Bodycam footage released by Florida police has shed more light on a February traffic obstruction that resulted in former Boston Red Sox outfielder Johnny Damon being arrested on DUI charges >

The ClickOrlando video received from WKMG News 6 shows 47-year-old Damon and his wife Michelle Mangan-Damon interacting with the police during the traffic obstruction around 1:23 am and not following the officers’ instructions

In the video, Damon admits having “a little” drink, officials tell the former MLB All-Star that he is worried about Damon’s sobriety after leaving his lane and hitting a curb multiple times >

Throughout the video, Damon repeats that he and his wife are “good people” and emphasizes that “I am a blue matter of life” and “we are all for cops”

“Look at our license plate, we have Blue Lives Matter,” Mangan-Damon can be heard saying, “Look at our license plate, Blue Lives Matter, this is crazy”

Damon then suggests to the official that he has become a public target because of his vocal support for former President Donald Trump

“Hey brother, I’m a good (expletive) guy and I know people try to target me because I’m a Trump supporter,” said Damon

Damon was arrested on multiple charges following the incident, including DUI, and he nonviolently resisted arrest. Meanwhile, Mangan-Damon was also charged with a law enforcement officer’s battery and resisted arrest nonviolently

The video is shown Mangan-Damon exiting the passenger side of the vehicle in direct violation of the officer’s instructions to stay in the vehicle.The officer then attempted to restrain Mangan-Damon, resulting in a minor physical Confrontation led

Later in the video, the cop tells Damon that Manganese Damon hit him back when he tried to hold her back

Later in the video, additional officers arrive on site to provide assistance, particularly to keep Manganese Damon from leaving the scene

The officer tells Damon that he wants to take him and his wife home Former MLB outfielder confirms her home is about 200 yards away, but the official asks Damon if he would be willing to do some field sobriety exercises to make sure he can drive safely

According to TMZ, Damon’s blood alcohol content was 30, more than four times the legal limit in Florida

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