After more than eight seasons in Houston, perennial all-star guard and MVP finalist James Harden took advantage of a deal with the Brooklyn Nets over a belief that the missiles weren’t good enough to get you Fight title

On the eve of Harden’s first return to Houston since trading in January 2021, he’s hard to argue with.The Rockets (11-22) lose 12 games and have the second worst record in the Western Conference, while the Nets (Jan. -13) in the east the second best are

Even so, Harden is not interested in relitigating the events that led to his controversial exit.Instead, he appreciates the Houston fans who showed consistent support throughout his dominant run

When asked about their upcoming reunion Wednesday night at the Toyota Center, The Beard said the following about his return:

Yeah I’m excited Just to get back to Houston where I had an amazing career there and they showed me crazy love and respect I’m just looking forward to playing in front of these fans Yeah, I’m pretty excited

My time there was great Obviously we missed a championship But the job I did Hopefully the fans appreciated everything I did, both on and off the pitch, and I still keep doing it outside of the court because if there’s one place I call home it’s always home / p>

I feel like I’m still part of the struggles and all they go through I look forward to going back there and seeing the familiar faces and my family

Harden has also made a significant effort to help rebuild Houston from the devastating February winter storm in terms of his personal reach and how much the city means to him, Harden said:

Everything I’ve been there for eight years and still live there in the sense of a house. My plan is to touch as many people as possible. Whether it’s food, whether it’s water, whether it’s rebuilding their houses, whether it’s makes her smile

Whatever the case, I’m just trying to touch thousands upon thousands of people in this city Because they did that for me and showed so much love to me and my family. And that process still takes on nothing but Love and respect

Wednesday’s game between the Missiles and the Nets ends at 6:30 p.m. Central, with a national television broadcast on ESPN

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