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Health officials alert the current surge in COVID-19 variants in Quebec, particularly Montreal, as the provincial government announced plans to expand vaccinations to local pharmacies later this month

Health Minister Christian Dube said at a press conference on Tuesday that while the second wave curve is trending down, the curve of the variants is found first in the UK increases rapidly ”

“We are afraid and we are afraid that the Montreal region is the calm before the storm,” said Dube. “And if it climbs more next week it could be very dangerous I believe we are in this situation while we speak ”

According to the province, 12 to 15 percent of new cases are UK Variants

The government also announced that it has signed contracts with more than 350 pharmacies on the island of Montreal to have vaccinations on Jan. March can only start by appointment. He asked the public not to contact the pharmacies for appointments by this date

The announcement comes because people aged 70 and over are now eligible to get vaccinated in Montreal.After initial confusion, health officials have made it clear that an accompanying person can receive a shot at the same time

Companions must be at least 60 years of age to qualify. They must also spend at least three days per week with the priority group member

This only applies to regions with a minimum age of 70. Elsewhere in the province where the age is over 80, the accompanying person must be at least 70 years old

Accompanying persons must be registered with the priority group member at the time of booking

“We assure you that regardless of the time chosen for your companion’s appointment, your companion can be vaccinated at the same time as you,” read a statement on the Clic Sante website

Vaccinations are given free of charge The province asked people to bring their health card to their appointment However, if you don’t have one, you can still get a chance

According to health officials, the city can administer several thousand doses a day

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At a clinic in the Olympic Stadium, people wait in line for a COVID-19 vaccine, marking the start of mass vaccination in the province of Quebec due to age in Montreal on Monday Jan. March 2021, marked THE CANADIAN PRESS / Paul Chiasson

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