Just hours before leaving office, President Donald Trump pardoned 74 people and converted the sentences of 70 others

A list of 143 people released early Wednesday morning included former chief strategist and longtime ally Steve Bannon as well as former top fundraiser Elliott Broidy Dann, less than an hour before President-elect Joe Biden was sworn in, Trump granted one last apology: Albert J Pirro, Jr, the ex-husband of Fox News host and longtime ally Jeanine Pirro

Alex Adjmi: Adjmi was granted a full apology The White House said Adjmi was convicted of a financial crime in 1996 and spent 5 years in prison

Fred Keith Alford: Alford Received a Full Apology The White House said he was convicted of a gun crime in 1977 and served unsupervised parole for a year

Michael Ashley: Ashley was convicted of bank fraud for the collapse of mortgage lender Lend America in 2009 and sentenced to three years in prison in 2019.He was executive vice president and chief business strategist of the company Ashley was sentenced to $ 49 million in refund and 800000 dollars in forfeiture to be paid His verdict has been commuted

Stephen K Bannon: Trump’s former chief strategist in the White House was responsible for the final months of his 2016 presidential campaign and was indicted along with three others in August on wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy prosecutors said Bannon’s crowdfunding campaign “We Build the Wall” was more than Raised $ 25 million from Trump supporters and used hundreds of thousands for personal expenses. He was taken into custody by U S. Postal inspection agents aboard the yacht of Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui Bannon received a full apology and will no longer have to face a trial

Lynn Barney: Trump granted a full pardon to Lynn Barney, who was sentenced to 35 months in prison for owning a firearm as a previously convicted felon after previously convicted of distributing a small amount of marijuana to House

David Barren: Trump converted the verdict of David Barren, who was sentenced to 20 years in addition to life imprisonment for drug conspiracy, in 2017, President Barack Obama converted his life to 30 years in prison, the White House said Barren was the father of six children and kept an exemplary prison record. A petition calling for more mercy for Barren’s release has nearly 20000 signatures collected

Dr Faustino Bernadett: Bernadett, a retired anesthesiologist, was sentenced to 15 months in prison last year for participating in a long-standing health care fraud program in which he approved bogus contracts that made illegal back payments to doctors of over US $ 30 million -Dollars were hidden in the US Law firm’s overall system resulted in more than $ 900 million in fraudulent bills The White House said Bernadett spent the past year “protecting his community from Covid-19, he received a full apology.” >

Carl Andrews Boggs: Trump Issued a Full Apology to Carl Andrews Boggs In 2014, Boggs pleaded guilty to indictment of a criminal investigation into the illegal use of a disadvantaged company to obtain government funded construction contracts, according to the US. In the law firm, he pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to defraud the Department of Transportation and a conspiracy to launder money

Kristina Bohnenkamp: Trump changed Kristina Bohnenkamp’s verdict. According to the White House, she has served more than 10 years of a 24-year prison sentence for a non-violent drug offense

Todd Boulanger: Trump has given a full apology to Todd Boulanger, a former deputy to shamed lobbyist Jack Abramoff. In 2009 he pleaded guilty to conspiring with others to commit honest service fraud, according to the Justice Department Boulanger, Abramoff and other lobbyists who worked with them attempted to advance the interests of the groups and companies they represented by lobbying representatives of the federal legislature and executive

Jonathon Braun: Braun imported more than 2200 pounds of marijuana, valued at approximately $ 1.76 billion, from 2008 to 2010, according to Customs and Border Protection documents.He pleaded guilty in 2011 and served five years of a ten-year prison sentence for conspiracy to import marijuana and commit money laundering Trump changed his judgment at

Elliott Broidy: Broidy, former Republican National Committee CFO and one of Trump’s top fundraisers, was pardoned Broidy pleaded guilty in October of plotting to violate foreign lobbying laws, prosecutors said the program is aimed at getting the Trump administration conducts an investigation into the multi-billion dollar plunder of a Malaysian state mutual fund

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr: Carter, a rapper who appears as Lil Wayne, was also pardoned.He pleaded guilty in December after carrying a pistol from California to Florida on his private jet on previous criminal convictions. He is federally prohibited from possessing firearms The prosecution carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years Carter has frequently voiced support for Trump and recently met with the president on criminal justice matters

Randall “Duke” Cunningham: Another ex-member of Congress the California Republican was sentenced to 8 years in prison for bribery and released in 2013. He received a conditional pardon

Paul Erickson: Erickson, a Conservative agent with ties to the NRA, was investigated during the investigation into Russian electoral bias. He pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering in an unrelated case
Rodney Nakia Gibson: Gibson was convicted of drug trafficking in 2009 and was imprisoned for more than 11 years according to the White House.His conversion was supported by acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the pardon attorney’s office, the details of his conviction could not be independently verified / p>

George Gilmore: This former GOP local chairman was convicted in April 2019 of failing to pay wage taxes and misrepresenting a bank loan application.In an appeal, Gilmore alleged that he was wasting on personal expenses rather than timely payments due to a “hoarding disorder” to render his pardon to the IRS was supported by the former New Jersey government Chris Christie among others

Deborah, Gregory, and Martin Jorgensen: In the 1980s, the Jorgensens marketed and sold processed beef as healthy-heart, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free when demand exceeded supply for beef, they mixed in commercial beef products that were usually made from hamburgers without Communicating this to their customers.They were convicted in 1996 on a number of grounds including conspiracy and fraudulent sale of fake branded meat.Martin Jorgensen died in 2019 and was married to Deborah Jorgensen, and Gregory Jorgensen is their son

Bill K Kapri: Kodak Black, whose legal name is Bill Kapri, was sentenced to 46 months in prison in 2019 on federal gun charges after admitting falsified information on federal forms to buy four firearms.The rapper received three guns: a 9 mm pistol, a 380 caliber pistol, and a semi-automatic mini Draco weapon. He received an apology

Kwame Kilpatrick: Former Detroit Mayor Has Been Pardoned, pleading guilty to obstruction of justice, and resigned on a plea in 2008 after Kilpatrick and his father received setbacks and bribes to run the city’s business to certain contractors To direct He initially served 99 days in prison, but then served an additional year for violating his parole and was released in 2011
Kenneth Kurson: Trump granted mercy to Kurson, former editor of the New York Observer and friend of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who was charged with cyberstalking during a heated divorce last October

Anthony Levandowski: Levandowski, a former Google engineer convicted of stealing a trade secret for self-driving cars before briefly joining the rival unit of Uber Technologies Inc headed, was also pardoned

Salomon Melgen: Trump commuted Melgen, an ophthalmologist and major Democratic donor convicted of fraud against Medicare patients, on trial with New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who hired Trump for Melgen’s case

