The future of Google Stadia will not include first-party development as the company closes its game studios in Montreal and Los Angeles

Google has had high hopes for its streaming Stadia platform since its release in 2019, however, if it is to have a future it will have to be done through third-party publishers and developers, which is because Google is apparently abandoning first-party game development On Monday, Google announced that it would close its in-house studios, meaning there is no space for former Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond, who has left the company

The news comes from a Kotaku report that said game studios in Montreal and Los Angeles are going to close, affecting nearly 150 game developers, though the report adds that Google is looking to add new roles for them within the company find

Google’s big plans for Stadia included a $ 10-a-month streaming platform that could stream high-end games like Cyberpunk 2077, but there were also plans for Google to release its own games, a plan which now appears to be out the window With that being the case, Google confirmed that Jade Raymond, originally brought on board as head of the Stadia Games and Entertainment Studio, had left the company

Stadia can still hang its hat on its third-party releases, especially as it was one of the few platforms that Cyberpunk 2077 ran with little or no problems with Stadia on iOS platforms (Editor’s note : It’s now on iOS!) And Chromecast with Google TV in the near future, the best days could be ahead of us

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So you hired 150 game developers and opened two studios and did what exactly with them?

At least Amazon has worked its developers hard to create a racist video game, and Google hasn’t even done that much

Amazon should only buy the Star Citizen developers, displace Roberts and turn them into the Expanse MMO

When I read things like that, I almost have admiration for 3dr and Ion Storm, where never-ending projects went on, although obviously I don’t have unlimited resources to which corps like Amazon or Google have access

From the Kotaku report (https: // kotakucom / google-stadia-switches-internal-studios-den-changing-bus-1846146761) place to make games imagine Amazon but with insufficient resources’ “Sorry lol

Jade Raymond, Stadia

World News – CA – Google will close internal Stadia studios if Jade Raymond leaves the company