CNN anchor Don Lemon gave an emotional take on what he thought was President Donald Trump’s legacy after his supporters stormed the U. Capitol on Wednesday

Four people died during the protests, including a woman who was shot dead by a police officer, while dozens of protesters were arrested in the riot that forced the evacuation of both chambers to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory at the Electoral College. ” / p>

Visibly moved by the attack, Lemon gave his assessment of what Trump would be remembered for

“Someday in the future, only someone will remember you, that you were terrible, terrible, the worst president and that you won by campaigning and by lying the people you are a total shame on yourself people will remember “

Don Lemon just looked dead into the camera and said to Trump, “You are the worst of the worst, and one day in the future that will be all everyone will remember youBildTwittercom / evrL3PzJdw

Trump’s tenure was marked by impeachment, criticism of his response to the coronavirus and claims without evidence that the election he lost was marred by fraud

But the scenes of chaos at the epicenter of American democracy were seen by some as a step too far, and the Washington Post editorial staff described it as an act of “turmoil” which it said “lies directly with the president” “

“It should be removed,” added the editorial, requesting that it be under the auspices of the 25th Constitutional Amendment is replaced by Vice President Mike Pence because he is “unable to remain in office” “

Among those who blamed Trump for the violence was soon-to-be Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, who suggested that US. Democracy was irrevocably tarnished “The 6 January will go down as one of the darkest days in American history, “he said

Although Lemon seems certain how history Trump will judge whether the scenes of violence in Washington, DC. is cited as an example that he is the “worst” president in the long run remains to be seen

Trump’s supporters may be interested in seeing his accomplishments during his tenure, such as record highs in the stock markets and an increase in pre-pandemic job numbers, despite his defeat, more than 74 million voted for him in the election, the results of which he denies This is the second highest ever, and a clear sign that his influence will be felt long after he leaves office

At least in the short term, the pull he has on his base has ensured he remains the focus of the GOP long after Inauguration Day, he is likely to play a key role in the Senate races in 2022, and of course there is a possibility that another office will be assumed in 2024 that historians can write much more about

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Don Lemon

World News – CA – CNN’s Don Lemon says Trump will go down in history as “the worst of the worst”