Desiree Perez: Perez was arrested in 1994 for drug possession and in 1998 for grand theft and possession of a firearm. In 2019, she was named CEO of Roc Nation, the entertainment company founded by rapper mogul Jay-Z

Albert J. Pirro, Jr: In less than an hour before Biden is sworn in, Trump has given Albert J a full apology to Pirro, Jr Pirro, JrFox News host and Trump ally Jeanine Pirro’s ex-husband was convicted of conspiracy and tax evasion in 2000

Rick Renzi: Former US. Rep. Rick Renzi, R-Ariz was given a full apology in 2013. He was sentenced to three years in prison for extortion, bribery, insurance fraud, money laundering, and extortion in a public corruption case. He had served three terms in the House

Aviem Sella: As an Israeli citizen, Sella was charged in March 1987 for recruiting convicted American spy Jonathan Jay Pollard to collect US Military Secrets for Israel Trump granted him a full apology and his request was supported by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Ambassador to the U. S. and the US. Ambassador to Israel

Brian Simmons: Trump commuted Brian Simmons for serving 5 years of a 15-year prison sentence for nonviolent conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana

Syrita Steib-Martin: Syrita Steib of New Orleans received a full pardon after she was convicted at the age of 19 for using fire to commit a crime. Steib is now the executive director and co-founder of Operation Restoration, which campaigns for advocates the creation of educational and job opportunities for women who have previously been imprisoned

Patrick Lee Swisher: Patrick Swisher, of Charlotte, North Carolina, received a full pardon after being convicted of tax fraud and misrepresentation in 2002 and serving 18 months in jail. Previously, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged his company with accounting fraud in 2001 Swisher now works as the CEO of a company where he has more than 1000 employees

David Tamman: Trump has given a full apology to David Tamman, who was a partner in a law firm, when he was handling financial documents at the behest of a client running a Ponzi program, according to the Justice Department, the victims were ultimately $ 22 million -Dollars Taken Away Tamman has been convicted of 10 counts including obstruction of justice, altering records in a federal investigation, and participating in the fight against fraud. He was convicted in 2013 and finished his seven-year prison term in 2019

Casey Urlacher: Urlacher was pardoned after he was named in a 2020 grand jury indictment and accused of being involved in running an illegal offshore gambling business. Urlacher faced two counts in the case, each of which Has had a possible five-year prison term. He is currently Mayor of Mettawa, Illinois, and the brother of former linebacker Brian Urlacher of Chicago Bears

Monstsho Eugene Vernon: Vernon Sentenced to Imprisonment After 19 Years’ Imprisonment Vernon committed numerous armed bank robberies in Greenville, South Carolina The White House said some of these crimes involved Vernon using BB guns as opposed to real firearms

Blanca Virgen: Blanca Virgen has been convicted of drug charges and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Virgen was part of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers’ penitentiary project that identified her as an “exemplary prisoner” and highlighted her desire to return to Mexico, to look after their children

Jerry Donnell Walden: Walden was convicted of conspiracy to distribute and possess five kilograms or more of cocaine and sentenced to 40 years in prison in 1998. President Trump has commuted Walden’s sentence to 23 years after his incarceration

John Harold Wall: Wall was granted a full pardon after being convicted of aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine in 1992, according to the White House, he completed a 60-month prison sentence with a supervised release of 4 Years

William Walters: William Walters, a retired professional gamer from Las Vegas, was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017 for conspiracy to engage in insider trading from at least 2008 to 2014. Walters, who was 70 at the time of his conviction, was also fined $ 10 million convicted Trump’s conversion of the verdict was backed by former Majority Leader Harry Reid and Golfer Phil Mickelson, among others.The New York Times reported that this pardon was brokered by John Dowd, Trump’s former personal attorney, who was hired by Walters to to exert his influence on Trump

Eliyahu Weinstein: Weinstein, of Lakewood, New Jersey, was pardoned while serving his eighth year of a 24-year prison sentence for real estate investment fraud and money laundering charges. His commutation was assisted by the former US Attorney Brett Tolman, former agents Bob Barr and Alan Dershowitz among others

Shalom Weiss: Weiss was sentenced to 835 years’ imprisonment for 18 years for his role in setting up an insurance fraud system – arguably the longest prison term for white-collar workers. He was helped by Alan Dershowitz and Jay Sekulow who sent letters to Trump

Tom Leroy Whitehurst: The White House has said that Whitehurst has served a life sentence for leading a conspiracy to produce at least 167 kilograms of methamphetamine and numerous firearms in the course of the conspiracy, his sentence has been changed to 30 years , of which he has served 24

Caroline Yeats: The White House Said Yeats’ 20 Year Sentence Has Been Commuted She has served nearly 7 years of it and is a first-time nonviolent drug abuser

Chris Young: Young was pardoned for his nonviolent drug offenses in a conspiracy case and served over 10 years in prison. He was initially sentenced to life imprisonment. Kim Kardashian West had campaigned for his release

Robert “Bob” Zangrillo: Robert Zangrillo Pardoned for His Role in the 2019 College Admissions Scandal Zangrillo, the CEO of a private investment firm in Miami, FL, has been accused of bribing employees of the University of Southern California’s athletics department for the Secure His Daughter’s College Place He has been charged with conspiracy on email fraud and honest service email fraud

Abel Holtz – President Trump has given Abel Holtz a full apology.This pardon is supported by Representative Mario Diaz-Balart and friends and business colleagues in his community.Mr Holtz is currently 86 years old. In 1995 he pleaded guilty to a grand jury investigation and was sentenced to 45 days in prison. Prior to his conviction, Mr. Holtz, who was the chairman of a local bank, has never had legal problems and has not had any other legal problems since his conviction.Mr Holtz has plenty of time and resources given to charity in South Florida Including substantial donations to the City of Miami Beach

Jaime A Davidson – President Trump converted Jaime A’s verdict to Davidson This conversion is supported by Mr. Davidson’s family and friends, Alice Johnson and numerous others.In 1993, Mr. Davidson was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of an undercover officer, in particular witnesses who Testified against Mr. Davidson later revoked her testimony in affidavits and further confirmed that Mr. Davidson was not involved.Although Mr. Davidson has been incarcerated for nearly 29 years, the legal shooter has already been released from prison after converting his sentence, Mr. Davidson has become his Continuing Legal Efforts to Clear His Name While he was incarcerated, Mr. Davidson was mentored and briefed on 1000 prisoners to help them obtain their GED certificates Mr. Davidson has been commended by prison officials for his commitment to helping others

James E Johnson, Jr – President Trump has given a full apology to James E Johnson, Jr In 2008, Mr Johnson pleaded guilty to charges related to migratory birds.Mr Johnson received a one-year suspended sentence, was disqualified from the hunt during that time and was fined 7$ 500 imposed Throughout his life, Mr. Johnson has made numerous contributions to wildlife conservation

