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Before his fight was posted on UFC 259, Drew Dober was originally supposed to face a top 10 opponent in Diego Ferreira, but he ended up with Islam Makhachev instead, but you won’t hear any complaints from him about the new match. p>

Dober is currently on a winning streak of three fights in which all of his opponents are knocked out He’s called for attention in the ultra-deep lightweight division.While Ferreira would have brought a higher number besides his name, Dober sees greater value in Makhachev thanks to the attention he received when he was touted as the next Khabib Nurmagomedov

Makhachev has trained alongside the UFC lightweight champion throughout his career and now that Nurmagomedov has retired from active competition, it seems that he is passing the torch on to his friend and teammate

It all adds up to a ton of eyes watching Makhachev and Dober hoping to steal the limelight with his performance on Saturday night

“Rankings are just a popularity contest and Islam Makhachev is hugely popular, even more so than Diego [Ferreira] in relation to Khabib,” Dober told MMA Fighting. “I think this is a better matchup. He doesn’t have that same number next to his name but he has more fans. There will be so many eyes on this fight that it will motivate

“That’s why I love this matchup There is so much hype about this fighter in Islam that I want to test this hype, demonstrate my skills and just prove to everyone that I am ready to fight against champions in my division”

As for the matchup, Dober and Makhachev face the American in styles who usually rely on his heavy hands to end fights while the Russian counters with a suffocating wrestling attack and a mighty game of grappling

It’s nothing new to Dober because whether he’s facing a senior wrestler or not, he has only come to the conclusion that all of his opponents will try to defeat him at some point during a fight

“In my honest opinion, anyone who feels my hands wants to jerk me off,” Dober said. “I’m prepared that anyone they put in front of me will want to dive at my feet and lay me on my back. But he Islam hasn’t fought in over a year and a half Who knows I was working on my floor game, he was probably working on his strike He could come in and try to kick me

“I’m less focused on predicting my opponent than on improving my ability to deal with anything. Once I get there, I’ll see what he wants to do in the first round. Once I’ve figured that out, I will make his life uncomfortable ”

Much like Nurmagomedov throughout his career, Makhachev seldom conceals his intention to pull an opponent to the ground and make life difficult for him while the fight remains on the ground

As much as Makhachev tries to rely on his argument, Dober knows he won’t face the UFC lightweight champion on Saturday night, regardless of the similarities and comparisons between the two

“He’s going to shoot for the takedown. He’s going to take the fight where he’s comfortable and my goal is to make him uncomfortable and see how he reacts,” Dober said. “In my humble opinion he didn’t fight the guys Khabib fought and I still wonder if he’s able to handle this firefight, his durability, his thrust

“He fought a lot of grapplers, really tough grapplers, but I don’t think he fought a really tough stand-up fighter or someone as round as me”I will see in his eyes how uncomfortable or uncomfortable he is and how these second and third rounds will make a difference”

Even so, Dober treats Makhachev as the world’s most terrifying lightweight, which has fueled his own preparation for UFC 259 prep

“I’m preparing for all the hype to be true,” Dober said. “I’m preparing for him to be the best in the world. I’m preparing for him to be better than Khabib. I’m preparing for this before

“The monster in my head is faster, bigger and stronger than Islam could ever be. I’ll go in there and expect the worst, but it might not be that good”

None of his last three opponents made it after round two so Dober obviously has the kind of finishing power to push someone away early, but he won’t make a bold prediction about how long Makhachev will hold out with him / p>

“I promise you I’ll touch the chin of Islam and it’s up to it which round it falls,” Dober said. “In my last loss to Beneil Dariush, I had a spectacular first round if there was a third round I would have ended this fight, but I made some grappling mistakes in this second round

“I was obsessed with this loss Beneil taught me a lot and I’m ready to introduce the new and improved Drew Dober I’m ready for a three round MMA war”

If all goes well at UFC 259, Dober already has an idea of ​​what he wants next, but he knows none of this will happen without sending Makhachev off this weekend

“Let’s sum it up If things go the way I want them to and come out of this fight with a win, I want the main RDA (Rafael dos Anjos) event this summer,” Dober said. “I’ve got it viewed He appeared in the leaderboard He fought Paul Felder, won by separate decision and I want this opportunity

“I think it’s a good matchup. We’re both south paws, we’re both taller, light-weight individuals and we both like to hit. He’s a former world champion This is the fight I want”

Islam Makhachev

World News – CA – Drew Dober: “I promise you, I will touch the chin of Islam Makhachev, it is up to him which round he falls”

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2021/3/6/22313615/drew-dober-i-promise-you-i-will-touch-islam-makhachev-chin-up-to-him-what-round-he-falls-down-in