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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

When Saints manager Sean Payton announced on Friday that Drew Brees would be the starting quarterback for New Orleans on Sunday, the decision came as a surprise, and that’s mainly because Brees had 11 broken ribs and one less than a month ago Stitch had suffered lunges during a 10 week win over the 49ers

Although Brees will be competing for the Saints against the chiefs, it seems he will play even though he’s not 100%, and that’s not even the crazy role. The crazy part is that Brees apparently has no idea how healed his ribs are

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, Brees was unable to scan his ribs this week because he had scanned them too many times in the past month

“Because he’s already scanned his ribs three times, he couldn’t look at them again because it’s just too much radiation,” Glazer told Fox on Sunday. “So he doesn’t really know how cured those ribs are. He can just pass by how he feels “

Basically Brees doesn’t even know if he’s completely cured and he decided to play anyway.Although Brees didn’t know his exact health, he was able to throw without pain this week, which convinced him and Payton that he could play Brees also wanted to be on the field because he didn’t want to let his team down

The big risk to the Saints is that if Brees is injured this week or if he gets injured because of the short turn to week 16 (The Saints play next week at Christmas) you will lose him to the playoffs and you will lose me Throwed Your Season Away The other problem for the Saints is backup quarterback Jameis Winston won’t get dressed for Sunday’s game Chiefs will be

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Drew Brees

World News – CA – Chiefs at Saints: Drew Brees reportedly has no idea how healed his ribs are due to radiation problems