Tommaso Buti – President Trump has given Tommaso Buti a full apology.Mr.Buti is an Italian citizen and a well-respected businessman.He is the Chief Operating Officer of a large Italian company and has launched a successful charitable initiative to raise funds for UNICEF more than 10 years ago 20 years ago, Mr. Buti has been charged with financial fraud in a restaurant chain but has not been convicted in the United States

Jawad A Musa – President Trump converted Jawad A’s verdict to Musa In 1991, Mr Musa was sentenced to life imprisonment for a drug-related nonviolent crime, Mr Musa’s judge and the prosecutor in the case both have sought pardon on his behalf currently 56 years old While in prison, Mr. Musa has strengthened his faith and attended dozens of educational courses. Mr. Musa is blessed with a strong support network in Baltimore, Maryland and has numerous vacancies

Adriana Shayota – President Trump changed Adriana Shayota’s verdict Ms. Shayota has served more than half of her 24-month sentence. Chula Vista, Calif., Deputy Mayor John McCann supports this conversion among fellow community leaders Ms. Shayota is one Mother and a deeply religious woman who had no prior convictions.She was convicted of conspiracy to trade counterfeit goods, commits a copyright infringement, and trades false branded foods internationally. During her time in prison, Ms. Shayota was caring for those that were her Wanted to improve lives, and showed an exceptional commitment to rehabilitation

Glen Moss – President Trump has given Glen Moss a full apology After pleading guilty in 1998, declaring Mr Moss was a key member of his ward Mr Moss is committed to numerous philanthropic endeavors nationally, including the St Jude’s Hospital for Children, Breast Cancer Awareness, and the Colon Cancer Foundation Within his community, he has contributed to Danbury Hospital and Ann’s Place, a community cancer support center

Michael Liberty – President Trump has given Michael Liberty a full apology to Mr Liberty’s pardon is endorsed by Representative Susan Austin, Matthew E, Sturgis and Anthony Fratianne In 2016 Mr Liberty was convicted of campaign funding violations and later related ones Charged with Crimes Mr Liberty has 7 children and has been involved in numerous philanthropic endeavors

Greg Reyes – President Trump has given Greg Reyes a full apology This pardon is endorsed by Shon Hopwood, former United States attorney Brett Tolman, and numerous others Mr. Reyes was the former CEO of Brocade Communications Mr. Reyes has been charged with securities fraud Sentenced The Ninth Circle Court of Appeals, however, threw back his convictions and found prosecutorial wrongdoing.He was later tried again, convicted and sentenced to 18 months in prison.Mr Reyes assumed full responsibility for his actions and has been out of the office for more than 8 years Prison

Ferrell Damon Scott – President Trump commuted Ferrell Damon Scott’s verdict. This conversion is supported by former acting United States attorney Sam Sheldon, who was following his case and wrote that he “… firmly does not believe that [Mr Scott] Deserves a Mandatory Life Sentence “Ms. Alice Johnson, the CAN-DO Foundation, and numerous others also support the grace for Mr. Scott Mr. Scott has served nearly 9 years of life imprisonment for possession with intent to distribute marijuana. According to today’s guidelines for sentencing, it is likely that Mr. Scott would not have received such a severe sentence

Jeffrey Alan Conway – President Trump has granted Jeffrey Alan Conway a full apology.Mr Conway’s pardon is strongly supported by his business associates Gary N Solomon and Ely Hurwitz, law enforcement officials and numerous other members of the community since his release from prison, Mr. Conway has lived a prosperous life and currently runs 10 restaurant operations with nearly 500 employees. Mr. Conway is active in his community and in various philanthropic endeavors

Benedict Olberding – President Trump has given Benedict Olberding a full apology Mr Olberding has been convicted of bank fraud Mr Olberding is an outstanding member of the community who has paid off his debt to society After completing his sentence, he bought two aquarium stores as well as a consulting company, to train potential mortgage brokers

Lou Hobbs – President Trump reversed Lou Hobbs’ judgment Mr Hobbs has served 24 years of life imprisonment During his incarceration, Mr Hobbs has completed his GED as well as various other education classes Mr Hobbs is dedicated to improving his life and focusing on his Family and friends who helped him through difficult times

Matthew Antoine Canady – President Trump commuted Matthew Antoine Canady’s ruling This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr Canady had an unstable childhood and all of his previous drug-related beliefs occurred during his teenage years on Mr Canady Canady worked hard to overcome his challenging circumstances and has shown exceptional rehabilitation during his incarceration. He has maintained clear demeanor throughout his incarceration, notably benefiting from significant professional programs, including electrical training. He receives “excellent” job reports and is described as “hardworking” and “respectful” by the staff of the Bureau of Prisons. Mr. Canady takes full responsibility for his criminal acts and wants to find employment to support his children

Mario Claiborne – President Trump commuted Mario Claiborne’s verdict This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr. Claiborne is serving life in prison and has been in prison for more than 28 years For 20 years, Mr. Claiborne has maintained clear behavior. Mr. Claiborne currently works for a UNICOR facility and has completed rehabilitation programs including drug education

Luis Fernando Sicard – President Trump commuted Luis Fernando Sicard’s verdict.This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Attorney General’s Office.Mr Sicard was convicted in 2000 of conspiracy with intent to use cocaine and possession handing out a firearm during and promoting a crime against drug trafficking.He served with clear demeanor for 20 years.Mr.Sicard has participated in extensive programs, including a number of professional courses.Currently, Mr.Sicard works in the camp’s vehicle factory and previously worked at UNICOR, to get “outstanding” work reports He also volunteers in the puppy program for inmates. It is important that Mr. Sicard takes full responsibility for his criminal acts. Mr. Sicard is a former marine and father of two girls

DeWayne Phelps – President Trump commuted DeWayne Phelps’ verdict.This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr Phelps has been jailed for 11 years on conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.He has served over a decade in Spent prison with clear behavior, trained as an apprentice dentist, attended UNICOR and is considered a reliable inmate who can be assigned additional duties.Mr Phelps in particular would undoubtedly be less punished today under the First Step Act

Isaac Nelson – President Trump commuted Isaac Nelson’s verdict This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr Nelson is serving a mandatory 20 year prison sentence for conspiracy with the intention of 5 kilograms or Distributing and distributing more cocaine and 50 grams or more of crack cocaine After the First Step Act’s changes to the definition of serious drug crime, Mr Nelson would no longer receive a mandatory minimum 20 year sentence, instead he would likely be given a 10 year sentence Reckon with prison sentence He has been in prison for more than 11 years. During his incarceration he appears to have shown a commendable adjustment to custody

