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After 142 overs, CSK are 99/3: WICKET! Suresh Raina has to go Riley Meredith troubled him with short balls before Mohammed Shami hit one to give the goalkeeper the decisive advantage

After 14 overs are CSK 97/2: A delay in the proceedings when the referees checked two things: First, if it wasn’t a ball when Meredith bowled a second bouncer, then the third referee also checked if du Plessis made it had but there was no point It was a simple point ball at the end

After 123 overs, CSK are 90/2: WICKET! Moeen Ali leaves for 46 out of 31 A quality shot from left-hander Murugan Ashwin breaks the ground for Punjab, with Shahrukh Khan taking over the deep catch but Chennai in control Suresh Raina is the new batsman

After 13 overs are CSK 84/1: Two more fours for Chennai! One thanks to a posh drive from Faf and one thanks to Pooran’s throws. Ten runs from that Richardson past CSK takes 23 of 48

Moeen has shown good intentions in those innings, attacking 44% of the time, the highest of all CSK batsmen today. He rode his luck a bit, with a miss of 26%, the second highest in the match behind du Plessis # IPL2021

After 12 overs are CSK 74/1: Moeen Ali plays the ball wonderfully! Two fours for the left-hander in this Mohammed Shami past The first was pulled hard and hit the outfield player in the depths, the next was a roaring drive through cover and in the middle Moeen hits 39 of 27 CSK needs 33 of 54

After 10 overs are CSK 64/1: Another expensive over by Murugan Ashwin, 11 runs of which. The leg spinner dropped the first a little short and Faf du Plessis cut him hard for four

Pace bowlers are still getting help from this track, but Punjab’s score is so low that Moeen hits with devotion

After 9 overs are CSK 53/1: Meredith steams up to start his second over and Moeen smashes him on the climb for cover for four. But the Australian pacemaker with the right arm is coming back strong and giving away in the next five balls only two singles Chennai needs 54 out of 66

After 8 overs are CSK 47/1: Murugan Ashwin joins the attack and gets Moeen Ali’s outside edge, but the ball flies past Chris Gayle and slips for four of them ten runs by

After 7 overs are CSK 37/1: Arshdeep did well to collect only one of the first five balls, but Moeen pulled the last ball for four The pacemaker with the left arm bowling well

After 6 overs are CSK 32/1: Moeen Ali grinds a past cover for four before Riley Meredith throws a good three straight point balls.But Moeen wins again to end the game with a classic punch for four That’s that End of poweplay

After 5 overs are CSK 24/1: WICKET! Ruturaj Gaikwad drops for 5 out of 16 The right-hander just didn’t look good on the crease and pulled you straight to the field player in the depths Arshdeep Singh gets PBKS her first wicket Moeen Ali is the new batsman

After 4 overs are CSK 22/0: brilliant eyelashes from Faf du Plessis! Chennai gets a kick-on as the South African opener after Jhye Richardson is a four down the middle, then a goodbye for four, and finally an excellent shot for six

After 3 overs are CSK 8/0: Another close end for Punjab, Shami admits four singles in his second The Chennai openers are fighting to find the middle of the bat

After 2 overs are CSK 4/0: There is certainly life in this field for pacemaker Richardson makes you stand up sharply from the length and surprise Faf half a chance earlier in the game than Gaikwad’s mistaken shot the field players got out of the way

# IPL2021 #RR Ben Stokes, who has already been excluded from IPL, is to have an operation in Leeds https: // tco / duIWJQy7tT

After 1 over are CSK 2/0: A couple of LBW appeals in this first over from Shami The commentators assume that the first “just missing” in the understatement of the year. Go high. Second much closer. Good start from Shami, a touch of seam that DChahar mentioned

Target for CSK 107: We have seen (in both locations) recently teams struggling with chases in the chases, but surely 107 shouldn’t be a big deal for Chennai in Mumbai?

