Getting arrested is a negative experience for many people – even more so if you are a celebrity.But Jane Fonda is not

The actress, who has been on screen since the 1960s, has been using her platform to protest for just as long. Jane’s career ran parallel to her activist work as she protested and struggled to bring about change for a variety of reasons, including the Vietnam War, the V-Day Movement and Climate Change But how many times has Jane been arrested?

Jane’s first arrest was in 1970 when the actress was on a lecture tour to discuss the Winter Soldier Investigation She donated all of her speaking commissions to WSI and found troops willing to speak out about some of her more terrifying experiences in the US Vietnam War

It was when re-entering the US. After a speech at a Canadian college where Jane was arrested, airport authorities claimed they found drugs in her luggage

Jane says the pills in her luggage (“small plastic bags labeled” B “,” L “,” D “(in red nail polish) – breakfast, lunch and dinner,” she wrote about her in an essay Mug shot) were only vitamins, although she was still being arrested for drug smuggling

“I told them what they were, but they said they were getting orders from the White House – that would be the Nixon White House,” wrote Jane. “I think they hoped this ‘scandal’ would lead to that the college speeches get canceled and ruin my integrity I was handcuffed and taken to Cleveland Jail when the mug shot was taken “

Eventually Jane was cleared of the charges, and while speculating that the arrest was an attempt to reduce participation in their talks, she said it had the opposite effect

Jane Fonda’s mug shot after she was arrested on orders from the White House for her anti-Vietnam war activism yes BildTwittercom / 8wTPodPGum

“The irony was that because of all the bruhaha about my speeches, the college audience never received less than 2000 and sometimes even 10000 was “, she concluded Jane recounts the entire experience in greater detail in her memoir My Life So Far, which she published in 2006

Jane’s arrest in 1970 helped fuel the activist work she was doing at the time and while she never stopped protesting and advocating for change, the actress managed to avoid arrest until 2019, when she was arrested five times

During the climate change protests that took place every Friday in Washington D.C. (Called “Fire Drill Fridays” according to The Hollywood Reporter) Jane was arrested five times for participating in the protests

@Janefonda has just been arrested for the fifth time, demanding #NoNewFossilFuels and a #GreenNewDeal with #FireDrillFriday 🔥 picTwittercom / xZfMPWhWQQ

Her final arrest, which took place on December 20, 2019, was widely publicized, and videos and photos of Jane smiling as she was handcuffed went viral online

Her first four charges were dropped by law enforcement despite the fact that Jane had spent a night in jail for one of her incarcerations

“I’ll be at the Capitol every Friday, rain or shine, inspired and encouraged by the incredible movement our youth have created,” she wrote on her blog

Jane Fonda

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