Costume designer Michael Wilkinson is the mastermind behind the looks in “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey,” a historic musical that is now on Netflix, according to Wilkinson, the idea was to create something that viewers hadn’t seen before had while paying homage to beloved tracks like “Mary Poppins”

Directed by David Talbert, the film tells a magical tale with a diverse cast including Forest Whitaker and Phylicia Rashad Wilkinson Century with African Culture ”by looking at historical photographs and fusing them with bold, colorfully patterned textiles from West Africa

“David was dying to do something that the audience hadn’t seen before So that was kind of my MO from the beginning

Spoiler alert! It ended up being the older trip, so we had to have a very subliminal connection to the look of the younger trip, but we didn’t want to give too much away.I knew I had to create something very special while designing it

I was working on a custom embroidery for her robe that featured a spiral motif and sparkle that turned on the fire light in this beautiful and magical way.We wanted a majestic look and this strong woman idea I sketched the embroidery and worked with Katherine Anderson , this wonderful embroidery

You and I worked together and when we got down to the design, it took Katherine and her team of 200 stickers three weeks to make the whole dress and full skirt ”

“I fell in love with Journey, played by Madalen Mills, as soon as I read her character on the page I wanted to honor legendary pioneering female characters like Mary Poppins I wanted her to be recognizable from anywhere in the room. The colors would have to be strong She has this lovely combination of purples, reds and yellows

I got the idea that their jackets would be hand embroidered since the work room is littered with all of her inventions, I thought she’d take those wheels and gears and sew them all onto her jacket, so I checked out what pioneers in The 1890s wore a time when women started going to work, hopped on bikes and rode cars, what I wanted to do was get this through Journey so she has these culottes that allow her to get in and out to move through the world

One item I gave her was a red vest that gave her that nervous feeling.I created a bow tie with a jagged silhouette.With every choice, whether it be petticoats or stockings, the idea was to have this weird quirk

With colors, red was important, but I liked the unusual combinations of red with purple and red with yellow.As I did my research, you could see that the colors of the period had fancy color combinations of yellow and purple and green and red and combinations who would be considered too crazy by today’s standards ”

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