Dan Campbell brought a new intensity to the podium on his first day as the Detroit Lions head coach

“I can tell you, ‘Hey, we’re going to win so many games,” said Campbell. “None of this matters and you don’t want to hear it anyway. You’ve had enough of it (expletive) Sorry my language”

In stark contrast to stoic predecessors of the youngest class like Matt Patricia and Jim Caldwell, Campbell practically spat fire on the microphone on Thursday when he was introduced as Lions head coach

Campbell was the first time head coach, playing 10 NFL seasons, including three with the Lions He’s been an assistant coach in the NFL for 11 years. Campbell, 44, sometimes sounded like he was ready to buckle up his chin strap on Thursdays

For moments during the session, it was difficult to tell if Campbell was conducting a professional wrestling spot or talking about football

That was Campbell’s demeanor and the description of how he expected his team to play in 2021

“We’re going to kick your teeth and if you hit us back we’ll smile at you,” said Campbell. “And if you knock us down we’ll get up And on the way up we’re going to bite off our kneecaps And we will get up and it will take two more shots to knock us down. And on the way up we will take your other kneecap and it will take three shots to bring us down

“And on the way down we will take a bit away from you. Soon we will be the last to stand. That will be the mentality”

Campbell signed a six-year contract with the Saints, where he served Sean Payton as deputy head coach. He will also bring along former NFL cornerback Aaron Glenn, who served on the New Orleans coaching staff and becomes Detroit’s defensive coordinator

Campbell’s not your typical coach, as evidenced by Thursday’s microphone time and his Allen Park, Michigan office nameplate, Dan Campbell head coach / The Guy

Although it has a lighter side, he wants visitors – to clarify, opposing teams – to know that they are no longer the same old Lions

“If you get in here, you will be beaten up,” Campbell said, “I’m talking about the team Not the city tourists are welcome”

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Dan Campbell

World News – CA – “GONNA KICK YOU IN THE TEETH”: The new Lions trainer Dan Campbell promises Gore

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