Escape from Tarkov has become one of Twitch’s most popular streaming titles, and the FPS has just gone through a major update promising a threatening erase attempt, as well as new weapons and an expansion

Escape from Tarkov isn’t a game that gets updated all too often, but when new patches fall they fall in style It’s safe to say that Battlestate Games promises some serious changes this time around

The patch will be released on Jan. December at 7 a.m. (GMT), 2 a.m. (EST), and 11 p.m. (23 December) (PST) Given the 4 hour installation, there are some serious new features on the horizon

That includes the new weapons the developers teased throughout November and December, as well as loads of other Tarkov goodies

In a tweet on Jan. December Battlestate Games promised that there would be some serious new updates to the popular FPS that promised what they called “a wipe” just in time for Christmas

And that’s exactly what they gave us. On this patch, a new part of the map called “The Woods” has been released, which fixes the noise when walking on vegetation and grass This implies that The Woods will be Tarkov’s newest battlefield – something fans have been waiting for for a while

There’s more, but there’s a whole host of new types of weapons and ammunition that Tarkov players can get their hands on. Fans can now look forward to destroying their opponents with the following weapons Lots of fans have been thrilled since Battlestate pissed them off:

That being said, there are a host of other fixes and adjustments that are detailed in the full patch notes below

On his latest stream, Shroud stated that he was struggling to get back to Escape from Tarkov, partly due to the game’s ever-growing performance issues, including the constant lag and stuttering in the game

Michael Shroud Grzesiek went through a list of all the games he has played in the past few months and was surprised to see the variety that spanned everything from DayZ, PUBG and Apex Legends to World of Warcraft

Escape from Tarkov was also on the list. He hasn’t played it much lately, except for a brief break here and there, however, he streamed it for about 257 hours of airtime, making it his ninth most-streamed game / p>

He once described it as a “blessing” compared to other FPS titles, however, now more time has passed and he has accumulated tons of hours It seems like the game’s problems kept him from playing again anytime soon

“If you could take a game … and magically fix it so there would be no delay, [disconnect], cheat, etc …what would you choose “asked one viewer. The question piqued Shroud’s interest and he answered almost immediately

“Tarkov I think,” Shroud said, “I think if I could pick a game and magically fix it and make it perfect No lag, no [disconnect], no cheats, nothing I think I’d choose Tarkov The Stutter on Tarkov are the worst ”

“I saw xQc xQc was playing two raids in labs and when he first met he just stuttered like he got into a fight and his game just stuttered. It’s so damn annoying that alone makes me not play this game want so frustrating ”

The last time Shroud played Escape from Tarkov was on Jan. December, which wasn’t even that long ago, but based on his latest comments, it may be a while before we see him play again

There’s no denying that the game can be an exhilarating experience both as a player and as a spectator

It has produced its fair share of exciting moments on the stream, all it takes is ironing out its problems and it gets even better

Escape from Tarkov

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