While appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Bella Murphy proved that having a famous comedian’s daughter comes with some pretty serious perks Like meeting one of Hollywood’s biggest palpitations in your own living room

The father-daughter duo went on the show to discuss working together on Coming 2 America, the sequel to Eddie Murphy’s landmark 1988 film, and what it was like to grow up with a celebrity for a parent, “Me forgot that famous people sometimes show up at my dad’s parties, so I was very unprepared, “the 19-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres.” I was in the dining room in pajamas and then suddenly Jimmy Kimmel walked through the door and then all of these other big celebrities And then Leonardo DiCaprio walked through the door and I started freaking out ”

Bella went on to explain, “I think my father knew Leonardo DiCaprio was coming, but he didn’t tell me because he wanted it to be a surprise. At this point Murphy interferes,” All of my daughters all ages love Leonardo DiCaprio, “Bella continued”I immediately ran upstairs to tell my sister Zola and we came downstairs and I lingered around him like a madman all night staring at him” But the comedian assured his daughter, “I’m sure he was is used to it “Degeneres added,” He is very used to women lingering around him “

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Eddie Murphy

World News – CA – Eddie Murphy once surprised his daughters with a visit from Leonardo DiCaprio

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