Mayor John Tory defends the move for Toronto to enter the gray exclusion zone amid calls from the public and businesses to move the city to the red zone on Friday

Ontario health officials announced that both Toronto and the Peel regions will move into the gray area of ​​the province’s color-coded COVID-19 framework 14 A provincial lockdown was ordered on Boxing Day
Restrictions in the rest of the province eased last month as regions reverted to the government’s color-coded pandemic response framework

Toronto and Peel will remain on the gray lockdown level for at least two weeks, and status will be constantly reassessed

Tory said he understands people want to be in the red zone where businesses like gyms and hair salons can open, but pointed out that other types of retail stores are allowed to open under gray under capacity constraints

“The bottom line, however, is that the red zone is generally around a threshold of 40 cases per 100000 we’re at 72 peel is at 100, ”said Tory

“Every jurisdiction in the world has determined that reopening carefully is the right way to avoid what I was trying to avoid, to make decisions about what is right,” he continued

“I really believe that on May 1 May be locked again if we move too fast just as the terraces open and we really are in spring””

Tory said that while the numbers are going down or staying stable, the number of cases has continued to rise, doubling over the past week in Toronto

“I’m not saying we’re going to get into a crisis on the variants, but … I have a responsibility … and we lost in the course of the pandemic in the city of Toronto 2600 people have died and thousands upon thousands of people have had this virus and some will have lasting effects on their health, ”he said

Health doctor of the Peel Region Dr Lawrence Loh also recommended changing his region to gray instead of red, however, Tory said it is ultimately the province that makes the decision

For Port Credit store owner Oneeb Quaisar, he’s just looking forward to reopening and telling Global News that nothing compares to the store experience

“Since this is a vintage store and each piece is unique, it’s not like any other retail store,” said Quaisar, who owns the Recalled: Buy, Sell, Trade

The shopkeeper said he could safely have opened with four customers in the store if Peel had opened in the red zone, but is happy to even have two customers (allowed in the gray area). But he said he will do not open just to have to close again

“Everything is so uncertain about everything,” he said. “So we definitely take that into account and are the gray area, although it is not that open, it will still help us a lot””

Despite the announcement on Friday, Tory said he would see “tomorrow” when the next opportunity is to move into the red zone

“That will be based in part on de Villa’s numbers, but also considering what’s going on with the rest of the region. What’s going on in the business world?” And what’s wrong with the public mentality? ”

He highlighted the fact that he was told that thousands of people from Toronto allegedly went to the Durham and York regions, both in the red zone, to do some shopping, and that he knows that this is not ” is conducive to getting people to stay home and not have the virus spread ”

On Friday, Ontario reported 1250 more coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of provinces since the outbreak of the pandemic to 306007 increased Toronto reported 337 cases and Peel Region 167

Toronto gray area

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