Jennifer Lopez brought a folk spirit to Joe Biden’s inauguration as President of the United States

On Wednesday, during the historic ceremony, the 51-year-old singer took to the stage to perform the legendary American folk song “This Land is Your Land”

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After Lopez began Woody Guthrie’s 1945 classic, she switched to a medley that included a rendition of “America the Beautiful” followed by a short piece of her own hit Let’s get loud “

In the middle of the medley, Lopez also greeted the Latino community and recited a few lines from the U.S. Loyalty pledge in Spanish

On Twitter, fans praised Lopez’s performance and others pointed out the importance of “This country is your country” as an anthem for all Americans

VERY VERY naughty chord changes the orchestra played during the wonderful performance of J Lo !!!!! I like D ???? ºð ???? ¸

Gaga dressed up like a sponsor of the Hunger Games J Lo worked “???? let’s get loud” ???? In this country your country is everything about it is so extra

The pop queen of the Bronx sings Woody Guthrie’s anthem of solidarity This performance speaks to me

This Country Is Your Country

World News – CA – Jennifer Lopez Gives A Powerful Performance Of This Country Is Your Country At The Inauguration Of Biden