Google services suffered a widespread outage on Monday that lasted over an hour as users around the world complained that they couldn’t access their email, According to DownDetector, the problem seems to be Gmail, YouTube To have affected Google Drive, Google Hangouts and Google Meet

The outage began around 6:25 a.m. ET (3:25 am PT) and lasted over an hour.The Google Workspace Status Dashboard showed that all services were down without exception, but Google Search still seemed to work, as did Chrome At around 7:40 a.m. ET (4:40 am PT) services appeared to be back online

The outage will undoubtedly get the week off to a terrible start, not just for Google but for all employees, students, and businesses around the world who rely on Google Services

Google didn’t immediately fix the issue on social media or respond to the request for comment on the outage, the BBC reported that a Google spokesman said it couldn’t access its email

The hashtag #GoogleDown was a trend on Twitter People complained about not getting their job done, getting things done, and meeting important deadlines.Other users have thought about our collective reliance on Google and wondered if maybe it is actually bad

The cause of the failure is still unclear, but Google will likely be interested in investigating the problem to prevent it from happening again in the future

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