Twitter unverified and suspended the account of Australian comedy group The Chaser today after he impersonated Donald Trump

The satirical group changed their name and image on Twitter to reflect Trump’s account before they tweeted: “Don’t vote for me, I’m a huge idiot” His bio read: “Not the 45th President of the States- United of America, just very naughty boys “

The post garnered thousands of likes and shares before it was removed from the website, although screenshots continued to circulate on the platform today

“Well, we had a good run,” the Chaser team wrote on Facebook about the moderation decision The post likely violated the social network’s impersonation policy which prevents users to create accounts likely to deceive other users

Twitter’s rules state: “Accounts that impersonate another person, brand or organization in a confusing or deceptive manner may be permanently suspended”

Although the rules state that users are allowed to have parody or fan accounts, portraying another profile “in a deceptive or deceptive manner” is considered against the policy

“We understand why Twitter would do this,” said The Chaser website editor Cam Smith in a statement to The Shot, a news website created by the comedy group.

“After all, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Trump to tweet something so bizarre If anything, that would’ve been one of his more reasonable tweets, so we could see how people might mingle, ”Smith continued

“It’s impressive that Twitter only took 20 minutes to uncheck our tweet, considering it took them almost four years to start checking the facts on the current president

“I guess this is normal, we all know that the words of the comedians are much more dangerous than those of the guy who controls 50% of the nuclear weapons in the world”

The group remains active on Facebook, promoting a new show called The War on 2020 Livestream The team seemed well aware that their impersonation of the president would likely lead to swift action from Twitter After posting a screenshot of the tweet, they wrote in a caption: “Please buy tickets for this before we are wiped from the face of the earth”

The Chaser describes itself as “a satirical media empire that rivals Rupert Murdoch’s [Australian media mogul] News Corporation in all fields except power, influence, popularity and profitability”

Under the now-deleted Twitter post, fans filled the thread with memes and replies, with some claiming to have been cheated by Trump’s impersonation at the start

“For a second I thought it had been hacked on Election Day,” wrote one user Another said: “I just watched someone lose their blue check mark in real fucking time” A third commentator joked that it was a conspiracy, writing: “It must be the deep state at work”

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