Demi Lovato’s highly anticipated seventh studio album was released for streaming services at midnight along with a high-performing music video for the title track, “Dancing With The Devil”

Lovato stated that the original title would just be the art of starting over, but decided to give it a double title to reflect the connection with their YouTube documentary series, “If you listen to it title by title and follow the list of titles, it looks like it actually became the unofficial soundtrack to the documentary because it really has followed my life for the past few years.When we went through the playlist and figured out how it coincided with my life story, it made sense to add the more emotional things at the beginning and then move into the art of Going over to a fresh start, ”said Lovato

Dancing with the devil: The art of a new beginning offers collaborations with Ariana Grande, Sam Fischer, Noah Cyrus and Saweeetie The first three songs of the 19-song album are the prelude, with The Art Of Starting Over with the fourth track “ The title list is as follows:
1 someone
2 Dance with the devil
3 Intensive Care Unit (Madison’s Lullaby)
4 intro
5 The art of starting over
6 lonely people
7 The way you don’t look at me
8 melon cakes
9 Met Him Last Night (feat Ariana Grande)
10 What Other People Say (with Sam Fischer)
11 Careful
12 The kind of lover that I am
13 easy (with Noah Cyrus)
14 15 minutes
15 My Girlfriends Are My Boyfriend (feat Saweetie)
16 California sober
17 crazy world
18 butterfly
19 Good place

The music video for “Dancing With The Devil” includes a trigger warning for drug use, trauma, and sexual abuse at the beginning. Directed by Demi Lovato, the music video shows the actual events surrounding her 2018 overdose. At one point, it appears that Lovato is so enveloped in her feelings is that she collapses and cries while singing along to the song on a stretcher

Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”: https: // DemiLovatolnkzu / DWTD ‘Dancing with the Devil The art of starting over: https: // demilovatolnkzu / D

When it comes to how Lovato wants to listen to the new album, she suggests listening to the tracks in the following order:

#DWTDTAOSO the album is here !! This has been a trip for the past few years I can’t believe it’s here Please listen to the tracks in order from top to bottom for me I love you all 💞🦋🌈https: // tco / nfMs1VXHjH BildTwittercom / qcLIMpV0Fp

WOW I’m in tears This is the most realistic honest & music video I’ve ever seen I admire &’s courage, the power you had to recreate the most traumatic experience of your life, I’m so proud of you I love you #DancingWithTheDevil @ddlovato

Demi Lovato did something that NO other artist would do.She reenacted how she almost left us.Share this story with so much vulnerability and strength.She truly is a SURVIVOR #DWTDTAOSO picTwittercom / 4azhY5ryU9

“Demi Lovato and Ariana Grande in the studio after recording their vocals met him last night #DWTDTAOSO” 💀😭😂 picTwittercom / pTjiHDBAx9

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Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil

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