This is the fourth-lowest total for the first innings at Wankhede Stadium in IPL history # IPL2021

Excellent by #CSK It looks like after today’s #RCB

we may just have one undefeated team in #VIVOIPL

Shah Rukh Khan’s pyrotechnics apart, bad, bad punching performance from Punjab The late momentum for Chahar and Curran Shoukd has consistently played powerplay after Agarwal’s first dismissal

127 is the lowest total Chennai has ever failed to track in the IPL that was against RCB # IPL2021

in 2008

Deepak Chahar: “There was more seam than swing. We bowled in the right places. Last year was difficult for our players. The first game was a wake-up call for us and we carried out our plans with the ball today”

In the first half of that game in Wankhede everything was CSK Ravindra Jadeja was brilliant at the field, but the star of the show was Deepak Chahar with his sensational opening spell of 4/13

After 191 overs, PBKS are 101/8: WICKET! CSK gets the man they wanted and it’s Ravindra Jadeja with another good catch Shahrukh Khan goes back for 47 of 36 Right-handed man can be proud of his efforts Hit some powerful shots Sam Curran gets the wicket

After 19 overs are PBKS 100/7: Outstanding by Dwayne Bravo, just four runs away Shahrukh Khan decided to take a single from the second ball of the over and Bravo tossed three bullets to Mohammed Shami

After 18 overs are PBKS 96/7: after three expensive overs, Shardul Thakur does well in his final over, but Shahrukh Khan manages to get a head start for four to end his spell Thakur ends with numbers of 0 / 35

After 165 overs, PBKS are 87/7: WICKET! Dwayne Bravo strikes in his first over and Murugan Ashwin is the seventh Punjab batsman to go back

After 16 overs are PBKS 81/6: Shot! Thakur drops it briefly and Shahrukh pulls it powerfully for four The right handed is now set to 34 out of 26 and can play a memorable punch for Punjab if he does well

After 15 overs are PBKS 73/6: SIX! The second maximum of the Punjab innings and again it is Shahrukh Khan who sends it all the way. The right-hander makes his reputation a world of good with this blow. Nine runs come by that Moeen Ali

After 14 overs are PBKS 64/6: Ravindra Jadeja ends with numbers from 0/19 from his four overs. He has been excellent for Chennai so far

Proven fact Real swing in both directions with control can undo the best Super Variations Brilliant @ deepak_chahar9 #CSKvsPBKS @IPL # IPL2021 @ChennaiIPL picTwittercom / Dn2s8luZj7

After 121 overs, PBKS are 57/6: WICKET! And the sixth wicket partnership for Punjab is over. Moeen Ali strikes when Jhye Richardson tries a pull-shot and is bowled clean

After 12 overs are PBKS 57/5: Another very quick over by Jadeja The left arm crank continued to attack the stumps, but Richardson did well to hit one for four off the back foot

After 11 overs are PBKS 52/5: Moeen Ali joins the attack and only allows four runs in his first over. Some turn for the off-spinner

After 10 overs, PBKS are 48/5: Ravindra Jadeja makes his second over, conceding only three runs Punjab will feel like they’ll do incredibly well if they run a run in the second half of their inning get

Intelligent tactics from CSKRush through the overs before the night / dew effect sets in and the ball gets better on the bat #CSKvsPBKS

After 9 overs are PBKS 45/5: Four each for Jhye Richardson and Shahrukh Khan in this Shardul Thakur-Over Mind you, this pitch is not bad at all to hit

I wonder why Deepak Chahar fell out of favor for Team India in the T20s in the squad but not in the playing XI world record holder that not so long ago achieved #PBKSvsCSK # IPL2021

After 8 overs are PBKS 34/5: Punjab gets the first six innings when Shahrukh Khan pulls a short ball from Ravindra Jadeja into the stands. The men in red need a lot more of it

After 7 overs are PBKS 26/5: The end of an absolutely sensational spell by Deepak Chahar He ends with a maiden wicket and numbers of 4/13 The swing bowler with the right arm may have the match for his team won this dream spell

After 62 overs, PBKS are 26/5: WICKET! PBKS lost half of their team for 26 runs in 62 overs! Deepak Chahar has his fourth wicket when Deepak Hooda hits it straight in the middle. This was better than a dream start for CSK!

After 6 overs are PBKS 26/4: Thakur drops it briefly and Hooda hits it in the air for four. That is the end of the power play, so far everything has been Chennai

Smart Bowling by Deepak Chahar Surprise Bouncer is always a great option for swing bowlers as the batsman always remembers to play on the forefoot to negate the swing #CSKvPBKS

Sensational bowling by Deepak Chahar Swing, knuckle ball, bouncer full range to get 3 wickets! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 # CSKvPBKS

After 44 overs, PBKS are 19/4: WICKET! CSK and Deepak Chahar are on fire! Chahar gets his third wicket and second from the top when Nicholas Pooran wants a two-ball duck! The left-hander just hooked it on the fine leg PBKS are in big trouble!

