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JINGER Duggar’s husband Jeremy Vuolo got fans talking after sharing a picture of their “loss” of a deck of cards

Jeremy, 33, took the snap as he and his wife finished a round of Phase 10 – much like Uno –

Jeremy wrote on Instagram: “How it feels when you lose a 45 minute Phase 10 game You fought valiantly, my dear”

The picture comes after the Counting On stars were at the center of rumors that their marriage is in trouble

“The poor girl looks exhausted He should have made her take a nap instead of forcing her to bolster his ego by losing in a game,” wrote a follower on Reddit

A third commented, “I feel bad for Jinger, she doesn’t even have someone else to tell her he’s a sucker”

This week, The Sun exclusively announced that Jinger and Jeremy were “hiring a nanny”

two months after greeting their second daughter

The couple had baby Evangeline Jo back in November and are also taking some time to work on their relationship, as mentioned earlier

A source told The Sun that Jinger and Jeremy are struggling amid the pandemic with no family nearby, and plan to employ the nanny to care for their newborn and firstborn Felicity, two

The insider said, “Jinger is particularly exhausted and Jeremy has taken time off to look after the kids, but they want to hire a nanny to give them a break

“Things have been difficult and they are feeling the strain, but they are doing everything possible to keep their families together and focus on each other as well

“Jinger and Jeremy started dressing and cooking at home for a special date night after the girls went to bed It’s become a sweet day for them to reconnect every few weeks “

The source added that although the couple paused their podcast to focus on their marriage, they will start recording again later in the year

The TLC reality stars launched their Christian show, The Hope We Hold, last June and increased their fan base – with hundreds of thousands of fans downloading more than 30 episodes

“You are still very much in love and a divorce is not on the agenda They just want to work through things and get out of this difficult time together and be stronger as a family, “the source previously told The Sun.

The insider added, “The podcast was a huge hit with hundreds of thousands of listeners, but they often have to get very personal and want to go through that time privately”

In the past few months, Jeremy has received widespread criticism from followers for treating his wife while recording her podcast episodes Many asked Jinger to leave him

Fans have speculated for months that the duo, who got married in November 2016, may have problems in their marriage

Another wrote on Reddit, “I don’t know which is worse, he mocks her or the fact that she allows it”

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