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The uptrend in shares of streaming TV platform Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU) refuses to stop A year ago that was a $ 100 share today, ROKU shares are over $ 450, with stocks trending higher today after the company reported blockbuster numbers for the fourth quarter

That’s the good news for shareholders. But here’s the better news for people who haven’t bought ROKU shares: these will just keep rising

Roku is transformed into the worldwide ubiquitous “cable box for streaming TV” In essence, by 2030, when everyone watches their media on streaming TV, most of the people in the world will access these services through the Roku operating system

That means this platform will one day have hundreds of millions of active accounts, today it only has 50 million active accounts, and the company barely scratches the surface when it comes to monetizing those accounts, given the bulk of the TV advertising dollars ($ 160 billion to be precise) is still sitting in the linear TV channel, just waiting to blow eyeballs into the streaming channel

Overall picture? Roku is still in the first inning to morph into the global cable box of streaming TV over the next few years, the company’s user base, sales, profits, and share price will grow

Roku’s fourth quarter earnings report was great as every major metric for imports accelerated in the final three months of 2020

The company added 5.2 million active accounts in the quarter – the most ever. The usage base grew nearly 40% year over year, in line with the previous quarter’s growth rates. Streaming hours increased 45% year over year, leading to resulted in average revenue growth of 24% per user – the company’s best ARPU growth rate since Covid-19

Revenue up 58% year over year – the third best revenue growth rate as a public company Player gross margin rose 310 basis points Platform gross margins rose 130 basis points Against a backdrop of nearly 60% revenue growth, the Opex dollar rose versus the Last year only by 34%, which led to an increase in the EBITDA margin by 14 points The EBITDA dollar increased by 650% compared to the previous year Yes you read that right 650% EBITDA growth

From head to toe the results report was fantastic It was widely emphasized that Roku is shooting at all cylinders today thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating the shift towards CTV

Roku is more important than the quarterly numbers and is taking the right steps today to ensure the company remains the industry’s best operating system in the streaming TV world

Roku got to where it is today – the most dominant streaming TV ecosystem in the world – by creating the most intuitive, easy-to-use operating system in the industry, and the launch of Roku OS 9 is only building on that core value, with new features like a live TV channel guide that continues to make the Roku OS the best OS in the game

Meanwhile, Roku continues to use its world-class operating system to grow its Roku TV business.It’s not surprising that TV makers who partner with Roku to make Roku televisions are gaining market share as the ROKU operating system does so good is that is a favorable dynamic, which means that in the future more and more TV manufacturers will work with Rou (they also want to gain market share)

Roku’s software innovations are also impressive The internal Roku channel continues to receive more content, resulting in higher engagement In the quarter, Roku channel reached U.S. Households of an estimated 63 million people, up more than 100% year-over-year, at the same time, the company’s new Roku Pay ecosystem (where consumers can enter payment information just once and seamlessly subscribe / purchase everything through Roku) is a step in the right direction Direction to improve the functionality of the Roku operating system

On the ad tech side, Roku’s renamed OneView Ad Platform is getting better by the day, adding more and more features and capabilities related to targeted advertising, leading to higher spend from OneView

And finally, Roku continues to expand internationally.In 2020, Roku TV was the top-selling smart TV operating system in Canada.In Brazil, the company continues to make strides, while in Mexico, Roku increased the number of Roku TV brands from three to seven In Great Britain, the Roku Channel has added Premier League games to its content suite

These are all great developments, and all of them underline one thing by and large: The ROKU share is a winner

The ROKU share is one of the best long-term growth stocks on the market today. It will go much higher over the next ten years

Instead, the best growth stock I can buy today is a company that reminds me of a young Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) In fact, I think buying this stock today might be similar to buying AMZN stock back in 1997 – before it rose thousands of percent

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At the time of writing, Luke Lango held (neither directly nor indirectly) positions in the securities referenced in this article

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