With 22 Grammy wins, 140 million album / single sales and countless world tours, Kanye West is objectively one of the best musicians of all time, with a booming sneaker and clothing business, he’s also one of the most successful and wealthy celebrities in the world World And with two new massive company reviews, we have a new award for his resume: Kanye West is now officially the richest black man in US history

We first learned Kanye West was a billionaire in April last year after new details were released about the formidable success of his Yeezy brand, not just a billionaire, actually, but a multi-billionaire at the time, we estimated Kanye’s net worth West to $ 32 trillion

With some new information released today, we’re now updating our estimate of Kanye’s personal wealth

According to new ratings from investment bank UBS, Kanye’s sneaker / apparel partnership with Adidas is worth between $ 3.2 billion and $ 4.7 billion Kanye owns 100% of the Yeezy brand, so these ratings go directly into its bottom line, according to UBS, its partnership has with The Gap worth $ 1 billion

He jumps from fourth to first place, surpassing Oprah Winfrey’s $ 35 billion net worth, David Steward’s $ 3 9 billion net worth, and Robert F. Smith’s $ 65 billion Michael Jordan is now the fifth richest black man in the US with a net worth of $ 2 trillion

By our count, Kanye West is the third richest celebrity in the world after Steven Spielberg ($ 7 billion) and George Lucas ($ 10 billion)

Here’s the main thing people don’t understand: imagine if Michael Jordan actually owned the Jordan brand and just had a distribution partnership with Nike that has Kanye with Yeezy and Adidas, if Nike were to sell the Jordan brand, Michael would would continue to earn royalties from the new owner, but he wouldn’t mind the sale – although the acquirer would obviously be wise to make sure Michael is VERY happy with the deal

In 2020 he extended his partnership with Adidas for another 10 years, but still retains 100% control over creativity and equity

If the brand continues at its current pace after this 10-year contract expires, Kanye could own the world’s most valuable apparel brands as a free agent as a solo operator

Nothing prevents Kanye from spending the next decade ramping up his own manufacturing facilities, if only he owned huge amounts of land somewhere in the US where it would be dirt cheap to build a few shoe factories Business friendly somewhere Maybe even in a state that has no state income tax and one of the lowest sales taxes in the US … hmmm … what state is all of this … Oh, right, WYOMING

[FYI, for those who didn’t know, Kanye owns around 8000 acres of vacant Wyoming land, including a $ 2 million commercial warehouse]

Note that even during a global pandemic in 2019, Yeezy’s sales grew 13% year over year in 2020

The same UBS document shows that outside of its Adidas and Gap partnerships, Kanye has around $ 1 billion in other assets, including around $ 100 million worth of real estate, a music catalog worth $ 7 billion of $ 110 million and a significant stake in the underwear / shapewear business of his future ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Skims

According to documents released last year, Kanye only has approximately $ 100 million in debt (“only” because it is a relatively low level of debt for someone with their assets)

And if you’re wondering if Kim is likely to take a huge chunk of Yeezy away in their divorce proceedings, we’ve been told that outside of his investment in Skims, Kanyes and Kim’s finances were strictly segregated during their marriage and have a perfectly solid prenup

Congratulations to Kanye West! Keep it up! Let me know if you ever want to add a celebrity finance website to your growing portfolio of corporate resources 🙂

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World News – CA – Kanye West’s net worth rises to $ 6.6 billion – He is now the richest black man in US history

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