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Covering the impact of the coronavirus on the world of sport

No 1 Clemson survived an upset scare on Halloween, coming back from a 28-13 halftime deficit to beat Boston College 34-28 on Saturday afternoon in Death Valley It was the biggest homecoming return (18 points) since 1966 The game already had a lot of intrigue and uncertainty due to the absence of Trevor Lawrence after testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the week With the Tigers star quarterback out of the roster and isolated, real rookie DJ Uiagalelei was charged with his first start to his career a year (or two) earlier than expected

Uiagalelei played well to any extent and especially given that position, completing 30 of 41 passes for 342 yards with three total touchdowns (two passes, one on the ground) He was calm, cool and composed, making only minor mistakes in the afternoon

Travis Etienne also played an important role with 224 total yards and two touchdowns. His 84 rushing yards were enough to take him over former NC State great Ted Brown in the world record books. ‘ACC as the best player in the league Not only did Etienne break the record in that epic comeback, but he also got the green light, the fourth quarter score

From declining at 18 to taking the lead in 4th 😤Clemson is back on top! imageTwittercom / G4fRmqTIZ1

But it wasn’t Lawrence’s absence that seemed to be the most notable as Clemson found himself down 14 points or more in a regular season game for the first time since 2014 The Tigers did well. moved the ball for much of the game, they just couldn’t get off the pitch against Phil Jurkovec and the Eagles attack

Boston College converted on 4 of 6 tries for a third down in the first half, and one of those failed conversions resulted in a touchdown after a tip from Jeff Hafley on the fourth down The Eagles lined up for a basket, then motioned to the keeper under center to show off the appearance of a quick sneak and pulled Clemson’s defense offside Boston College made the most of their new run of downs, and Jurkovec teamed up with CJ Lewis on an impressive touchdown to give Boston College a 28-10 lead with one minute left in the first half. time

Thanks to Brent Venables and the Clemson defense for making great adjustments at half-time The second-half shutout was in large part thanks to better play on the third down and plenty of pressure on the quarterback Sometimes Clemson would blitz, other times he would rush three The defensive line found ways to tackle Jurkovec and influence his pace with the Boston College receivers who knocked out the pass defense by Clemson in the first half

With the win, Clemson equalized Florida State (2012-15) for the second longest winning streak against ACC opponents (28) and has a chance to tie the record held by Bobby’s teams Bowden’s Florida State (1992-95) with a win next weekend over Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana

However, Saturday’s shattered fear shows why it’s so hard to keep those streaks going over time because – even with a formidable performance from Uiagalelei in Lawrence’s place – it was almost not enough to keep the Tigers unbeaten and on their way to sixth consecutive college football playoff appearance

1 Clemson veterans stepped up Stephen’s attack is the title, but he was joined by his upper-class colleagues Cornell Powell and Amari Rodgers to deliver strong performances with a true first-year quarterback in the departure station Powell caught 11 passes on 12 targets for 105 yards and Rodgers added seven receptions on eight targets for 66 yards with one touchdown.These were mostly possession type catches for the two, helping Uiagalelei keep pace with the throws in the short and intermediate passing game There are some awesome young talent in the big receiving room for Uiagalelei’s future, but in the present, I’m sure he’s happy that these high society men are helping him lead the offensive.

2 Hafley was an excellent employee on Chestnut Hill The Eagles fall to 4-3 on the season with loss, but it’s a moment Hafley and the coaching staff will point to as they look to inspire a improvement within the program Every ACC team is up against Clemson, so those meetings against Dabo and the Tigers take on even more weight In the same way that North Carolina suffered a close loss to Clemson to say things were going in the right direction with Mack Brown, research Boston College to be a team that is growing in popularity as a program on the rise in ACC

3 Notre Dame will try to learn from Boston College success Clemson was without Trevor Lawrence, yes, but it was also without starting linebackers James Skalski and Mike Jones Jr and continues to be without starting defensive tackle Tyler Davis The depth of the defense is tested in a major way, but luckily the Tigers have some difference-making freshmen like Bryan Bresee and Myles Murphy, who basically showed up on campus ready for Saturday. Look for the Irish to try and attack Clemson’s seven full-backs with their tight ends and bigger receivers, trying to jump on some of the same incompatibilities that helped Boston College move the ball through the air in the first half

CBS Sports was with you all the way as Clemson took on Boston College Check out additional updates and highlights below, and stay tuned for in-game takeaways

TURNOVER ON LOW! Clemson’s defense takes over and the attack takes over at the 45-yard line with 2:21 to go! #ALLIN 🐅🐾 picTwittercom / nQmRuc166E

THREE AND OUT! Joseph Charleston with the break of the pass on the third try! The attack takes over on the 29-meter lineClemson 32, BC 284Q: 11:06 #ALLIN 🐅🐾 picTwittercom / FWICXq7Ooc

TOUCHDOWN TIGERS! ETN with a quick 17 yd touchdown to complete a 10-PLAY, 91-YARD, GO-AHEAD DRIVE! Clemson 32, BC 28 # ALLIN 🐅🐾 picTwittercom / ZDqhM6lyps

Professional from the consulate! I can’t imagine what it must have been like for @joetessespn calling this room for his son John who owns @bcfootball I know Joe’s goal is to be fair and impartial but let’s just allow him to celebrate this very cool moment for dad! imageTwittercom / 60LLST5N4o

Just an absolute dart from Uiagalelei to Amari Rodgers on the goal line and Clemson has this game at 28-26 after a failed two-point attempt Uiagalelei reached 300 passing yards and had a run to convert to fourth position

TOUCHDOWN TIGERS! DJ in Amari for a TD of 8 yds! The Tigers miss the 2 point conversion but reach 2 points BC 28, Clemson 26 # ALLIN 🐅🐾 picTwittercom / yX7XtHkHKR

BIG STOP! Trenton Simpson and the Clemson Defense are playing games! Tigers force a clearing, attack by starting a practice on the 36-meter line #ALLIN 🐅🐾 photoTwittercom / yNUElByitH

TOUCHDOWN TIGERS! DJ just fakes everyone in the building on 3rd and runs and takes him home for 30 yd TD! GOOOOOO! #ALLIN 🐅🐾 picTwittercom / AbrjWLQSTe

Travis Etienne with a kick-off return of 39 meters to start the second half! Tigers attack from the 44 meter line # ALLIN 🐅🐾

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