Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer Dr Saqib Shahab announced the measures on December 14, saying they were in place based on the COVID-19 transmission patterns observed across the province

As stated in the public health policy, retail services – essential and non-essential – must reduce their capacity for employees and customers to 50 percent

In addition, large big box retailers will need to reduce capacity to 25 percent – these are retailers with space above 20000 square meters

The capacity is based on the provisions of the Fire Protection Act or, if the capacity of the Fire Protection Act has not been specified, on the fact that, according to official information, users can maintain a physical distance of at least two meters

“This reduction in the 50 percent capacity of your fire code will not have a huge impact on many companies in the field, even though there have been hours in the day when you may be very busy,” said Scott Moe , Prime Minister of Saskatchewan, at a press conference on December 14

“This allows these people to flatten themselves out and possibly come at different times of the day so you don’t have too many people in your retail location at certain times relative to the actual physical location may provide the physical distancing”

“The measures we have taken have slowed the rate of increase in COVID infections we have. We need to keep pushing this. But this is another marathon, not a sprint, and we have to keep our COVID infections over the course of the next Treating months and not just the next few weeks. And we want to keep things as normal as possible in our churches ”

“This program sees a payment of up to 5$ 000 to small and medium-sized businesses that may be forced to shut down or severely curtail operations due to a possible public health regime, “said Moe

“We understand (Dec The announcement of 14) may affect a number of other small businesses Therefore, these companies can collect the small business emergency payment if needed and qualified

“So this is more of a strategic move I think An effort to keep things as normal as possible, but really slow things down to stop this spread so we don’t have to ask the question in January or February and we hope that we do not have to face the issue of closure in our churches ”

These public health measures are in addition to those that went into effect from November 27All public health measures will remain in effect until January 15, 2021, at which point they will be reviewed by Shahab

Health officials said 154 new cases of the coronavirus appeared in Thursday’s daily update The total number of cases in the province rose to 14255 since the first case was reported in March, they added that the new 7-day average of daily cases has dropped to 203

Symptoms can include a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing – very similar to having a cold or flu.Some people may develop a more severe illness.People at risk include older adults and those with severe chronic conditions such as heart, lung, or kidney disease If you develop symptoms, contact the health authorities

To prevent the virus from spreading, experts recommend frequent hand washing and coughing up your sleeve.They also recommend minimizing contact with others, staying at home as much as possible and staying within two meters of other people, going out in situations where you cannot keep a safe distance from other people, health officials recommend using a non-medical face mask or cover to prevent the breath droplets that can carry the virus from spreading in some provinces and municipalities throughout Land, masks or face coverings are now mandatory in indoor public spaces

Boxing Day

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