RepLauren Boebert (R-Colo) faced backlash this week for posting an ad attacking Democrats and House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) who with a Shot sound ended

On the spot, QAnon-pro-first-term lawmakers urged Pelosi to “tear down” the security fence that was erected around the U Capitol after Jan 6 Uprising as a violent crowd of supporters of then-President Donald Trump overran the Capitol

???? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????? Boebert explains bombastically

The video ended with the sound of a shot, followed by the sound of the gun being reloaded and fired again

In the face of the uproar, critics wanted to know why pro gun activist Boebert decided to end the video in this provocative way:

In today’s episode of Batshit Crazy in DC, one of the representatives ends with blood on their hands from Jan. January 2020 her propaganda video with a shotgun and a reload Let’s talk about the fire # LaurenBoebert4Prison #BoebertIsATraitor https: // tco / 6MhvzA4NNm

And you end up needing the shot and cocking of your gun? What exactly are you implying?

The gunfight at the end of this video is clearly a threat to WW2 in accordance with the presidency, we still take such threats seriously @TwitterSafety @FBI?

Why are there gunshots at the end of this video? What exactly are you trying to convey? The deadly riot was only 2 months ago. Why would you want to remove the perimeter of the Capitol so quickly? Why do you want to make members of Congress vulnerable, Klannie Oakley? ð ?? ¤ ??

Congressman, why is there a shot at the end of your video? Was that a threat to Speaker Pelosi? https: // tco / rbD6vpA4Gf

Lauren Boebert

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