Doug Ford met a Top 7 Eleven manager on a trip to Texas last year

Premier Doug Ford reportedly met with a 7-Eleven manager during a trade mission in Texas last February, about a year before a request to dispense alcohol at 61 7-Eleven locations across the province went into the public announcement phase entered

The Prime Minister’s Office issued a press release following his 24-hour trip to Dallas with Minister Vic Fedeli in February 2020 detailing many of its activities, including meeting with Toyota Motor North America, the Canadian Consul General in Dallas and the Canada-Texas Chamber of Commerce

No mention was made of a conversation with Chris Tanco, Chief Operating Officer of 7-Eleven, but CBC News found out about the February 10 meeting through a freedom of information request for the Prime Minister’s schedule

“Our focus in sitting with our partners in Texas was on creating more opportunities for businesses to invest and create jobs in Ontario,” said Premier Ford in the press release

“We don’t just act together, we also build things together. And when we do, we support good jobs on both sides of the border. It’s a win-win situation for everyone”

I just love that Doug Ford is working on behalf of the province to improve relations between Ontario and Ontario 7-Eleven https: // tco / R6UXwXS2BE

Ford’s director of media relations, Ivana Yelich, confirmed to CBC News that “the purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possible expansion of 7-Eleven’s presence in Ontario”

The reveal has led many to wonder why the Prime Minister’s Office would intentionally omit the details of its meeting when the press release was released

Why did @fordnation intentionally skip their meeting with 7-Eleven COO in February 2020 at headquarters in Texas? Perhaps since Ford initiated &, & has promoted the sale of beer in (7-Eleven) corner stores in Ontario Hence the new application in ON # Ford👺 #transparency #Profits https: // tco / fU9acvjm7F

But Ford’s participation in the proposed 7-Eleven expansion is unlikely to come as a surprise to most Ontario residents, as offering cheap beer in convenience stores was one of its main campaign promises

While the 7-Eleven deal might help him finally achieve that goal, it won’t allow takeout sales

Earlier this year, the international convenience store chain petitioned the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission (AGCO) to obtain liquor sales licenses “for on-site consumption only,” to be used as soon as pandemic drinking restrictions occur and eating indoors has been repealed

In other words, 7-Eleven would be opening bars in its current locations and serving alcohol on site

7-Eleven has to do this to start offering alcohol for retail purposes in the near future because who the hell is stopping at one of their locations to enjoy a beer next to the slushee machine?
Anyway, if you’re Ford’s administrator, why not be open about this meeting? https: // tco / ChXLnnp9WK

“Given the current business model, 7-Eleven would not be eligible to offer takeout and delivery of spirits with grocery orders,” AGCO said in a statement

And in a statement sent to blogTO earlier this week, 7-Eleven Canada said it was preparing to provide in-store service of a small selection of Ontario-made beer and wine products that are available at limited times and are offered in designated consumption areas in our stores “

“If we successfully obtain licenses, all employees who deal with alcohol products will be trained by SmartServe,” it continues

“7-Eleven Canada is a responsible retailer and trusted partner to the federal and provincial governments that has been controlling access to age-restricted products for over 25 years

“We are committed to meeting the needs of our Ontario customers and we look forward to the opportunity to create jobs and contribute to the Ontario economy. The Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission is currently reviewing our license applications”

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