Traie Tavares Kelly – President Trump overturned Traie Tavares Kelly’s verdict.This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Attorney General’s Office.Mr Kelly has been convicted of conspiracy with intent to possess 50 grams or more of cocaine base and distribute and distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine.He served over 14 years in prison but if convicted today he would likely only be subject to a mandatory minimum of 10 years.In addition, Mr Kelly has had extensive work experience while serving is incarcerated, and his remarkable achievements in education and programming show that he used his time to maximize his chance of being a productive citizen upon his release

Javier Gonzales – President Trump commuted Javier Gonzales’ judgment This conversion is supported by Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and the Attorney General’s Office Mr Gonzales was convicted of conspiracy with intent to distribute methamphetamine and methamphetamine in 2005 to him served over 14 years in prison, which is 4 years longer than the 10 year sentence he would likely receive today.He has a proven record of rehabilitation during his incarceration, including a permanent position, with extensive UNCIOR experience and participation in professional programming and training to facilitate his successful reintegration into the workforce after his release. He also has no history of violent behavior.Mr. Gonzales has actively addressed his known substance abuse problems by not being treated in residential areas and by not participating in the dormitory program en hat

Eric Wesley Patton – President Trump has given Eric Wesley Patton a full apology This pardon is endorsed by Former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr. Patton was convicted of false testimony on a mortgage application in 1999 Years since his sentencing, Mr. Patton has worked hard to build a reputation, was a devoted parent, and made solid contributions to his community by quietly doing good deeds for friends, neighbors, and members of his church

Robert William Cawthon – President Trump has given Robert William Cawthon a full apology His pardon is endorsed by Former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr. Cawthon was convicted in 1992 of misrepresenting a bank loan application and given 3 years probation, Subject to a 180 day prison sentence, Mr. Cawthon has accepted responsibility for his crime, served his sentence uneventfully, and fulfilled his repayment obligation. His atonement was exceptional and, since he was convicted, has lived a flawless life while doing extensive, commendable community service has done

Hal Knudson Mergler – President Trump has given Hal Knudson Mergler a full apology. This pardon is endorsed by former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Pardon Attorney’s Office.Mr Mergler was convicted of conspiracy with intent to use lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in 1992 To distribute and distribute He received a 1 month prison sentence, a supervised release of 3 years and had to pay a refund.Since his conviction, Mr. Mergler has led a productive and law-abiding life, including by earning a college degree, creating a successful one Business Career and Starting a Family He has made significant contributions to his community and helped build a new school for a nonprofit organization. He is consistently lauded as a hardworking and ethical businessman and caring father

Gary Evan Hendler – President Trump has given Gary Evan Hendler a full apology.This pardon is endorsed by former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Pardon Attorney’s Office.In 1984, Mr. Hendler was convicted of conspiracy to distribute and dispense controlled substances and was serving Three years probation for his crime He is repentant and has taken full responsibility for his criminal acts In the 40 years since his conviction, Mr. Hendler has lived a law abiding life and made a positive contribution to his community. He is financially stable and owns one successful real estate business Most importantly, he has helped others recover from addiction. Since 1982 he has organized and chaired weekly AA meetings. He has also mentored many people on their way to sobriety with his radio broadcasts. His former probation officer noted that s Mr. Hendler had become “an integral part” of the lives of many members of the community dealing with drug problems. In addition, his addiction and recovery efforts were recognized by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who recently appointed him to a state advisory board on drug abuse. and alcohol abuse called

Steven Samuel Grantham – President Trump has given Steven Samuel Grantham a full apology.This pardon is supported by Mr. Grantham’s friends and family, who have praised his moral character, Acting Attorney Jeffrey Rosen, Former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Office of the Pardon attorney Mr Grantham was convicted of theft of a vehicle in 1967. He received an 18 month sentence and a 2 year suspended sentence.Since his conviction and release from prison, he has shown remorse and assumed responsibility for his crime, which he committed some 50 years ago lived a law abiding and stable life when he was only 19 Mr. Grantham most of all stepped in and took custody of his grandchild when the child’s parents were unable to look after him He is now pleading for forgiveness for forgiveness and restoration se iner gun rights

Clarence Olin Freeman – President Trump has given Clarence Olin Freeman a full apology This pardon is endorsed by Former Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and the Pardon Attorney’s Office Mr. Freeman was convicted of operating an illegal whiskey in 1965 Years of Probation Since his conviction and release from prison, Mr. Freeman has led a law abiding life.He has shown sincere repentance for his illegal activity and continues to be aware of the valuable lesson his conviction has taught him in the approximately 55 years since then After sentencing, he built a stable marriage, started a thriving business, and made a positive contribution to his community. He has earned a reputation for honesty, hard work, and generosity

John Knock – President Trump commuted John Knock’s verdict This conversion is supported by his family Mr. Knock is a 73 year old male, a first time nonviolent marijuana offender who has served 24 years life imprisonment, Mr. Knock an exemplary prison history in which he took college accounting classes and had no incident reports

Kenneth Charles Fragoso – President Trump reversed Kenneth Charles Fragoso’s judgment Mr. Fragoso is a 66-year-old United States Navy veteran who has served more than 30 years of life imprisonment for a nonviolent drug offense, Mr. Fragoso has an exemplary Prison history and has been working for UNICOR for over 20 years, learned new professions and looked after fellow inmates

Luis Gonzalez – President Trump converted Luis Gonzalez’s verdict Mr Gonzalez is a 78-year-old nonviolent drug offender who has served more than 27 years of life imprisonment under the First Step Act, Mr Fragoso would not have been sentenced to life imprisonment Convicted Mr Gonzalez has an excellent prison record and has worked for UNICOR for over 20 years, making military uniforms

Anthony DeJohn – President Trump reversed Anthony DeJohn’s judgment Mr. DeJohn served more than 13 years life imprisonment for conspiracy to spread marijuana Mr. DeJohn has kept a clear disciplinary record and has been recognized for his excellent work ethic while in detention upon his dismissal employment and housing available

Corvain Cooper – President Trump changed Mr. Corvain Cooper’s judgment Mr. Cooper is a 41-year-old father of two girls who served more than 7 years of life imprisonment for participating in a non-violent conspiracy to distribute marijuana has

Way Quoe Long – President Trump reversed Way Quoe Long’s judgment Mr. Long is 58 years old and has served nearly half a 50-year prison sentence for nonviolent conviction for conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana.Mr Long has served his Incarceration spent improving through English classes and earning his GED. Upon release, Mr. Long will reunite with his family and will receive strong support as he reintegrates into the community

Michael Pelletier – President Trump reversed Michael Pelletier’s judgment Mr. Pelletier is a 64-year-old who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for 12 years for conspiracy to distribute marijuana.Mr Pelletier has kept a clear disciplinary record is as an artist successful with oil paints on canvas and has taken several courses to perfect his skills in prison. After his release, Mr. Pelletier will have a meaningful job and a meaningful place to stay with his brother

