The famous actress, 75, shares her utter astonishment with the viral TikToker Julian Burzynski and his impression of the legendary characters of the “First Wives Club” Annie Paradis (Keaton), Elise Elliot (Goldie Hawn) and Brenda Cushman (Bette Midler)

Burzynski recreated the scene in which the trio Lesley Gores sings “You Don’t Own Me” from 1963

While reposting the video on her Instagram page, Keaton gushed, “I think he did a better job than me”

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After seeing Keaton’s repost, Burzynski thanked the star for her support: “You are an inspiration and you put the biggest smile on my face”

Burzynski is known for his funny imitations, including Reese Witherspoon from “Legal Blonde” and the cast of “Bridesmaids”

Diane Keaton

World News – CA – Diane Keaton totally impressed by TikTok’s imitation “First Wives Club”