Amid the skyrocketing COVID-19 cases in Alberta, the province has announced new public health measures to prevent the continued spread

In addition, Premier Jason Kenney announced a new state of emergency for Alberta

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr Deena Hinshaw has said in the past few days that the spike has surpassed her ability to contact lane in cases in which the number of patients in intensive care units has also increased, 62 in the intensive care unit and 328 in the hospital, the province reported Monday 1549 cases

On Tuesday it was 1115 cases, DR Hinshaw said this was due to fewer tests, the positivity rate rose to eight percent

“This is like a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger and faster, and moving on if we don’t take strong action to stop it We have to take action, ”said Dr Hinshaw said during the briefing on Monday

“If we wait longer, it will affect our ability to care for the Albertans for the coming weeks and months”

Alberta had on Monday at 13166 the highest number of active COVID-19 cases Ontario was next at 12917

Premier Kenney said they had an eight hour meeting to discuss the new proposals and wanted to address broader health and livelihood concerns

“This pandemic is a unique public health challenge and has hit each of us in a variety of ways,” said Premier Kenney

There are many nuances in the new rules. Here is Alberta’s Minister of Health Tyler Shandro with further details (9 minutes)

Earlier, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi had said that Calgary would play little role in enforcement after the provincial state of emergency expired in the summer

According to Tom Sampson, chief of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, they petitioned the province to reinstate enforcement orders

During a lunch break during deliberations on the city’s budget, Mayor Nenshi told reporters that he expected new provincial public health ordinances to regulate the cities’ enforcement powers

The Calgary City Council will receive a private briefing from Chief Sampson Tuesday, following the province’s announcement

In a media release Tuesday evening, the City of Calgary said it supported the new measures

“The City of Calgary supports all efforts to reduce COVID-19 transmissions to save lives and protect the health system,” the press release reads

“We are currently working on the new provincial public health guidelines to understand the implications for our own operations and facilities. Additional information on specific programs and services will be updated in Calgaryca / covid19

“The city will work closely with the province to find out how we can provide support at the local level, including public health enforcement”

Prime Minister Jason Kenney was asked if these further public health measures caused the originally intended measures to fail Alberta had the least stringent measures to combat the so-called second wave of rising COVID-19 cases

Premier Kenney said they led the way in their response to the pandemic from the start and they were best prepared with personal protective equipment and robust contact tracing

“We have always said that we would address this as the situation unfolds,” said the Prime Minister on Tuesday

“You ask why we are taking even stricter measures? The answer is we’re trying to bend the curve down Alberta is not embroiled in a zero chase as we believe the broader health consequences of our society would be intolerable to try with a widespread zero shutdown to come ”

Rachel Notley, Alberta’s official opposition leader, said the province had waited 12 days with the hidden prime minister for these “halves”

“Today’s announcement is just not enough. It is the product of political negotiation within the UCP, and not the product of serious preoccupation with public health advice,” Notley


Regarding schools in particular, Notley said no thought was given to the support that might be needed for people with complex needs

“In July, our caucus proposed a 15-point plan to ensure Alberta has safe schools and smaller class sizes in September,” Notley


“The UCP refused to implement them, claiming the schools were safe and not the source of spread in the community. So far, we have seen more than 500 schools with COVID-19 cases. As we speak, there are thousands of students , Teachers and staff isolated ”

Premier Kenney said many of these measures would be in place by mid-December, should they fail to help curve the downward curve in COVID-19 cases, Albertans should continue tightening public policy Health reckon

Hope mask wear is enforced At the supserstore I saw five customers without a mask and management did nothing. At London Drugs in Calgary there were 7 customers who were not wearing a mask Police should be circulating to anyone who violate the Mask Act to grant fines

Have you ever thought about your health? Yes, it is mandatory, but if the person has a health problem, then there is nothing they can do.This again comes from people’s judgment They don’t know that their background doesn’t judge a book by its cover

That’s an excuse, not a medical reason to wear a mask Wear a fck mask that won’t kill you to protect the vulnerable It’s not about you!

You may be exempt from wearing a mask, but the company has the right to serve you as a result

If you have a damn health problem, don’t be out and about when there’s a deadly virus that can kill you even more

There is no way for the police to monitor every grocery store or other facility They are as thin as they are This is entirely up to the business owners We need to raise awareness that companies don’t enforce mask rules and hit them where it hurts the most Your wallets Thank you for the advice to avoid London Drugs

Management didn’t do anything because it can’t do anything! You cannot enforce this law, only reminding customers to wear a mask educate yourself before judging an important employee who is doing his best to serve you to the best of his ability during these troubled times

Some people are unable to wear masks due to mental and medical issues so it’s ridiculous to assume that they are out of compliance and okay

Businesses Must Have the Right to Refuse Service It is impossible for police to enforce Refuse Service If You Don’t Wear a Mask Calgary City Transit must also do a better job of enforcing it and large fines too impose

You need to understand that not everyone can wear a mask, especially if they have health problems or breathing problems

Mask law? Go back to china !! Who seriously goes out counting how many people don’t wear a mask? Do not you have something better to do? Masks don’t work !! They don’t do anything !!! If anything, touch your face more and risk infection. Turn off CNN and watch some real news and see what actually happens all over the world !!!