Craig Cesal – President Trump reversed Craig Cesal’s judgment Mr. Cesal is the father of two children, one of whom sadly passed away while serving his life sentence for conspiracy to distribute marijuana – Mr. Cesal has an exemplary disciplinary record and is Become a paralegal and Eucharistic minister in the Catholic Church to help and guide other prisoners. After his release, Mr. Cesal has looked forward to reintegrating into society and contributing to his community while living with his daughter to whom he is closely linked to Mr Cesal hopes to be part of their upcoming wedding

Darrell Frazier – President Trump changed Darrell Frazier’s judgment Mr. Frazier is a 60-year-old who has served 29 years of life imprisonment for nonviolent conspiracy to distribute and possess cocaine.Mr Frazier has an exemplary disciplinary record in the Jail and spent his time starting the Joe Johnson Tennis Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) that provides free tennis lessons to hundreds of children in underserved communities.After his release, Mr. Frazier will have a significant job and home with his mother have

Lavonne Roach – President Trump amended Lavonne Roach’s judgment Ms. Roach has served 23 years of a 30-year prison sentence on nonviolent drug allegations She has exemplary prison records and has taught and mentored other inmates Ms. Roach has a strong family support system to facilitate their transition back into the community

Robert Francis – President Trump reversed Robert Francis’ verdict Mr Francis has served 18 years life imprisonment for nonviolent drug conspiracy Mr Francis has an immaculate disciplinary record in prison and has been active in his rehabilitation efforts. Upon release, Mr Francis has a Father of three, will live with sister in Houston, Texas

Derrick Smith – President Trump reversed Derrick Smith’s judgment Mr Smith is 53 years old and serving over 20 years of a nearly 30-year prison sentence for distributing drugs to a deceased companion Mr Smith is deeply remorseful of his Role in that tragic death and exemplary record of his imprisonment Mr Smith intended to secure a construction job, care for his mother and son, and rebuild his relationship with his two other children

Raymond Hersman – President Trump reversed Raymond Hersman’s judgment Mr. Hersman is a 55-year-old father of two who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for over 9 years. During his incarceration, Mr. Hersman has kept an immaculate disciplinary record , worked steadily and participated in various programming and training opportunities. After his release, he looks forward to returning to the community and leading a productive life with strong family support

James Romans – President Trump reversed James Romans’ judgment – Mr Romans is a father and grandfather who received life imprisonment without parole for his involvement in a marijuana distribution conspiracy – Mr The Romans have been in prison for more than 10 years Having completed an exemplary disciplinary record and long list of courses for years, he has already secured employment opportunities that will help him successfully re-enter society

Michael Harris – President Trump reversed Michael Harris’s verdict Mr Harris is 59 years old and has served 30 years of a 25 year prison sentence for conspiracy first degree murder Mr Harris has had an exemplary prison record for three decades. He is a former Entrepreneur and has mentored and taught fellow inmates how to start and run businesses. He has completed courses in business and journalism. After his release, Mr. Harris will have a significant place to work and live with the support of his family

Kyle Kimoto – President Trump reversed Kyle Kimoto’s judgment Mr. Kimoto is a father of six and has served 12 years of his 29 year sentence for a nonviolent telemarketing fraud program. Mr. Kimoto was an exemplary prisoner and has held numerous jobs , showed remorse and cared for other inmates in faith. After his release, he has a job offer and will care for his six children and three grandchildren

Chalana McFarland – President Trump reversed Chalana McFarland’s judgment Ms. McFarland has served 15 years of a 30-year prison sentence.Although she went to court, Ms. McFarland actually worked with the authorities by telling them about a possible attack on the country United States attorney informed your co-defendants, who plead guilty but received lesser sentences ranging from 5 to 87 months. Ms. McFarland was an exemplary inmate and is now in custody

John Estin Davis – President Trump changed the judgment of John Estin Davis This commutation is done by Caroline Bryan, Luke Bryan, Ellen Boyer, Amy Davis, Kim Davis, Brandon McWherter, Sheila McWherter, Dr Jeff Hall, Dr Brad Maltz, Brent Ford, Mark Lotito, Keri Rowland, Mark Rowland and Stephen Stock Mr Davis has been jailed for the past 4 months for serving as the chief executive office of a health care company with a financial conflict of interest, in particular no one has suffered financially from his crime, and so has he has no other criminal record. Prior to his conviction, Mr. Davis was known in his community as an active supporter of local charities He is described as hardworking and committed to his family and country. Mr. Davis and his wife have been married for 15 years and he is the father of three young children

Douglas Jemal – President Trump has given Douglas Jemal a full apology.Mr Jemal is an American businessman and philanthropist credited with rebuilding many metropolitan areas in the United States.In 2008, Mr. Jemal was convicted of fraud Jemal was instrumental in various other charitable causes, including rebuilding churches prior to his sentencing. In particular, the presiding judge at his trial told prosecutors that he thought it “inconceivable” to put Mr. Jemal in jail

Noah Kleinman – President Trump reversed Noah Kleinman’s judgment Mr. Kleinman is a 45-year-old father of two.The mother of his children is sadly during Mr. Kleinman’s Imprisonment Mr. Kleinman served 6 years of a nearly 20-year prison sentence for a nonviolent crime involving the spread of marijuana Mr. Kleinman has an exemplary prison history and works to stay close to his children and father. After his release, he looks forward to seeing his father to live, work for the family business and take care of their children

Dr Scott Harkonen – President Trump has Dr Scott Harkonen DR Harkonen has been convicted of fraud based on a misleading headline in a press release regarding the treatment of a disease. DR Harkonen is world famous for its discovery, cause and treatment of a new kidney disease. DR Harkonen looks forward to a return to medicine

Johnny D Phillips, Jr – President Trump made a full apology to Johnny D Phillips, Jr This pardon is endorsed by Senator Rand Paul, former United States attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee, and numerous members of his ward. In 2016, Mr. Phillips was convicted of conspiracy on wire and mail fraud, and Mr. Phillips is known as a senior citizen and a valued member of his community He devotes his time to his three young children and is involved in type 1 diabetes research

Dr Mahmoud Reza Banki – President Trump has Dr. Mahmoud Reza Banki This pardon is supported by many elected officials, including the late John Lewis, Senator Diane Feinstein and other members of Congress.Dr. Banki is an Iranian-American citizen who came to the US when he was 18 and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley before earning his PhD from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles.In 2010, Dr. Banki Charged with Iranian Sanctions Monetary Violations and False Statements The sanctions violations charges were later overturned by the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit The false testimony charge has Dr Banki from Resuming a Full Life In the years since his sentencing, Dr Banki is dedicated to his community and sincerely loved and respected the United States

