 1000 people who sang Christmas carols because they want hope and fellowship But I want to give you a big disclaimer: Under a starry night sky and candlelit poetry sheets, you have the US. The constitution lit by these candles could, like us, catch the virus of hope, and it is very contagious “

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