ORLANDO, Fla – It’s a day dedicated to everyone’s favorite plumber and where you can get some deals done

The unofficial holiday pays homage to the beloved video game character. The Italian, overall wearing mustache sports mascot was introduced to the gaming world in 1983 and makes Mario one of the most famous characters in the video game world

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Moved from pixels on the small screen to virtual reality games, it has a long story of shutting down green pipes, crushing Koopas, and saving Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom

From challenging mini-games during Super Mario parties to drifting in Mario Kart, Mario has had a long, nostalgic, and successful career, Nintendo celebrates it every year with specials on its family-friendly games

As Central Florida waits for Super Nintendo World to make its official debut in Universal’s Epic Universe, we must all celebrate the superstar on our screens for now

Although Mario is more than happy to be paid in gold coins, Nintendo understands that a small discount for its fans is very much appreciated

Until 13 March Nintendo is offering a 35% discount on selected games, something after the Super Mario Bros. coincides series celebrated its 35th anniversary

This year even Luigi is getting some love on Mario Day, with discounts on Luigi’s villa

Players can perform digital downloads in the Nintendo eShop or view prices at partner retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy

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Mario Day

World News – CA – It’s Mario Day This is how Nintendo celebrates the beloved character

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