Tena Logan – President Trump reversed Tena Logan’s verdict Ms. Logan has served 8 years of a 14 year prison sentence for a nonviolent drug offense, had an exemplary prison record with extensive work and programming, and has held several leadership roles Was allowed to work outside of prison and was locked at home under the CARES Act last summer. Today, Ms. Logan lives with her husband and works full-time in a large retail store

MaryAnne Locke – President Trump changed MaryAnne Locke’s judgment Ms. Locke has served approximately 11 years of a nearly 20-year prison sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. Despite the difficulty of starting her sentence just 6 weeks after a caesarean, her prison record was up exemplary, with extensive programs and work, Ms. Locke was authorized to work outside of prison and was incarcerated at home under the CARES Act last summer.Today she lives with her father, develops a relationship with her children and works full time in a large retail store

April Coots – President Trump reversed April Coots’ judgment Ms. Coots served more than 10 years of her 20-year prison sentence for a nonviolent drug crime. She was an exemplary inmate, earned an HVAC license and passed PAWS while in detention – Training program In the 18 months before the trial, Dr Coots started a business, completed her GED, and took two semesters of community college classes. Importantly, Ms. Coots has a supportive family and church fellowship to help her transition and create a stable network for her post-incarceration

Jodi Lynn Richter – President Trump changed Jodi Lynn Richter’s verdict Ms. Richter served 10 years of a 15 year prison sentence for nonviolent drug offenses Ms. Richter has exemplary prison records and spends her time training service dogs in the PAWS program, teaching other inmates to pursue her GED and learning to use a variety of heavy machinery. Her parents have continued to support her and she has various employment opportunities

Mary Roberts – President Trump changed Mary Roberts’ judgment Ms. Roberts has served 10 years of a 19 year prison sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. She has exemplary disciplinary record and strong programming and work experience, including with the PAWS Program, run by UNICOR and Food Service, and is allowed to work outside the prison area. Upon her release, Ms. Roberts has plans to spend time with her daughter and is heavily supported by her family. She also has a variety of job opportunities

Cassandra Ann Kasowski – President Trump reversed Cassandra Ann Kasowski’s verdict, in particular, her director recommended her for home incarceration under the CARES Act. Ms. Kasowski has served over 7 years of a 17-year sentence for a non-violent drug offense was a model inmate and has worked extensively, including through the PAWS program and UNICOR. After her release, she plans to spend time with her son and look for work

Lerna Lea Paulson – President Trump reversed Lerna Lea Paulson’s verdict In particular, Ms. Paulson’s overseer recommended her for home detention under CARES Ms. Paulson has served nearly 7 years of a 17-year prison sentence for a non-violent drug offense while She has kept an exemplary disciplinary record of her time in prison, has worked full-time at UNICOR and has served as a mental health advisor.In addition, she has served an inmate attendant as well as a suicide guard attendant.She is also eligible to work outside the prison area, and plans to work outside the prison area after her release To spend time with her family and look for work

Ann Butler – President Trump changed Ann Butler’s judgment Ms. Butler has served more than 10 years of a nearly 20-year prison sentence for a nonviolent crime, has an exemplary prison record with extensive program and work experience, and has received excellent ratings In addition, she is extraordinarily devoted to her faith. At the time of her arrest, Ms. Butler was caring for five children and had two minimum wage jobs. After her release, Ms. Butler would like to reunite with her family and look for work

Sydney Navarro – President Trump reversed Sydney Navarro’s judgment Ms. Navarro has served nearly 8 years of a 27-year sentence for a nonviolent drug offense She has an exemplary prison record In addition, Ms. Navarro has received her GED, participated in extensive program work and received excellent job reviews In particular, Ms. Navarro was selected to discuss the SHARE program with youth at risk in the community. After her release, Ms. Navarro has been keen to reunite with her daughter and seek work

Tara Perry – President Trump reversed Tara Perry’s verdict Ms. Perry has served nearly 7 years of a 16-year prison sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. She kept an exemplary prison record and received her nursing certificate. Ms. Perry also enjoys singing during church services Prison After her release, Ms. Perry has plans to spend time with her mother and look for work

John Nystrom – President Trump extended a full apology to John Nystrom who, apart from that belief, has been described by his judge as “an exemplary citizen.” His grace is endorsed by Governor Kristi Noem and Senator Michael Rounds. Over 10 years ago, Mr. worked as Contractor on a school remodeling project Nystrom failed to alert the relevant authorities when he learned that a subcontractor was receiving double payments for work well done.Mr Nystrom took full responsibility for this oversight and even tried to recruit the Crowe Creek Tribe who was paying for the work To pay the refund before pleading guilty Mr. Nystrom has since paid his refund in full. Mr. Nystrom teaches Sunday School and volunteers for the Knights of Columbus and Habitat for Humanity and was previously a County Commissioner

Jessica Frease – President Trump has given Jessica Frease a full apology.This pardon is endorsed by Governor Kristi Noem, South Dakota Senator, Lynne Hix-DiSanto, United States Female Probation Officer, Freas oversight and many in Her ward Ms. Frease was 20 years old when she was convicted of converting stolen checks and negotiating them through the bank she worked for as a cashier, but she immediately turned the stolen funds over to the authorities when she was arrested after serving her two year old She was sentenced to early termination of her supervised release for her commendable behavior. Currently, Ms. Frease is studying to become a paramedic and devotes her time and energy to raising funds for cancer patients

Robert Cannon “Robin” Hayes – President Trump Granted a Full Apology to Robert Cannon “Robin” Hayes Former North Carolina Congressman is serving a one-year probationary period for making false testimony in a federal investigation During his years in Congress, Mr. Hayes has served as Chairman of the Republican Party of North Carolina and Chairman of the National Council of Republican Party Chairmen Senator Thom Tillis and several members of the North Carolina Congressional Delegation strongly support the grace for Mr. Hayes

Thomas Kenton “Ken” Ford – President Trump has given a full apology to Ken Ford, a 38 year old coal industry veteran and currently general manager of a coal accelerator. Mr. Ford’s pardon is supported by members of the coal mining community, including those with extensive experience in mining, safety and engineering, whom Mr. Ford called a “model manager” who behaved with the utmost professionalism and integrity Ford Made a Material Misrepresentation against Federal Mining Officials Mr. Ford pleaded guilty and served a 30-year suspended sentence In the decades since, Mr. Ford has been an outstanding member of his community and has used that experience and decades of expertise to ensure the safety of miners, including promoting truthfulness and integrity to federal mining officials for whom Mr. Ford states that he “has the utmost respect”

