According to an analysis by the Transportation Alternatives advocacy group, there are 5 free parking spaces on the street for every car registered in the city, but only one bike space for every 116 bikes

New Yorkers are no stranger to finding a parking space – and so are cyclists

A report released Tuesday by the Transportation Alternatives advocacy group said the city is in dire need of more parking for bikes, especially given the recent surge in bike traffic during the pandemic as New Yorkers seek more socially distant ways to get around

The city has 100 times as much parking space for cars as bicycles, although more New Yorkers own bicycles than vehicles, according to the report000 bicycle spaces in the five boroughs amounts to just one space for every 16 bicycles, according to the report, while there are 1.5 free parking spaces on the city streets for each registered car Report Urges City To “Aggressively Install Bicycle Racks On The Street Until This Inequality Is Addressed” It says the city has failed to deliver on a number of previous commitments to increase bicycle parking capacity, including a 2019 plan to install 1500 new bike racks a year and another pilot program to build safe bike parking structures on city streets that never existed to make a reality, Transportation Alternatives argues that more readily available bike parking would encourage more residents to start cycling, citing a city survey by 2007, which found that more than half of respondents who did not cycle to commute cited lack of secure storage / parking as a reason, according to a New York Times report, this would also help prevent bicycle theft, which The group urges the city to expedite the installation of bicycle parking infrastructure while expanding networks for bicycle lanes and bicycle sharing, starting in low-income neighborhoods and color communities It is recommended that the city provide some parking spaces on the S. “Put simply, there are not enough bicycle parking spaces in New York City and this is preventing more New Yorkers from riding bicycles” The report said in a statement, the city’s Department of Transport highlighted a number of recent commitments to improve bike parking infrastructure, saying the city had 1 in 2020150 bicycle parking spaces installed, including corrals outside hospitals and schools Another 13 corrals with space for 200 bicycles are due to be installed this winter, according to the agency City rules usually require that every bicycle corral installed has a “private partner” – a community group or local company – to wait for the corrals However, this requirement was lifted during the pandemic recovery effort to expedite the process. “We are reviewing this model to see if it can continue in the future,” DOT said in a statement. “NYC DOT takes bicycle parking very seriously and unlike the report, has undoubtedly resulted in a successful expansion of parking availability in the five boroughs, addressing the Covid-related challenges, which brought operational challenges that impacted several of our priorities. “Transportation Alternatives has urged the city to Update other rules to encourage and simplify cycling, including a zoning ordinance requiring developers to build a certain number of parking spaces with new housing. This rule should be updated “to allow developers to respond flexibly to market demands and provide parking spaces by driving can replace bicycle parking spaces, ”recommends the report

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