After every major news event, a rumor is circulated claiming it was “predicted” by the long-running animated show The Simpsons “While these” prediction “rumors rarely come true -” The Simpsons “almost always comment on a past event, not a future one – that hasn’t stopped those poor predictions from taking hold on social media >

On Jan 7, 2021, the day after a pro-Trump mob stormed the U Rumors circulated around Capitol that the show had predicted some of the most viral incidents of the day, for example, a picture made the rounds allegedly showing the character Groundskeeper Willie in horned clothing, similar to the costume one of the pro-Trump rioters wore p>

The photo on the left was really taken on 1 January 6 included within the US. Capitol and shows Trump supporter and QAnon conspiracy theorist Jake Angeli. The image to the right is a digitally edited composite that is based on “The Simpsons”

An uncut version of the Groundskeeper Willie picture (bottom left) shows the entire Simpsons family standing outside the Springfield Capitol.In the overall picture, it is clear that Marge, Homer, Lisa, Maggie and Willie have been cut out and over a picture of the Capital of Springfield More importantly, the original version of the Willie picture does not include any tattoos, a horned helmet or an American flag, rather it simply shows Willie yelling over something (most likely haggis), as seen to the right:

This wasn’t the only “prediction” rumor circulated on social media. Others claimed the show predicted the violence at the Capitol, citing a picture of Homer standing on his roof overlooking a dystopian as evidence Springfield sat:

This is an authentic picture from “The Simpsons” (except for the text below), but we’d poke fun at calling it a prediction

This picture is from the episode “Treehouse of Horror” of the series that aired in October 2020 (“Treehouse of Horror XXXI”, season 32, episode 4) The opening of the annual Halloween episode shows Homer trying to cast his vote in the 2020 election Homer is undecided but then Lisa reminds him of everything from US. Controversy from President Donald Trump Homer marks his ballot, but then we see that it was a dream sequence. When Marge rants Homer for sleeping all day and not voting, Homer replies, “What’s the worst that can happen? ” before the dystopian view of Springfield shown above appears on the screen

For one thing, robots didn’t take over the US, lava doesn’t pour out of the ground, and the vast majority of the population isn’t stationed on their roofs with guns. The “Simpsons” didn’t predict the future. Rather, this clip feels more like an extreme “Warning” of what could happen if people choose not to exercise their right to vote

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