Jon Harder – President Trump changed the judgment of Jon Harder, former President and CEO of Sunwest Management IncWho has served nearly 5 years of a 15 year prison sentence, including the Honorable Michael Hogan, who served as federal judge in Sunwest’s bankruptcy and administration, Ford Elsaesser who advised Sunwest’s creditors on bankruptcy administration, and several other people involved in assisting the lawsuit Harder Commutation Mr. Harder was President and CEO of Sunwest Management Inc, a large management company serving retirement homes, when he abused mutual funds during the real estate crisis, Mr. Harder took full responsibility, pleaded guilty, and cooperated with government civil and criminal measures against him at high personal costs, according to former Supreme Justice Hogan “Mr. Harder’s full cooperation” against his significant financial and criminal interests “helped secure the sale of the company’s assets and ensure that Sunwest investors got more of their investment back, seniors could continue to live in their facilities and employees could get theirs Earning a Livelihood Mr. Elsaesser stated, “Of all the financial malefactors [the court and government] faced during the 2008 property crash, Mr. Harder acted more responsibly than any of his colleagues en “” President Trump praises Mr. It is harder to put his employees, investors and seniors who live in Sunwest homes above them

Scott Conor Crosby – President Trump has given Scott Conor Crosby a full apology.Mr Crosby is endorsed by Senator Martha McSally, the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Mesa, Arizona, and the Bishop of his Church, all of whom testify to Mr. Crosby’s service to his community and his preeminent character In 1992, Mr. Crosby made a “spontaneous” bad decision to participate in a colleague’s plan to commit a bank robbery. Mr. Crosby was arrested the same day and worked with the authorities since his release from prison he has Spent Much Time in His Church Caring for Youth and Receiving Paramedic Certification Mr. Crosby’s civil rights were restored by the state of Arizona in 2003, and this action restores his federal civil rights

Adrianne Miller – President Trump commuted remaining sentence from Adrianne Miller This commutation is supported by the former US Attorney Brett Tolman and the Clemency for All Non-Violent Drug Offenders (CAN-DO) Foundation Ms. Miller served 6 years of a 15-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and list a chemical Own Ms. Miller, who struggles with drug addiction, is fully committed to prison rehabilitation.In addition, she has attended numerous courses, including drug education and life management, and participated in the Life Connections program, an intensive, multi-phase re-entry program released by the Bureau of Prisons She is extremely repentant, regrets her “destructive decisions” and has taken full responsibility for her actions

Joshua J Smith – President Trump has given Joshua J a full apology for Smith, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Representative Tim Burchett, Tennessee Corrections Commissioner, Tony Parker, Tennessee Investigative Director David Rausch, and numerous other leaders of the Community and Faith Support the Pardon of Mr. Blacksmith Since his release from prison in 2003 for conspiracy to possess drugs with the intent to distribute them, Mr. Smith has dedicated his life to his faith and community. Today he is a successful businessman and has capitalized on his financial success Founding Fourth Purpose, a nonprofit dedicated to making the prison a place of transformation, has cared for incarcerated individuals and educated prison inmates in business classes – even in the prison where Mr Smith was also strong involved in missionary journeys across Latin America

Amy Povah – President Trump has given a full apology to Amy Povah, the founder of the Clemency for All Non-Violent Drug Offenders (CAN-DO) Foundation. In the 1990s, Ms. Povah was serving 9 years of a 24-year prison sentence for a drug offense before President Clinton commuted her remaining sentence in 2000.She has been a voice for those in prison since her release, an advocate for criminal justice reform, and a strong advocate for the passage of the First Step Act which belongs to Mrs. Povah’s organization Adrianne Miller, whose remaining sentence the President commuted

Dr Frederick Nahas – President Trump granted Frederick Nahas a full apology. This pardon is endorsed by Representative Jeff Van Drew. DR Nahas is a talented surgeon with a practice in New Jersey. In the 1990s, Dr. Nahas became aware of a federal investigation into its billing practices.Although the 6-year investigation did not uncover any underlying billing fraud, Dr Nahas did not fully cooperate and ultimately pleaded guilty to obstructing justice in a health care investigation.Dr Nahas spent a month in prison in 2003 and worked tirelessly for the next 18 years to earn the trust and admiration of his patients, colleagues, and the community to regain

Fred “Dave” Clark – President Trump commuted Dave Clark’s remaining sentence after serving six years nonviolent in federal prison for the first time. Mr. Clark’s commutation is served by Professor Alan Dershowitz, Ken Starr, of the Aleph Institute, among others Family of seven, former business colleagues and investors assisted In prison, Mr. Clark led the Bible study and developed a Promising People program to teach inmates technical skills and connect them with faith-based support

Todd Farha, Thaddeus Bereday, William Kale, Paul Behrens, and Peter Clay – President Trump apologized to Todd Farha, Thaddeus Bereday, William Kale, Paul Behrens, and Peter Clay, former leaders of a health care preservation organization These men widely considered Case study on overcriminalization cited have received widespread support, including from the CATO Institute, the Reason Foundation, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, as well as various scholars and law professors.In 2008 Messrs. Farha, Bereday, Kale, Behrens and Clay were Prosecuted for a government regulatory matter that reported expenses to a government health department.The reported expenses were based on the funds actually spent and the reporting method was reviewed and approved by those skilled in the government regulatory system.In particular, there was no indication That one of the people was motivated by greed. In fact, the judge called the likelihood of personal financial motivation “infinitesimal”. The judge imposed a range of sentences ranging from probation to 3 years imprisonment, representing the behavior as a deviation from the otherwise law-abiding life of this person People reflected Messrs. Farha, Bereday, Kale, Behrens, and Clay are described as devoted to their families and communities, and have survived their beliefs without complaint

David Rowland – President Trump has given David Rowland a full apology.This pardon is endorsed by Senator Lindsey Graham.Mr Rowland’s asbestos removal license was expired when he agreed to remove asbestos found in an elementary school.He completed work in accordance with all other regulations, but received a two-year suspended sentence for violating the Clean Air Act.Mr Rowland takes responsibility and is remorseful.In addition, he has given something back to his community by continuing to work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation after completing his mandatory community service

Stephen Odzer – President Trump granted Stephen Odzer a conditional pardon. This pardon is provided by former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, Sigmund “Sig” Rogich, Jason Greenblatt, Michael Steinhardt, Wayne Allyn Root, Salvador Moran, the Aleph Institute and numerous members from mr Odzer’s Religious Community Mr. Odzer pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bank fraud for which he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Numerous individuals testify to his extensive philanthropic and volunteer activities. His philanthropic endeavors include providing personal protective equipment to front line workers in New York City hospitals; visiting sick children in hospitals; and donate religious materials to inmates and US Service members around the world He has also provided resources to support and build synagogues in memory of his late cousin who was kidnapped and killed by Muslim terrorists in Israel The pardon requires Mr Odzer to pay the remainder of his restitution order

