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With James Harden, who will make his debut with Brooklyn Nets on Saturday, we are about to have one of the most unique experiments in NBA history.We have seen three stars on the same team, but Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are all in the top 20 career usage rate and have three of the four highest usage rates during hitching time in the past 10 seasons

In other words, the “There is only one ball” stereotype has never been more appropriate

As Harden confirmed in his opening press conference, sacrifices have to be made and there will be an inevitable statistical drop for all three players. To gauge what this might mean, we looked back at the first year of the four most recent Big Threes: the 2007-08 Boston Celtics, 2010-11 Miami Heat, 2014-15 Cleveland Cavaliers, and 2016-17 Golden State Warriors each had their own set of circumstances that resulted in different dynamics, but when we factor in the average drop in statistics across all players, we should at least get an idea of ​​what to expect from the new Nets triumvirate

The 2008 Celtics were most similar to this season’s Nets in terms of age: Ray Allen, 32, Kevin Garnett (31) and Paul Pierce (30) So this might be the best comparison that Allen has clearly sacrificed the most, which makes sense given his ability to play the ball out as a spot-up shooter, and it’s hard to imagine Durant, Irving, or Harden taking this steep decline in The Bostoner Trio had by far the largest average drop in rating and usage of all the Big Threes we studied for each of these players, putting numbers aside to achieve their goal, is impressive, and they’ve been rewarded with an NBA title >

Again we see one player taking the brunt of the offensive sacrifice, this time with Chris Bosh. Although the Heat Big Three were much younger than the Nets, this could in some ways serve as a good comparison in their first year, LeBron had James and Dwyane Wade struggled to figure out the alpha dynamics which ultimately led to a loss in the NBA finals in year two, James increased his score to 271 points per game, while Wade fell to 221, a clear step towards James as an offensive focus on The Nets will face a similar situation but this time it will be between three players as it is hard to imagine one of them taking on the Bosh role

This was an extremely rare case of a four-time MVP teaming up with a 22-year-old budding superstar So Irving’s score actually went up, while James’ stake went up too. Love’s depreciation was the biggest of any player in the Big Threes we mentioned, and its drop in usage is second only to that of all in the Celtics. that Irving has been through something like this before, which makes you wonder how this affects his ability to make things work with Harden and Durant

Technically, this team could be called the Big Four, but Draymond Green’s score and usage rate doesn’t make him a star Curry willingly sacrificed just months after he was named the first unanimous MVP in NBA history, making Durant felt comfortable on offense while Durant returned the feeling that Thompson’s numbers remained essentially unchanged, testament to his ability to fit into virtually any system given his ability to shoot on-site and move off-ball when Golden State won won the title this (and next) season and has become a blueprint for how stars can selflessly come together towards a common goal. Durant will seek to develop the same dynamic with Irving and Harden

To predict this season’s stats for Harden, Durant, and Irving, we took the average rating drop (minus 13 percent) and usage rate (minus 98 percent) from the four previous Big Threes and applied them to each player of course not every star will have the exact same drop, but it at least gives us an idea of ​​how things might look in the future.For Durant and Irving, we used this season’s stats with the Nets, but for Harden, we have last season’s numbers used as he had an odd situation prior to the Houston trade

As you can see, Harden is the top scorer, and that seems like a likely result – in the regular season at least.Remember that Durant and Irving were already part of the Big Threes Championship while Harden was after two seasons with The Rockets came out in the top 10 of all time in usage rate for one season It would make sense for KD and Kyrie, to make Harden easier by giving him more shots and play options to make sure he’s comfortable

That being said, we’ve never seen this type of trio together before.While they’re above average shooters, all three excel with the ball in hand, making it difficult to figure out who, if anything, will get into the role of everyone / Love / Bosh / Thompson will fall Perhaps coach Steve Nash will postpone their minutes so that all three have an equal chance, but history tells us that ultimately a player will be the third option

Watching this will be one of the top stories in the league for the remainder of the season, and maybe many more to come.

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