Wearing a mask is not about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting others. Be respectful of other needs

It would actually be nice to go to China, unless they don’t let anyone in according to their COVID rules, which is why they reacted so well to COVID In contrast to places like Japan or Hong Kong (which had very good initial measures, but reopened too early) China has retained its national (not local) mobility policies and is working You may also be working with outdated information At the beginning of the pandemic, masks were believed to not work until new research came out that when combined with other measures they were an effective way to contain the spread, neither am I sure why you raised China, as many Places around the world have mask laws Not a Chinese citizen or anything, just a Canadian to tell you I found your comment pretty strange

Just keep your head up, you are selfish and gross. Remember you look at yourself in the mirror every day

It has nothing to do with news and everything to do with lazy and conceited garbage in our society

I invite you to read my post / comments below. It may shed light on your comments / concerns

Even women over 75 years old who require an oxygen concentrator always wear the mask with a portable oxygen machine when going out Must wear the mask Protect yourself, protect others PLEASE WEAR THE MASK

The police don’t have to punish everyone in a day Start at 10 today and do the same thing tomorrow and every day thereafter. Word will get around and before you know it the problem is solved Think of it as a voluntary tax on stupid people

Masks don’t work Keep watching the mainstream media believing that it is in your best interest at all. Go get the vaccine

The Honorable Prime Minister has falsely exaggerated his claim to the advanced health system in Alberta compared to other industrialized countries.Official data shows that Alberta has less than 50% of doctors per capita (citizen) than, for example, Germany with the same expenditure per capita Countries cost about 7$ 200 / head for health care
This clearly shows how inefficient the Albertanian health system is. Too much administrative balloon Too many nurses push paper! Our doctors should be able to concentrate on medical treatments and be patient and not fill out 5-fold forms
Optimize the service and reduce the bureaucracy
For example, it is unacceptable that the patient has to wait 8 months for an MRI

By the way, the intensive care units on Albertas are far from being fully utilized. The current number of occupied beds for critical Covid patients is less than 10%

Where do our so-called free and independent journalists properly report on the number of intensive care units? Beds are available Please make an effort here and be proud of your job
Visit the intensive care units in the province and post some real-world facts and figures on covid occupancy

Incidentally, Alberta still only has about 28 cases / 100000 inhabitants Don’t panic
Germany’s threshold is 50 !!

I came across this page by mistake and decided to provide an opinion and advice to those who do not read the medical literature and just watch the news / media

I would highly recommend that you take some time reading medical literature so that you can make informed decisions

There are extensive randomized controlled trials (RCTs), as well as meta-analyzes of RCT studies, showing that masks and respirators do not affect the spread of influenza-like respiratory diseases or respiratory diseases transmitted by droplets and respiratory diseases, aerosol particles are not just you ineffective, but also put people who wear a mask at a higher risk of infection

I’ve only listed a few studies below for reference, but you have research of your own

MacIntyre et al 2015, “A cluster randomized study of cloth masks versus medical masks in healthcare” British Journal of Medicine

Lang, Y et al 2020, “Effectiveness of N95 Respirators versus Surgical Masks Against Influenza: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”

Da Zhou C et al 2015 “Unmasking the Surgeon: The Evidence Base for Use of Face Masks in Surgery” Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

Radonovich, LJ et al 2019, “N95 Medical Mask Respirators for Preventing Influenza in Healthcare: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” The Journal of the American Medical Association

Bundgaard H et al 2020 Effectiveness of adding a mask recommendation to other public health measures to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection in Danish mask wearers

There is no RCT study showing that wearing masks in public is beneficial The few studies that have shown the effectiveness of masks have been either observational studies or animal models (e.g. a hamster in a cage), that have nothing to do with an RCT

In addition, a June 2020 document from the World Health Organizations states: “There is no direct evidence (from studies on COVID19 and in healthy people in the community) of the effectiveness of universal masking of healthy people in the community to prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19 “

“Men, it was well said, think in flocks; It will be seen that they will go mad in flocks while slowly regaining their senses one by one ”- Charles MacKay,

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