Adriano Moraes shocks Demetrious Johnson as 425 underdog to keep his ONE flyweight title (1:11)

Demetrious Johnson, one of the most dominant champions in mixed martial arts history, suffered a devastating loss to Adriano Moraes on Wednesday during an important night for the Asia-based Promotion One Championship

The One Championship event took place in Singapore and was broadcast live on the U on TNT, the company’s first live broadcast on US. Television

Widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time, Johnson (30-3-1) was an obvious headline contender as a UFC flyweight champion, setting the record for consecutive title defenses and defending the 2013 belt eleven times by 2018

But it was Moraes (19-3) who took the opportunity to knock Johnson out of the tournament with a nasty knee-stroke after 2 minutes and 24 seconds of the second round to keep his flyweight title The knee would be after the MMA -Rules in the U have been illegalwhen Johnson was in a grounded position when he was hit, but these strikes are allowed under the banner of the One Championship in Asia

“I have to go home and watch the fight to see when I’ve made mistakes,” said Johnson, 34, who was never eliminated before Wednesday. “Adriano is very long, tall, it was tough to get at him. This is part of the game. You stay in this game long enough, that will definitely happen at some point, right? “

Moraes of Brazil had been waiting for the opportunity to fight Johnson for years, despite the fact that the fight for the flyweight title was fought, it was actually fought at 135 pounds as the One Championship weight classes were changed from those in the U.S extreme weight loss to discourage Moraes won a title in a championship for the first time in 2014, losing the belt in 2015 before recapturing the undisputed title in 2017

Moraes ‘size and reach posed significant problems for Johnson early on. Although there wasn’t much trouble in the opening round, it was evident that Johnson was having a tough time fighting his fiery opponent and he tried hard to keep Moraes’ physicality on the ground Moraes almost landed a standing knee in the second round, just before a right uppercut dropped Johnson and the last knee stroke made him cold

A championship has several more live events scheduled on TNT this month, although Wednesday’s map features by far the best lineup in terms of name awareness in the US

In addition to the main flyweight event, One Championship sponsored an easy battle between former Bellator MMA and UFC champ Eddie Alvarez and No. 2 tier lightweight, Iuri Lapicus The co-feature had an unfortunate ending in which Alvarez (30- 8) Was disqualified in the first round for blows to the back of the head

Alvarez of Pennsylvania scored an early kill, holding Lapicus’ legs under him along the fence.As Alvarez began throwing wide right hands from the upper position, Lapicus turned his head towards the fence, exposing the back of his head. Alvarez kept throwing shots until Lapicus reacted badly to one of them and fell back on the canvas

The action was halted when the referee called for an illegal blow and the fighters parted. Alvarez immediately denied the legality of the blows, but later only raised concerns about Lapicus’s health

“Iuri turned his head the other way and the referee warned me: ‘Back of the head!'” said Alvarez. “If you see, I will take my head and slide his head to the side from which the blows came Beyond I thought as long as I bump the ear I thought it was legal Whatever call the referee makes is fine I hope Iuri is fine This game is so dangerous, all I care is that everyone is in Security are “

Had Alvarez won the fight, he would have gotten one step closer to competing for the One Lightweight Championship. As it is, he suffers his third loss in four fights

Demetrious Johnson

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