After 42 overs, PBKS are 19/3: WICKET! Another piece of magic from Ravindra Jadeja! Chris Gayle steps back as Deepak Chahar gets his second ball spun for additional cover and Jaddu took a full-length dive to make the catch What an athlete!

After 4 overs are PBKS 18/2: Sam Curran with another quiet over Punjab now has Chris Gayle and Deepak Hooda on the fold Hooda was brilliant in the last game, his team needs him to deliver again

All the best with this throw from #Jadeja – attacked the ball, had speed in his legs, took the best path, put his body in a great position as a left-hander and a direct hit All in one movement Top stuff #csk #CSKvPBKS

Ravindra Jadeja has now performed 22 run-outs in the history of IPL – most from any player who has passed MS Dhoni (21) #PBKSvsCSK

Ravindra Jadeja, what a field player Not only the direct hit, but also how he gets to the ball, picks it up and lets go. An absolute art # IPL2021 #CSK

After 25 overs, PBKS are 15/2: WICKET! Ravindra Jadeja hits the porthole and KL Rahul is exhausted! A moment of brilliance on the field from one of the best cricketers in the world The batsmen tried to steal a single one but Jadeja was out of cover too quickly Rahul should have made the dive CSK is all over PBKS!

Most batsmen have been sacked by a bowler for ducks since IPL 2017 (since Chahar’s debut) 14 – Deepak Chahar10 – Umesh Yadav9 – Trent Boult8 – Jasprit Bumrah # IPL2021 #CSK #CSKvPBKS

After 2 overs are PBKS 7/1: First border for Punjab! Sam Curran drifts on to the pads and KL Rahul cuts them off for four The new ball swings well for the Chennai Pacer

Since the beginning of 2016, Deepak Chahar has taken 60 wickets in the first six overs of the innings. No seaman in T20 cricket has taken more wickets in this phase than he # IPL2021

After 1 is over, PBKS 2/1: Dropped! Chris Gayle had wonderful timing and the ball went lightning fast to Ruturaj Gaikwad but he couldn’t hold onto the catch That should have been taken A great premiere from Deepak Chahar!

After 04 overs, PBKS are 1/1: WICKET! Mayank Agarwal is neat bowling for a two-ball duck! An absolute peach of a shipment from Deepak Chahar. It completely erect right-handed

7:30 am: We are ready to play at Wankhede! KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal open the eyelashes for PBKS Deepak Chahar has the new ball for CSK in hand Let’s go!

Chennai Super Kings have a 60% IPL win share versus Punjab Kings Mumbai Indians (40%) are the only current IPL team they have a lower win share against # IPL2021

MS Dhoni is playing his 200th birthday T20 match for CSK Kohli has played 209 T20 games for RCB # CSKvPBKS

Toss Update: @ ChennaiIPL captain @msdhoni wins the litter and decides to roll against @PunjabKingsIPL first https: // tco / P8VzT4XXbb #PBKSvCSK #VIVOIPL picTwittercom / xUzvTEkpRV

Punjab Kings: KL Rahul (w / c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Deepak Hooda, Nicholas Pooran, Shahrukh Khan, Jhye Richardson, Murugan Ashwin, Riley Meredith, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh

Chennai super kings: Ruturaj Gaikwad, Faf du Plessis, Suresh Raina, Moeen Ali, Ambati Rayudu, MS Dhoni (w / c), Ravindra Jadeja, Sam Curran, Dwayne Bravo, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Chahar

In his last game the #VIVOIPL: 6⃣4⃣ out of 2⃣8⃣In his last game against #CSK: 6⃣2⃣ * out of 3⃣0⃣Will Deepak Hooda come back to the party tonight? 🤔🤔 # PBKSvCSK @Vivo_India @PunjabKingsIPL picTwittercom / 7fJeA53uUJ

Hello &, good evening from the Wankhede Stadium for Match 8 the #VIVOIPL 😎😎 @ klrahul11s @PunjabKingsIPL will compete against the @ msdhoni-led @ChennaiIPL 👌👌 #PBKSvCSK @Vivo_India Which team will be ahead this evening ❓ BildTwittercom / x70KlB6Mj3

645 a.m.: Hello and welcome to the live coverage of game no 8 of the Indian Premier League 2021 Tonight the Punjab Kings from KL Rahul will play against the Chennai Super Kings from Mahendra Singh Dhoni at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai

PBKS against CSK

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