We all know how important gameplay is in Escape From Tarkov.Most of the time, the performance of your raids will depend on your graphics settings This variable is sometimes triggered by tight eyesight or gaming performance.Everyone is fed up with stuttering or low frames per second on larger cards, which could be the main culprit for your death.We are here to help you find the best settings in EFT to find and hopefully meet your requirements

After EFT Patch 012, some novel additions to the graphics settings, such as TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) and other options that players can choose from and determine what they are after when it comes to a game where you either do everything win or lose, performance is valued much more than just visual orientation

For the first time patch 0125 players were introduced in post FX effects This addition replaces the Nvidia Freestyle, whose filters had roughly the same purpose. So we have to update our best graphics settings. Not every human eye wishes what we choose, but trust us; The following options are worth trying

In the end, Tarkov is all about balance. The balance between performance and visibility is undoubtedly the most important thing. Having a satisfactory amount of FPS while deciding on your enemy (a “bush wookie” or an ambient occlusion stealth master) , indeed pays off We have experimented with all of the graphics settings on each card, measuring and evaluating both performance and visibility. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our best EFT settings:

First, the ability to spot enemy players from a long distance is heavily dependent on the FoV (Field of View) Escape From Tarkov Uses Vertical FoV The FoV depicted there is different from other video games that usually use horizontal FoV I would just put it this way: the bigger the number, the wider the perspective, but the smaller the people you are see in the distance (100 m and more) It also interferes with the shooting game, for example sniping. Zeroing different FoVs feels different, shoots differently, so it’s always a good idea to play at a FoV and get used to it

One more thing As you have probably noticed, we are making changes to the following settings almost daily if you want to follow along and help, read this article and tweak the tweaks to your client if you have anything to recommend Don’t be shy, please let us know in the comments below! We’re still working on finding the best all-round values ​​for every environment

This is the new effects feature in Escape From Tarkov It allows players to further personalize the look of the game With the new Post-FX settings we changed the graphics settings above Our post-FX settings can be found below:

Note that the above settings are perfect for a visor. Not too blurry, not too sharp, just the clear image you need

There are some pros and cons, and Escape From Tarkov still isn’t the end product This means that more improvements will be made, including new content alongside a number of updates

The most important thing during patch 012 is to make sure the game is running in full screen mode. For some reason, an error occurs, and even if the setting says the game is in full screen mode, it might be in windowed mode so re-adjust After entering a raid, make sure you are still in full screen mode by re-saving the graphics options, useful for maintaining a significant FPS

Wow, great settings when I go to FXAA I get stable 100-120 frames on all cards I can spot enemies farther away Everyone runs TAA, I think anyone who plays eft should read this

Because of this problem, not a single professional gamer wants anti-aliasing they usually turn it off, firstly because of better performance, secondly because of clear vision, but in Tarkov that is way too cumbersome and so I had to choose an option in this case for FXAA thanks for the comment, by the way, tried my best

It gets slightly pixelated, but that’s the way it should be We’re not trying to break the game you know you can try lowering the Sharpness if it suits you better

I understand that most players have a system that is powerful enough when playing Tarkov to get higher FPS at their appropriate powerful 140Hz-220Hz G-Sync / V-Sync / Off-Sync / N-Sync * to process pop * so every single guide I can find is for them and about “pushing those frames” What should I do with my 60 Hz LCD TV that was a few years ago? I’m sitting around 48-59 / 61fps and this game works like a charm sometimes and sometimes not that much I got a racing computer a few months ago 16Gig RAM, RTX 2060 Intel Core i5 (I think it’s called), I shouldn’t be in that Be able to crank up the graphics and enjoy its beauty without losing notable FPS? I mixed up with the settings as I found the response time and frames mismatched, but now I can see “lines” as I move It is not half of a picture above and the old one behind my GPU probably has all the pictures saved so it’s oh that easy but it still annoys me at least the response time was resolved when I got an inconsistent refresh instead I tried to lock the game at 59 fps and 58 fps but made no difference you can 10Spend 000 on bullets that will fall on your armor like peas and you could starve to death near the finish line They can be shot by invisible snipers and blown up by invisible mines, but must first be done by a technician and change and reinforce and close options that have been set to default, counteracting changes here and there so the GPU and the CPU felt like my PS4 and all nights on a MW jet engine or something like that to prove Haha! I wish I could click “Graphics – Ultra” and enjoy the game as much as I would any other game I play = (

You have more than one good GPU to run the game at higher fps than what you say Escape From Tarkov is CPU hard, it actually requires a solid CPU The GPU you have is more than in Okay i5 CPU is more than okay, but can you specify exactly which CPU?

I have these settings in my computer setup and have just received the RTX 3070, but can only transmit an average of 70-80 frames. Is there a reason for this?

In Tarkov, performance depends on several factors that depend on the map and the player capacity of the servers Most importantly, though, you should know that the performance of Escape From Tarkov is heavily dependent on the CPU 3070 is more than okay, so I’d assume your CPU is the problem and it sounds okay to me, 70-80 FPS to have on cards like reserve

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Escape from Tarkov

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