Amid a worsening pandemic, Joe Biden’s inauguration will be announced on Jan. January will inevitably look very different from its predecessors Its inaugural committee has drawn up plans that seek to model behavior in line with public health guidelines, while preserving some pomp and political tradition. Here’s everything we can about the swearing-in of the 46th Presidents know, from efforts to cap the crowd to whether outgoing President Donald Trump will show up at all

As in previous years, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take their oath of office at the US Capitol – but the audience is drastically reduced as Biden’s opening committee tells Americans not to attend in person and limit the number of tickets available while members of Congress typically 200Received 000 inauguration cards to distribute among their constituents, lawmakers will only get two cards this year – one for themselves and one for a guest, reports the Washington Post. The opening committee has stressed that attendees must have strict health and safety protocols will apply The committee has appointed a chief physician, Dr David Kessler for organizing the event according to the Wall Street Journal under such protocols

After the swearing-in ceremony, Biden and Harris will attend a “pass in review,” a review of the troops that the New York Times claims to reflect a peaceful transfer of power. Next, Biden will deliver his inaugural address to a limited number of government officials.

Biden and Harris will then be assigned a “Presidential Escort,” which includes representatives from all branches of the military, for the approximately one and a half mile drive from 15th Street to the White House. In a normal year, the opening parade attracts hundreds of thousands of people who flank Pennsylvania Avenue to watch the newly sworn president in the White House But this year, the opening committee is replacing the traditional procession with the presidential escort for a city block and re-imagining the parade in a virtual form. The committee said this is to be “the American The people and the world provide historical images of the President-elect walking into the White House without attracting large crowds and gatherings ”

To demonstrate the importance of health and safety protocols aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19, other inaugural activities will be largely virtual Biden’s team adopted the format throughout its campaign, and in December the elected said President, we should “expect something closer to convention than a typical inauguration. On Monday, Biden’s opening committee announced some details and announced that a” virtual parade “will replace the traditional personal opening parade and balls” planned program is expected to include Americans across the country along with musicians, local bands, and poets to pay tribute to frontline workers during the pandemic, “according to the Wall Street Journal

To help fund the event, the Biden Inaugural Committee accepts donations from individuals of up to 500$ 000 and up to $ 1 million from businesses The rewards for these donors will, for the most part, also be virtual. The reported perks for someone over the age of 500$ 000 or $ 1 million for the inauguration will include invitations to virtual briefings with the Biden guide, access to “preferred viewing” for the virtual initiation, and invitations to virtual events with Biden, Harris, and their spouses

Longstanding opening activities canceled due to the pandemic include the post-inaugural lunch, when members of Congress officially greet the new president and vice-president.Lunch, a symbol of non-partisanship during the transfer of power, was originally intended to be in a modified format that would include the introduction of new health and safety protocols However, after consulting with Biden’s opening planners, it was canceled by the Joint Congress Committee on Opening Ceremonies.Overall, Bloomberg reported

The inaugural committee said it would honor those who met on Jan. The memorial will take place at 5:30 p.m. ET and will include a lighting ceremony in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, “The committee said it is also inviting cities across the country to build buildings lighting and ringing church bells at the same time, “said the Post

On Inauguration Day, it is tradition for the seated President and the President’s spouse to greet the incoming President and spouse for morning coffee at the White House The two leaders then drive a limousine to the Capitol to swear – in ceremony whether Trump will take part in this usual torchlight passage – or in any aspect of Biden’s inauguration – remains to be seen Theories include Trump refusing to leave the White House, fleeing to his golf resort in Scotland (which Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, said he would break coronavirus restrictions) and run the Air Force in 2024 announces One trying to steal the spotlight from Biden

Trump, who refuses to admit and is currently in a futile battle to overthrow the elections, would be the first president in the last century to suspend the inauguration of a successor, Biden said he was considering Trump’s participation in the Swearing-in ceremony as important “not in a personal sense”, but “for the country”, as this would represent “a peaceful transfer of power with the competing parties standing there, shaking hands and moving on” ”

Although Baraitser has denied a request for Assange’s extradition to the US At the beginning of this week he will remain in a London prison for the time being

A British judge on Wednesday denied WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bail and ordered him to stay in a maximum security prison while U.K Courts decide whether he will be sent to the US to bring espionage charges

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said Assange must remain in jail while courts are considering an appeal from US Authorities oppose their decision not to extradite him

The judge said Assange “has an incentive to flee” and there is a good chance he would not return to court if freed

The US. could soon give at least a million COVID-19 vaccinations per day despite the slow start, Dr Anthony Fauci said Tuesday despite warning of a dangerous week ahead as the coronavirus spiked

… “Every time you start a big program, there are always glitches I think the glitches have been fixed,” the nation’s leading infectious disease expert told The Associated Press

Vaccinations have already increased, reaching roughly half a million injections a day, he pointed out

Now that the holidays are over, “Once you get started and get some momentum, I think we can reach 1 million a day or even more,” said Fauci, describing the president-elect’s goal Joe Biden, to get 100 million vaccinations in his first 100 days as “a very realistic, important and achievable goal”

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