James Brian Cruz – President Trump commuted the remaining sentence from James Brian Cruz to Mr. Cruz’s many supporters include Alice Johnson, Dr Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, Kelly Shackelford of the First Liberty Institute, several former inmates who were Mr. Cruz was a mentor or minister, Mr. Cruz’s labor supervisor and several business owners and managers, Mr Cruz, who has served roughly half a 40-year sentence for drug crimes, has really reformed himself and worked to improve his life and the lives of other inmates in the prison as several former inmates write Mr. Cruz, whom you have met while imprisoned, as someone who has changed their lives, as a “great source of comfort” for many and as someone who helps others without looking for something. Mr. Cruz’s work manager describes him as a reliable and hardworking employee who “has earned the respect of many staff and inmates alike,” and who helps inmates argue to “make peace.” “Mr. Cruz writes that he recognizes the effects of drugs on people, families, and the community and gives them a second chance wishes to “live a life who obeys the law and lives to help others”

Steven Benjamin Floyd – President Trump has given Steven Benjamin Floyd a full apology This pardon is endorsed by Representative Mark Green Mr. Floyd joined the United States Marines Corps at the age of 17 and received a combat action tape in Iraq He pleaded guilty to extorting a bank robbery Since his release from prison in 2009, Mr Floyd has demonstrated the power of second chance, raising a family and owning a successful auto repair business Mr Floyd’s commitment to the service includes putting out fires that take place while of recent riots and free repairs of cars by widows and disabled veterans President Trump thanks Mr. Floyd for his previous military service and for his dedication to his community

Joey Hancock – President Trump has given Joey Hancock a full apology to Senator Roger Wicker and Mr. Hancock’s employer, pastor, and other members of his ward support this pardon.Mr. Hancock was convicted of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. After his release from prison, Mr. Hancock has been a hard worker and active in his church and community

David E. Miller – President Trump has given David E a full apology to Muller Governor Bill Lee, Mr. Miller’s employers and numerous colleagues support this pardon. In 2015, Mr. Miller pleaded guilty to making a false testimony to a bank. Today, Mr. Miller is the development director of the Men of Valor nonprofit, where he helps previously imprisoned men develop relationships Rebuilding Their Faith, Family, and Society Governor Lee describes Mr. Miller “has accepted the work of the Department and is committed to doing right and serving others”

James Austin Hayes – President Trump has given James Austin Hayes a full apology.Mr Hayes’ pardon is endorsed by Paula White, Rick Hendrick of Hendrick Motorsports and NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon Almost 10 years ago, Mr. Hayes Convicted of Insider Trading Conspiracy Mr. Hayes worked immediately and extensively together, consuming whatever profits he had made on a related civil suit. Since his conviction, Mr. Hayes has been active in his church and community

Drew Brownstein – President Trump has made a full apology to Drew Brownstein, who, apart from that conviction, has been described by his judge as someone who “goes out of his way to help those less well off. This pardon is given by the deputy Antitrust Attorney General Makan Delrahim and several of Dr. Brownstein’s Friends and Family, Mr. Brownstein was convicted of insider trading and has since paid his fines and losses in full. Both before and after his conviction, Mr. Brownstein has enlisted extensively as a youth coach with the Boys & Girls Club in Denver and the Jewish Family Services in Colorado / p>

Robert Bowker – President Trump has given Robert Bowker a full apology Mr. Bowker’s pardon is endorsed by Ann Marie Pallan, Sherriff Butch Anderson and the late Robert Trump Almost 30 years ago, Mr. Bowker pleaded guilty to violating the Lacey Act, which prohibits the trade in wildlife, when he had Rudy “Cobra King” Komarek transport 22 snakes to the Miami Serpentarium. Although he was not asking for any animals in return, he was offered 22 American alligators After pleading guilty, Mr. Bowker Sentenced to Parole Mr. Bowker has contributed resources to animal welfare efforts over the past several decades, including serving as a member of the United States Humane Society, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Wildlife Conservation Society

Amir Khan – President Trump has given Amir Khan a full apology This pardon is backed by his adult children and members of the community.Mr Khan pleaded guilty to wired fraud in particular, he immediately more than repaid the victim in full and repented for His Behavior Shown Before the pandemic, Mr Khan volunteered with 3 Square Meals and has worked regularly for charities such as St Jude Children’s Hospital, Boys Town, Covenant House, Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the Salvation Army

Robert Sherrill – President Trump has given Robert Sherrill a full apology.Mr.Sherrill has been convicted of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute cocaine.Mr.Sherrill has taken full responsibility for his criminal past and has been treated for his drug addiction He founded a commercial cleaning company as well as a nonprofit that cares for youngsters at risk

Dr Robert S. Corkern – President Trump has Robert S A full apology granted to Corkern This pardon is presented by Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith, Governor Phil Bryant, and Dr Michael Mansour DR Corkern was convicted of bribing the federal program This excuse is given to Dr Corkern practices medicine in his community that is in dire need of more doctors as it struggles to keep up with demand for emergency medical services. DR Corkern served in the Mississippi Army National Guard and has been generous in serving low-income patients

David Lamar Clanton – President Trump has given David Lamar Clanton a full apology.This pardon is endorsed by Senators Roger Wicker, Alton Shaw, Mark Galtelli and Terri Rielley.Mr Clanton was convicted of false testimony and related allegations of Mr. The Clanton’s Supporters testify to his contributions to the community, particularly in relation to rural health care issues. Mr. Clanton has been active in 4-H clubs and other organizations in his community

Hillel Nahmad – President Trump has given Hillel Nahmad a full apology This pardon is endorsed by members of his ward Mr. Nahmad has been convicted of a sports offense Since his conviction he has lived an exemplary life and has been devoted to the welfare of his ward

Brian McSwain – The President has given Brian McSwain a full apology. This pardon has been endorsed by Senator Lindsey Graham, two former United States attorneys for the District of South Carolina, and other former law enforcement officers since his 18 month sentence for drug crime beginning the In the nineties, Mr. McSwain has been employed and has been passed over for multiple promotions due to his conviction on a crime

John Duncan Fordham – President Trump has given John Duncan Fordham a full apology. Mr. Fordham convicted of healthcare fraud. A judge later dismissed the conspiracy lawsuit against him

William “Ed” Henry – President Trump has granted a full apology to William “Ed” Henry of Alabama This pardon is endorsed by Senator Tommy Tuberville Mr. Henry has been sentenced to two years probation and a fine of for assisting the theft of state property 4th$ 000 occupied

Additionally, President Trump converted the sentences to time served for: Jeff Cheney, Marquis Dargon, Jennings Gilbert, Dwayne L Harrison, Reginald Dinez Johnson, Sharon King and Hector Madrigal, Sr

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Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/donald-trump/full-list-trump-s-last-minute-pardons-commuted-sentences-n1254806