Moderator and musician Daniel Avidan is accused of grooming and manipulating fans after new documents were posted on the rantGrumps subreddit today

This is just the latest of several allegations made against Avidan in recent years, accusing the host of sexting younger fans, sleeping with them, and then ghosting them

The post was sent to r / rantGrumps, a subreddit focused on criticizing YouTube gaming comedy group The Game Grumps, by a user who has collected evidence shared with them by an alleged victim It contained a video by Avidan showing a hot tub in a hotel room he was in in 2017, followed by images of several screenshots of the text exchange between Avidan and the victim.Avidan’s messages are sexual in nature and include a request to the victim to make explicit videos to create

tw care, pedophilia // So Dan was just kicked out of Game Grumps for being a scary !! That in addition to her terrible sense of humor on this channel is terrible I already didn’t like Arin and now this picTwittercom / SJxceKZyyh

The victim said she contacted Avidan when he was 17 years old in September 2013, when he was 17 and he was 34 years old

The user who authored the Reddit post said the conversations the victim with Avidan had with them turned into sex when they were of legal age and eventually led to them seeing him behind the scenes met at a Game Grumps live show where sexual activity occurred after that meeting, the victim says Avidan stopped contacting her

Previously, around November 2019, there was a controversy within the community called NotSoGrumpGate, in which Avidan’s former personal assistant and friend Kati Schwartz performed a play in New York entitled “Bad People”, a recontextualization of her experience with the #MeToo Movement

In this piece, fans saw similarities between one of the characters and Avidan, which led them to create multiple threads documenting allegations against the host

In each of these cases, the documentation alleged that Avidan used a similar method: “He would reach out to women, have a relationship with them, to make them appear to be dating or a serious relationship have to arrange to meet them for a weekend, then would give up further contact with them after the first sexual encounter or a single weekend ”

Based on the dozen of posts and previous allegations on the subject, users have found that Avidan was actively doing this from late 2013 to 2017

His actions weren’t just restricted to younger fans, however, with one person claiming she was rigged by Avidan in November 2019 when she was 30 years old

“He told me he wanted to build an empire with me and he loved me,” said the victim. “He booked fancy hotels in LEIN for us to have sex. When I then asked if we could be monogamous, I heard never from him again. Next thing I know, he did the exact same thing to my friend ”

Avidan has co-hosted Game Grumps since June 2013, along with the station’s co-creator Arin Hanson.He is also part of several bands including his flagship group Ninja Sex Party, Starbomb and many others

Dan Avidan

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