The latest contender for the console game is KFC The extremely popular fast food store is entering the console business and wants to be a serious competitor in the competition. A teaser trailer for the KFC console was launched in June published and everyone thought it was a joke They asked if the KFC console was real Well, it’s very real and it’s hitting stores faster than expected. Many have asked about the KFC console release date

The original KFC console was released on Jan. Set November 2020, but just like everyone else, the pandemic has affected their production and the release date has been postponed to December There is no new official release date for the KFC console yet and many believe it will be delayed until 2021

Many are wondering how much Colonel Sander’s console could cost gamers, whether it is inexpensive like their food, or if they are taking a different approach to the console business, fans may have to wait for the reveal as the KFC console price is still going on was not officially announced

This is everyone’s interest. Everything people want to know, how the Chicken Company will hold up against them, are seasoned competitors, how can they offer a little more or be on par with next-generation consoles located?

Not much has been said about the specifications of the KFC console, but to the best of our knowledge the console is a high-end VR capable PC The KFC console also offers 4k resolution at 240 FPS Other specs include an Intel Nuc 9 CPU, a Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB SSD and an NVIDIA GPU with ray tracing function

This is still confusing to many and hopefully it clears it up. KFC takes it very seriously, releasing a new console and competing in the competition.When the trailer came out everyone thought it was a joke of the fast food place, but little did they know they were actually planning and developing a high-end console that would compete against the PS5 and Xbox series X / S

Not much has been revealed about the console, but enough light has been shed for players to know that KFC has gone all-in at their new venture

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