As of Jan 7, the Edmonton Zone had 5465 active cases of COVID-19, 455 people were in Edmonton hospitals due to the novel coronavirus (64 of them in intensive care) and a total of 646 people had died of COVID-19 in the Edmonton area

For comparison on Nov 12, Edmonton had 3572 active cases, 132 people in the hospital (30 patients in the intensive care unit) and 153 deaths

“Hundreds in the Edmonton Zone just last month and I know we don’t want to lose anymore”

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COVID-19 restrictions in Alberta remain in place until January 21, while students return to class on Monday

The mayor welcomed the news that the province is extending current health restrictions until at least January 21

“Glad to hear that,” he said, “I think there have been some rumors that the restrictions could be lifted and I think that given the severity of the overall situation with the virus, especially the stress.” of the health system, would have been very premature

“It’s very prudent,” Iveson said, adding that federal aid that is in place for both companies that are about to close and their employees continues to apply during this period

“I think this is a positive move considering where the data is at this point in time,” said Adam Laughlin, Interim City Manager, regarding the extension of the restrictions

“We didn’t see any flattening of the curve. We still have more work to do. This is in line with our assessment”

The Emergency Advisory Board heard Thursday that the latest data trends showing the initial results of the restrictions are encouraging, with the number of active cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths still too high

“I recognize and appreciate the sacrifices Edmonton people have made to protect each other and our community,” said Iveson. “Although we are all getting tired of the pandemic, our efforts are working, but we have not yet flattened the curve

“If we stick to both the letter and the spirit of limitations, we can meet up with our friends and families again as soon as possible””

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COVID-19 violations result in hundreds of alerts, 38 tickets issued by Edmonton peace officials

While the city has taken an “education first” approach to enforcing public health orders, statute officials have recently issued more tickets for violations

Between Dec. 10 and Jan 4, Edmonton officials monitored 374 public locations, checked 2675 companies and seized 1229 Enforcement Actions ”

According to Laughlin, 98 tickets were issued to people violating the face-covering rule and nine tickets were issued for violating the Public Health Act

Even so, he said that most Edmontoners obey the rules Ab Jan 6, the city had a 98 percent compliance rate for face coverings

The mayor said, despite all the “stories” of tension related to compliance with the rules: “In our city there seems to be largely nonexistent. He added that the decision to step up enforcement after so many months of training dated Council and the public is largely supported

Part of it is “strongly” in favor of seeing local frontline workers as a higher priority for COVID-19 vaccines, “especially first responders,” he said

While the vaccination program brings hope, the mayor emphasized: “The city has no control over the introduction of vaccines” The federal government is responsible for the supply and the province determines when, where, how and to whom it is distributed

The city is announcing to the province that it stands ready to assist with the distribution of vaccines in any way possible – including providing unused municipal facilities to Alberta Health Services

“We will mobilize all urban resources and infrastructure” to help get the vaccine up and running, if necessary, Iveson added

All urban recreation centers, arenas, and the Edmonton Valley Zoo will remain closed until at least Thursday, January 21st

Once the province allows these facilities to reopen, it will take between seven and ten days to retrieve staff and prepare the facilities for the public

Edmonton’s face covering statute will remain in effect through December 31, 2021 unless the city council repeals the statute earlier

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World News – CA – Edmonton Steps Up COVID-19 Enforcement and commends the province for carefully extending restrictions