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Elizabeth Hurley shared a striking nude photo when she denied reports that she will be filming a reality series with her son Damian

To ensure that she gets the full attention of her two million Instagram followers on Sunday, the 55-year-old model accompanied the post with a completely naked picture

The Royals star sat on a hay bale and protected her modesty with strategic posing He wrapped his arms around the legs that were drawn to her chest

Next to the nude photo, the model wrote, “Hear it from the horse’s mouth, my son @ damianhurley1 and I are definitely NOT planning on filming a Waltons-style reality TV show at home”

‘I mean !! Whoever the “friend” (or bored journalist) revealing these fictional tidbits is, you are ridiculous “

Her rejection came after The Sun report that she was filming her own “Home in the Country” series with son Damian at their £ 6million 13 bedroom property in Herefordshire

Rejected: Elizabeth Hurley denied reports that she will be filming a reality series with her son Damian at their £ 6million 13-bedroom property in Herefordshire (pictured in April 2020)

A source had told The Sun, ‘Liz has a huge and loyal following on social media and she knows they’d love to see more of her personal life

‘She’s also looking forward to participating in a project with Damian. It would be great fun’

They added, ‘While Liz is very glamorous, she’s also determined to show people how sturdy she is.She is great at home improvement and she loves gardening.It’s going to be an eye opener’

Sweet: The 55-year-old model spent the coronavirus lockdowns with her 18-year-old son, 80-year-old mother Angela and older sister Kate in the lavish mansion (pictured with Damian in 2019)

The model has spent the coronavirus bans with her 18-year-old son, 80-year-old mother Angela, and older sister Kate in their lavish £ 6 million mansion, previously comparing the experience to an episode of The Waltons

The actress spent 16 weeks with a group of nine on the Herefordshire estate, including her older sister Kate, son Damian, mother Angela and vulnerable friends

Liz appeared in Lorraine in October and said to the presenter Christine Lampard: “It was like the Waltons! We had nine of us but I was the only one leaving in 16 weeks for a quick raid on the shops’

The popular family drama The Waltons ran from 1971 to 1981 (with three successive spin-offs) and revolved around the life of the close-knit clan on a mountain in Virginia during the Depression and World War II

Rejected: It was alleged that Elizabeth was planning her own social media reality videos documenting her life in the country (pictured with mom Angela, 80)

The show was such an example of American family life at the time that President George Bush even said in a 1992 speech that he wanted to make families in the United States “more like the Waltons and less like the Simpsons.”

Elizabeth revealed that her household was cutting things down for the lockdown, much like The Waltons, stating “We were all kept safe and then we just had to go ahead and find a way to make it work.” / p>

‘There was manual labor, television wasn’t allowed until 6 p.m. We were all outside – we had nice weather in the UK – sweeping, cutting, chaining things with a chainsaw and making the outside beautiful and growing vegetables

Liz added, “We were very nervous about health, there were older women and one friend with low immunity who needed to be taken to safety, we were just nervous and scared the whole time ‘

Despite being home for four months, the group had plenty of space when they locked themselves in Liz ’13-bed mansion that they bought with her ex Shane Warne in 2012

The sprawling Georgian estate that is now Elizabeth’s main house also has five bathrooms and its own lake

During the lockdown, Liz said she felt “incredibly lucky” to be at her country house with her family with her family during the social distancing period

Family Values: It comes after Elizabeth compared her first lockdown experience to an episode of The Waltons after spending time with the family at their £ 6 million mansion (pictured in October)

She wrote in an Instagram post: “In these scary times, I feel incredibly fortunate to live in the country and have lots of outdoor space

‘In addition to my son, I have seven other people living with me, including my 79-year-old mother and her sister – also in her late 70s – and one of my best friends who is in the group with the highest risk and severe respiratory problems

‘We are all full of admiration for our wonderful NHS staff and we are doing everything we can to avoid adding to their burden’

Classic: The popular family drama The Waltons ran from 1971 to 1981 and revolved around the life of the close-knit clan on a mountain in Virginia during the Depression and World War II

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